what does the CROW say……?

My rants and whines could be construed as ungrateful. I suppose its true, but I mean no harm. I’m scared. I am scared. We don’t say words like that out loud these days, cuz we don’t dare let anyone see inside. The truth. They ask how are you….your answer is Fine. I’m fine. Well, there’s fine linen and fine china and fine ladies, but in truth…..there is no Fine of mind. Because there is no Fine of the mind….it can be easy for me to slide past one meal(metaphor)into the next. When I say…nobody is contributing to the fundraiser, or nobody is buying my art…..well, that sounds like I’m completely forgetting about all the sweethearts who did indeed contribute…and all without the Tv stars help….yes, I exaggerated yesterday…or all those who have bought a piece of my art(heart)….. please keep in mind that although I am ever so grateful for that meal……I am still hungry. I don’t require 3 meals a day like most…but the body does insist on more than none. Haha….an extreme way to say…….: Dear friends, all who have sent a donation or bought a painting, THANK YOU FROM THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I forget you not.

I spent the evening moping and being sleepy. Was quite sleepy around 9pm but decided tot to give in to it. Yay me! Around midnight, the muse woke up and we painted. Not finished with the large acrylic painting, but close. It is for the contest. The crow. What does crow mean to you or the many faces of crow. How much would it cost to mail a framed 30×40 canvas to San Diego? Haha….who knows. A lot would be my guess. And lest you say…but I…..I live in SanDiego, or near San Diego…….not sure how that might help. Believe me, I’ve considered it. It must be framed. Hmmm….it’s one that’s 1 ½ inch sides. Does that kind require framing? See, I know nada about this stuff. I just create stuff. I’ve shown it to a few people…before it was finished…well, it still isn’t finished….and they liked it. Well, as usual, I couldn’t stop working on it. Then, when I did……around 3am, the acrylic owl was staring at me saying that it too needed some drastic help. So….I worked on the owl too. Jesse then came down and exclaimed….where’s it’s feathers???? I liked the feathers!!! Yes dear, but it’s a completely new owl now, can’t you see? Yes, but do the feathers. HEHEHEEEEEeeeee….funny, cuz my daughter and I now have matching nicknames. Feathers or MamaFeathers….and Little Feathers. Yeah!!! Ok ok….I’ll redo some feathers. Ps…painting with REAL colors(actual paint, that’s wet)…..is way cool. AND….faster! Results faster!!! Pretty cool beans. Frio frijoles. I can’t show you the crow. Not if I have any possibility of sending it off. One of the people who I showed it to is a Native American. He said…..it looked like a story nobody had heard before. Very accurate. Very very accurate. I like that. Oh and btw….there is NOTHING…not Artisty about this painting. Although photos were used for reference…this is a SheriLee mind painting fer sure.

Speaking of Sheri Lee and MamaFeathers. Have you noticed I have too many names? If I was to be adopted into a Native tribe…I feel sure they would name me….Too Many Names. My art is suffering from the same issue. First it was MamaSheri’s fuzzzy art….then Artfelt Prayers and now Noahs Arts. We are having an identity crisis. I keep changing the name at my FB page, but it seems ineffective. I have it at Noahs-Arts now. But does anyone have a friggin clue who Noahs-Arts is????? It’s ME!!! And my daughter. Oh……if anyone would like to sponsor the sending of the painting to the contest….PM me or comment here and thru email, I’ll show you a photo and if you think it stands a chance, maybe you’ll sponsor it. I would gift you then with a print of said painting. Not a canvas print, Very expensive….but a regular print…on the thick good paper. Prints…wowza. So expensive, not sure they’re very doable. Unless I go small. Very very small. Ha…like greeting cards. Would that interest any of my art fans? I was also thinking mugs. I know I adore drinking my tea from Owly Dreams. Course, I gotta get em to do it for right handers! I can’t see Owly!! Oh man…just sent a photo of the Crow to Summer….who is most likely working hard now. Oh…speaking of that.

I wonder if I can explain this accurately. I intend to go on the trip. I intend to have some healing arise while on the trip. I intend to free more of my inner child, artwise, on the trip. I intend to be involved with the orphanage….on the trip. And, I intend for people, friends, art, all ways….to assist $$$ wise in the taking of the trip. BUT…..BUT….I fully intend to be mostly healed before that even happens. I FULLY INTEND that the CBD oil, the reishi mushroom, the lipoitic acid/selenium……..are and shall do the trick. I’m not discounting you colloidal silver, it’s just that you’ve already left the building. I fully intend that I am ALREADY HEALed. If that were so…you wouldn’t mind kicking in a few bucks for a celebration/relaxation/rejuvenation ocean/jungle/art trip, would ya???? Why am I saying it this way? Cuz. I’m manifesting. I want to be healed before I go, so that I can enjoy the go. Lol, yes, I know…most go to be healed and that’s what I thought I would be doing….but it is MY MIND….and if I wanna heal before I go….why the heck can’t I???? And either way…whether I heal here before…or I heal there…..it all comes out in the same wash. So please…when the time comes…please send in a donation. That will be January. Get through Christmas….and then, come January, if you can spare a bit….I’d be blessed. I have huge hopes for this trip. Ahhh heck. Yes, it’s the jungle. What will I see, what will these artist eyes see in the jungle??? Blue Morph butterflies????? Yes!!! Monkeys! Jaguars!, lol…not sure I’ll see them, but I might hear them. I adore trees. Have since childhood….and I hear there’s 300 some species in a small area…wow. Thrilling. Oops….it’s shearing time. Cathy will be here in a few. And yay…one goat sheared. But….she has the very beginnings of mites…so she won’t be sold. Bummer, sweet Sunshine.

I’ve been asked to put 6-8 pieces in a gallery from Nov 12-Dec 12. It’s sorta local. Further than I thought though. It’s a 3 ½ hr drive instead of the 1 ½ that I thought. That said…I’ll still do it. Coming up with which pieces to use will be the hard part. They will need to be framed. I only have so many framed. Looks like the gallery will be frameless heading into Christmas. Hmmm. How smart is that? Dunno. Not completely….it might work out. I think I have 12 pieces framed. It’ll work. I can drop them off to a gal at the Kid n Ewe, 2 weekends from now. Gosh…so much to do, so little time. Gotta mail off some fleece too…haven’t forgotten…just swamped! And, gotta finish that totem….then finish a few pieces that are framed but not completed…..and if I have time….create a brand new one specifically for that gallery showing…..the crow contest….and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.

Oh…one more thing. As for artists…a real artist….must take a painting past the point of…that looks cool…….cuz the painting isn’t finished. They will take the risk of ruining what they’ve already done…to try for the vision they have. I have just taken such a step….and it is not as well liked now…by one. This makes me sad. She liked it better before I changed it. That, is the price….one of the prices paid by being an artist. Hehe, unless of course, you only do the one. Stop. Do another separately, stop. Repeat. Repeat….then….using photoshop…superimpose them on top of one another. Then…you don’t have to push past the…it’s good stage. Ha…yes, some do that. Unfortunately, my Summer liked the crow better before I changed him. Jesse however, says she’s nuts…..but HE says the beak is not long enough…..crapola boy…there’s no room to add more beak! But I personally….am the REAL work of ART. I sit here…..with a grumpy look on my downturned smile…….but my heart is racing with excitement. Ya. Work of art I tell you, that’s ME. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















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