Life interrupted my pity party….yay!

Last night, my daughter stuns me. She says, with excitement in her voice…I just heard your thoughts! ……………………….It’s because you just spoke them out loud! LOL. Are you kidding me? Never has it been put such a way for me. What an eye-opener. Haha…..still giving me giggles. I just heard your thoughts. Wowza. Do you know the difference between heaven and hell? A thought. I heard that today. Do you know the difference between sadness and joy? A thought. I just made that one up cuz it too fits. Really it does. One thought…in either direction…can turn the tide. I’ve seen it, witnessed it first hand and personal and I’ve seen it in general. Hell….I literally witnessed it a few weeks back from the observer standpoint. Now THAT was an eye opener. Third eye hopefully if it’s not too petrified by chemicals force fed to us in everything we eat, drink, touch and breathe. Please…if you can get through and past all the yimmy yammying and today I’m depressed and today I’m on top of the world….there are some gems here. For you. I open my third eye, if at all possible…for us all.

Did I tell you I went over my limit with the Kai Mohair curls? I did. I was trying to avoid telling you, and I just kept saying…its so hard. Indeed. It’s rather like a lays potato chip. You can’t eat just one. The room has an entire wall of fiber. There is a rack. On this rack are clear plastic bins of assorted sizes with every color of mohair curls under the sun. Solar dyed of course! Well, not sure if they all are. She used to have an event…Day to Dye For. Once a year and we, from the local guild, would show up all excited, just bursting with the desire to create. Awaiting us would be bags of a silk scarf, a strip of roving, white curls and sometimes, dark curls….soaking in vinegar. On the table were squirt bottles of every kind…dish soap, ketchup, house cleaner bottles. You name it…all filled with dyes, ready to go. We would lay out a large piece of cellophane, then our precious fibers. Eagerly grab the color of our choice and squirt away. Constantly going back for more colors to add. Hilarious. Then we’d wrap the cellophane up and place our bundles in a steampot and we’d all go to the house for a potluck lunch. I adored those days. Oh…then we’d pull em out of the pot…rinse em and lay them to dry. Then came the best part. Ooogling over them. Whether our own oogling or the oogles of others….it was the best part. That…and the comradery.

As you guys know, I’ve been fairly down lately. I have a brain that is very critical of me and it’s not easy being me. My children are witnessing this firsthand. :=((( Wish they didn’t. Right now I’m up. I also just got colored curls, and just had all my friends rally round and….and the stuff Mea showed me…AND…maybe the big and……I’m not at the gallery. My head knows this stuff. My brain knows that logically artists are starving for a reason! But my hole-y psyche has a hard hard time with it. Speaking of friends rallying…I have a fiber friend who has had some health challenges come up for her too. She needs a charka. She is now wheelchair and mostly bed bound, so a charka would be ideal. Can anyone help with this? On that note…it’s late. 2:37am = 3 = Trinity = HOLY…..again!!! 3rd night! Night night all!!! Look up….enjoy the birds. Enjoy life…its not always there.

Oh my good golly. I sheared today. So behind. I sheared Luna first….oh my GOD. She was so perfect. Her stance, her stand on the stanchion…no crying, not a peep….her fleece, her body conformation, and her feet! Her feet!!! Awesomely perfect. Just stunning. Funny, I announced what the plan was and I asked the girls to explain to the babies what would happen. I was taking their coats today. Luna didn’t say a word and stood like such a sweetheart…lol, for all the part she didn’t lay like a sweetheart. Hehe. Good girl. Then, we decided to do lil Moonbaby before his coat went to shit. This baby is not friendly to me, yet he laid there and let me reach down and touch him, then lift him. He too stood like a statue and didn’t complain a whit. He was not in such good shape. Thin. Aside from being way too short and small….he was thin. And his feet were crazy awful. But what a beauty. Spots smaller than dalmation and way too many for dalmation. Stunning as well. And, his fleece was so dense. First time for a baby to be so dense. Also…first time for a baby to have felted balls. Wowza. He’s gonna give us some fleece!!! He may be crippled due to those feet but man, the fleece!!! Lol. Seriously, nothing I can do about the feet. They are what they are. At that point, I lost both of my helpers so I decided to quit too. 2 down…many many more to go.

I’ve deleted so much lately its hard for me to know what I’ve already posted and what I haven’t. I think Summer is leaving this week for awhile. To earn money for us. She is sick too…I just only talk about mine. Not ready to say what the new plan is…haha…unless I already did and don’t remember. All I will say is….it finally feels right. Pieces falling together. The new plan is so hard that I need help, which makes….the new plan. Gosh…I wanna say it. Wanna talk about it. It is actually exciting me and getting my spiritual and artistic and life juices flowing! All of which are good if you’ve been given a death sentence. What I’ve done so far….was hard. Quitting smoking and quitting the alcohol????? HARD!!! This……will be more of a challenge. This will be harder, but I AM up to it and I CAN DO IT. If I know this much about me…I am strong. I may not have much esteem for me, but I certainly have esteem for my strength. I’ve endured…..good LORD…..just know I’ve endured. So…the new plan is such that I get help. I can’t do it on my own. I’m strong….but even I need help with this. Someone to choreograph the healing…and I do mean healing. I firmly believe that when I return home……I will be healed. Healed and possibly more. Ha…now I just gotta tell my husband. The new plan requires me being gone awhile. I will still be able to blog. It won’t happen till February. I will be healed. The hepC will not be sleeping, it will be healed/cured and the liver…will also be healed. IN the meantime…my lungs are in process of the same. A few things stand in the way. Money, of course, the goats care….so I gotta sell plenty by then, and personally……..strength to do the diet that is required. I finally found what I believe in…which is the cure, eh? I know this place will heal me. One day I will explain it all….and why I know. So…my mind is now on other things besides pity partying about is my art good enough for people to buy. Yay!!! Later gators. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a naked Luna and Moonbaby. Yay! Ps…I wish I could have livestreamed todays shear. This is what you do when the goat won’t stand. hehe. Maybe one day I’ll get the guts to try.














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