a tiny Blippet…growing Blog….

A tiny blippet blog. Yo, it’s 7pm Thursday night and no blog in sight!!! Nope…I peered and peered and saw nothing on the horizon so here….here is a tiny blippet. After careful analysis….oh……and I plan to go deep inside, find those 2 boys and change that storyline…..in the new storyline, little Sheri is still 5, still standing at the busstop with her bag of cookies and her mickey mouse changepurse, but this time….when the boys come to rob her, they hit an invisible wall, cuz this little Sheri is kick butt and has put a shield of protection and safety around herself and even an illness barrier shield….well, these boys ran right into it. I can see them now, they have fallen down and skinned their knees and they are running home to their mommy. Ya baby. My money issues should be freed up now, I do believe. Oh…there’s more. You’ll never guess. HA! IT TURNS OUT…..I AM AN ARTIST!!! I can even do my ART with REAL colors!!! Yup…these colors be wet! That makes them real. Good grief. And for any who are confused…read the back 5-6 blogs. Oh….so….I did it. I finally grabbed a canvas board and some acrylic paints and whamo…….I have 9/10 of a painting! Still need to put in some final black spot detail but other than that, it’s done….and….As I said…I’m an artist! IN other words….It worked. I can paint now, in any medium! How fun!!! Didn’t start shaping up till around hour 6 or so, but wow. I did it and am very happy with myself.

Got Diplo sheared this morning then it was too hot, so we put it off till tonight. Was just about to start painting when Summer needed money wired. They told her it was the radiator cap. She drove it forever with no issues SO……….lets pray. :=)))) She is eating a meal there where they are kind enough to prepare food the way she can eat it. Our friend Barb…from FB and a blog reader, Barb also bought a totem painting recently…well, she is building herself a home, that is not quite ready yet. That’s where Summer stayed last night. Very sweet of Barb to let Summer stay and for her to send her guy over to get Summer too. I surely do have good people in my life. Thank you ever so much Barb!!! So…I got the money wired to Summer and she is eating then plans to take off again….anxious to make some miles. I asked Cathy and Jesse to get started without me and they did…yay. Got the wrong goat, but oh well. Hehe. Funny you should ask…but yes, it matters this time. I’ll tell ya later. Ok…so much on my brain I’m swirlin. Gonna take a brain break and listen to Blogtalk….Namaste Farms. And…eat a cookie! Ha….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh, PS….I no longer care if I get published!!! WOW! I’m growing!!!













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