and the Artist said…..Who…Me?

Haha…the phrase got changed up a bit…(previously it has been…..I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before!!!) as she’s walkin out the door, a lady says….Saw something new today! And she was wearing a smile. I like that. Let go and let God. Give up the steering wheel. I’m workin on it folks. I’m workin on it. But ye know….I think I am having an art midlife crisis. First in a series…showed a friend…she didn’t really get it. So I showed it to hubby, who also didn’t get it. Not only that, but he misidentified one of the objects. Well, hmmm. I think I’ll paint…..haha…..whatever I feel like painting. Each piece of art is in the eye of the beholder, as was expressed repeatedly to me during the 1st monk fiasco. If it pleases me…and it says something….I’ll keep on it. ON the otherhand….maybe I should stick with what I’m best at. Animals. And the kid did name it Noah’s Arts didn’t she. Yup. I’ve told ya why haven’t I? Cuz of when we were looking for property to buy….the cardinals were with us on the search. Male cardinals, for me, represent Jesus. When we pulled in at this piece of property, they swarmed along with us…breezing with the truck as we drove down the lumpy bumpy sorta road. When we got to the gate, I heard the whisper….”it’s Noah’s Ark”. The day we signed the paperwork for it, we went there to claim it, lol…or to SEE it. Our place. Ya right…stolen from Indians once upon a time that was NO fairytale indeed. But….while we are here….and at that moment in time….we walked a portion of the land and in so doing, came upon a horse who had just given birth. Another horse was with her for support. They allowed us to stop by and visit. A beautiful and auspicious beginning to our life here.

Speaking of the Ark…..the daughter has just left the ark. Off for a month or so to find seasonal work and deliver her own version of ARK… act of random kindness. She took my first set of prayer flags with her. Y’all never saw them. I did post about 15 photos of some of them last night but only for a moment then I yanked them down again. Of course. They are too personal to just lay around. Too sacred. Those flags hung across my room inspiring us for months now….and so Summer has hung an old set of hers in their place….cuz these are about to go to their new home in the jungle. They were destined to the jungle right after I made them. I also sent one individual…to another place in the jungle. It….has a key on it. Keys and I are connected.

My son has an opportunity to go to work and make good money. He’s saying he needs to stay and help me. I can’t let him do that. These kids need to do their own lives…not worry about mine. Bless his lil soul. Gosh I love that boy. I’ve got amazing children, don’t I??? Haha…I didn’t get to raise either one of em!!! Jesse is right now saying he’s staying. I’m trying to tell him he can go. I’m conflicted. Yes, there is a lot of work here and yes, I am behind on shearing. But life will move forward either way. I’m torn too. I wanna be the good mother and let them live their lives…while…..I also want the ease. Life is too precious for ease. Go for it boy!!!

Well… artist was in here today. In fact, she was Brought here today…to see my art. Her work is in a gallery in Roundrock, Tx…..Nelda Sheets. She does squares. LOL….said her gallery will only take contemporary, thus the squares. Really cool. She loved my ART. Another lady came in and said the reason she had stopped to look was the vivid color and the textural aspect. Ya…it’s art. Oh gosh. This artist is about to gather her things, load them into the blazer, head home and feed the goats. All of them…by myself. Aside from the occasional day…it’s been almost 4 years since I’ve done that. Usually I only do the girls. My life has just changed again and it’ll change again soon I’m sure. Seems to be the norm for me…change. I can feel the sadness creeps creeping in as I type. I think they really hit when the girl called to say she was pulling out from the gas station…which way to Interstate 40? That, must be her dads genes. I told her the other day that the news wasn’t good out of California…lots of high radiation…but she said now Mama, you know I’ve got the violet flames. Well sure baby, but take the Zeolite with you!!! She took some and left me the rest. She also gave me a homemade heart…someone had given her which had morganite in it…which Spirit had mentioned to me was good for radiation….but no, she’s giving it to me. It also had other good stuff inside…I think it’s a resin heart with the goodies inside. Also….as for that E word… just so happens that the NM meds that I am now on, just not via IV…are also what one would take if there were say….an ebola outbreak. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Selinium. Also….high dose Vit C. All in my little fiber/med/gallery/juice/water carrier basket. I look like lil red riding hood carrying a basket of goodies…..just without the red. Ahhh well….guess it’s time to go home to the empty house. Jesse isn’t there either. Who knows if he’ll go or stay. Ok….not exactly the Whinery as of yet…..but signing off anyways at 920 Main St. Bastrop, Tx aka
Ps…It has hit. The typical disgust. Typical unreasonable sadness and unbelief. I carried home a few completed paintings…and when I walked in the empty room….i see….piles of finished paintings. :=(( Ya…looks like I will be one of those artists who is dead and didn’t know their art discovered fame. The whinery is here. Officially.














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