Haha….and life goes ON!!!

Crystals. We have recently discovered that a wand of selenite and kyanite laid on my legs during weather pain, takes most of the pain away. Yeehaw, did ya hear that? Most. Well, I don’t and I now have it laid on my left leg. There is a cold front coming in tonight. Hopefully not too cold cuz Summer has only light blankets. She’s in that rickety old porta trailer. But ya…most people get to read the news to find out a cold front is comin. Not me. I get a huge announcement sometimes days in advance. Pain.

I’m having fun getting dressed these days. I have no closet and very few drawers so my clothes live in a heap at the foot of my bed. Literally. In the mornings, I pull something out….then find all the things that will blend with the first item. In any way. Prints…sure…doesn’t matter how many. I am probably breaking all the fashion rules but I am what I am. Sleepy I am too. Tonight I’m wearing a thin long sleeve black shirt we got when the hairdresser across the hall offered to let us go through her thrift store bag before she donated them. It had a hole just near the sleeve hem and Summer and I looked at each other and in my thumb went and ripped the hole bigger….to incorporate my thumb. Haha. Fashion statement! The other day I put on all the browns I owned….my favorite outfit so far!!! Talked to George tonight. She’s been hurt by this newest girlfriend cheating on her. Same story, different girl. Again and again. Poor George is in an awful rut….but I gotta say…meeting Amma the last time was really helpful for George. She sounds like a nun. She sounds good. Healthy. Mind healthy that is…she’s always healthy. A big burly girl. Strong. Love my George. Never call her by her new name…lol, 3 or so years new…Phoenix. As in…rising from the ashes into new life. Funny, she’s just George to me, so I can’t. Well, the totem painting is nearly done. Just gotta finish up that black horse. Also, worked more on an outside gallery sign.

Not sure how long I’ll keep the gallery. I need to keep it till after Christmas if I can. Need to at least recoup the money spent on it. Summer still hasn’t decided for sure if she’s staying or going for short term work and returning. I, still have a gazillion goats to shear. I’ve even had a question about a couple…but I’m trying to get them sheared first….as usual. I don’t like to sell one I haven’t seen under that coat. The coats hide a lot. They also tell you a lot. The coat told me that Pirouette had a high fever and was recovering. I knew she didn’t feel good, just didn’t take her temp. Hair loss is the dead giveaway. Well, this fashion statement gal is headed for bed now. Heheheee…..it’s so funny. So many clothes, so many layers…so many reactions to it. Alrighty then. Night night time. 1:56am = 3 = Trinity = HOLY. Again.

I have the dearest friends. The kindest of the kind are in my world and who can say that???? I am truly in awe of this fact. As a loner, hermit, suicidal person……that is astounding. One of these friends, wrote a comment on last nights blog. I was down…about the paintings not selling and she wrote a piece for me, then informed me that she had taken 2 hours of her time to write that piece for me so she expected true diligence in my reading of said piece….and she gave me homework. Here’s the deal. Artists who didn’t make it….until after they died…or close. She gave me 2 links of 10 each…one link for the nearly unknown before death and totally unknown before death. WOW. Edgar Allen Poe, who created a new writing style but never made any money? Emily Dickenson, shy and introverted? Van Gogh I knew was mentally challenged but not that he didn’t sell any art prior!!! But Mea…..the most surprising was Henry David Thoreau. His 2 books published before death were seen as obscure and weird. Weird!!! Thoreau!!! One by one, down the list I went, seeing one after another of famous people….who were depressed or shy or both and just flat out didn’t make it in life….but look now…we all know them. Mea has no clue how much this helped me. My Deer, the hours spent….were not wasted. They were blessed.
Another example is this…..it was my anniversary and I was able to persuade hubby into buying things I needed for my ART, instead of framing some more of the ART. All of the items I told him were NEEDS. Things we were out of….except one. A Namaste Farms Scrapbox. I didn’t know how to justify buying one of those….even after I received one as a gift and realized it is PERFECT for my work……the diversity of the contents. Anyway…hubby said he would get me one of those too. So I contacted Natalie and I didn’t want her to think I spent money randomly what with the fundraiser and all…..she told me not to do that. Not to deprive myself of retail therapy! Haha…I love that term!!! When I’m really down, I like to get myself a lil something…always works. Even a smoothie! I digress……Natalie then said she wanted me to have 2!!! She seriously gave me a 2nd ScrapBox!!! People post on my FB wall….its just incredible, the outpouring of love.

Today we went to Lisa’s to get some of the Kai Mohair salad bar of curls…..oh the boxes are endless and bagging up the curls is soooo fun…and sooooo hard. So hard to only put in a few curls of each. Others, that we use all the time, we got larger amounts of course, but really folks…its hard. They are all so lovely. I will be so sad when she moves away but I shan’t deprive her of her dream….as if I could. She too was extra kind. She didn’t charge me a penny for all the silk she had been dyeing for me!!! And oh wow is it gorgeous!!! While there, we discussed my goat situation and she heard my tale of woe and suggested the best course of action. Ha….sell some goats. There is not enough space for the amount of goats that I have them on…therefore they are circulating and getting the cocci. She said they are fine, just need better nutrition…and we feed them plenty, just need fresh grasses. So….I will be putting together a sales list. Ya, I’m at the wrong time of year but hey…it is what it is. It’s a good deal and and I need to get them on new pasture….yours…..its beautiful sweet goats. I knew…just didn’t want to. Its that simple. I love my goats. ALL of my goats. I know every one by name and by everything. Where their tiny wisp of white is…..which ones love peanuts, which ones will stand like a statue for shearing. I know them. I raised them. I don’t wanna sell them….but sell them I must. Aabout half of them need to go. So hard. But so needed. Ok….so much to say not enough time or space. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Thank you Mea…thank you all so much. Ps…my new puter mouse fell out of my basket of goodies I carry to the gallery. I’m sacrificing it. Too many other needs. 2 bottles of pills finished and need replacing…yikes. Talk about an onslaught. Hehe. God is GOOD!


One thought on “Haha….and life goes ON!!!

  1. You are so so welcome. I am glad you did take a minute to look at the lists. I am surprised by the one you found most interesting, but glad you understood how, not all great people were not understood in their days, and they too had stuff to deal with in their lives. Please, always remember that. Love you. I will say I take forever to read your blogs, perhaps it is my MS and how hard I find it to really comprehend what I read. I so wish I could have some of your goaties, they are so beautiful, like you. Night Owl

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