know it alls………….

Workin on another hummingbird. Healing with light from the mouth. Going into small spaces to heal. Endurance….joy, happiness, love. Wow. What a set of words. I was born a healer. I shut it down out of humiliation, but I was born a healer. And with my blog…I try to shed light….in a world that can be so dark. Sounds like I am a hummingbird. My skills are still evolving every day. It is a most amazing thing. I’ve been alive 53 years and have never seen anything like the speed of my learning and growing of a skill and talent. It’s plum crazy. Hey….did anyone notice that right after I gave my illness to God….I find out I’m basically in remission? My HepC is sleeping, and I shall rock him. Night night teeny tiny one….. What this means is…..the virus is asleep and is no longer raging in anger. The liver is still in bad shape, but it is my intention to go to New Mexico to see Dr. Berksen…and have the oxide IV….to fix up the liver. This is for the liver. Not the HepC…which is asleep. If the hepc wakes up again….the fix for it would be the local IV medicine, which I’m still waiting to tell you. Not necessary while its sleeping. That saves a whole lotta money! Oh heck…who cares. This is good, great, excellent news! This is what I’ve worked for! This is what I changed my entire diet for, gave up my hamburgers for, changed my life for. I did it. Well, WE did it!!! I surely didn’t do it alone. Every single person who prayed, or who sent in 5 dollars, 10, 11, 20…more…..all of it was a part of my wellness. Every good thought that went through your mind about me….helped. The energy. My energy….is healing. My energy is becoming that of a WELL healthy woman. I must say though….I still don’t have a clue what happened to my right arm…around the elbow area…about 5 months ago, about the same time as I was told I was dying. It still hurts. Can’t lift much with it. Very odd. Anyways…it’s late and I’m always oh so sleepy, so goodnight my friends. I shall sleep well. I recall today, driving home and thinking….ha ha…..surely God’s humor doesn’t include me dying in a car wreck…..after I’ve just told everyone on FB that I’m getting well. Lol…ya. Strange brain. Night night…. 2:38am = 4 = Angels. PS….I noticed a fB friend hosting the Angels….so I lit a candle for them too. Night.

Well….I was a bit disgusted yesterday so I never finished this blog. I joined 2 HepC groups on FB cuz I thought I could help them,……let them know what I’ve done to get better, ye know??? Well……………..don’t do that!!! They were know it alls who made me feel stupid and alluded that my liver numbers were useless and that I was not healing cuz there is no over the counter treatments for this. Western or nothing. Hmmm. Ridiculous! Not everyone has insurance and my info IS GOOD!!!! I called the NM place to do the intake forms over the phone since time is getting away from me…..and she was very impressed that I quit both alcohol and cigarettes. She also had only interest in other liver numbers…not the main ones. Hmmm. BUT, she did say wow when I told her the SGOT and SGPT ones. So, I was bummed yesterday, thinking that maybe I misunderstood the liver numbers and I wasn’t getting better? But then I remembered….I was told I was it was awake and I was dying with the sgot and now I can infer it’s sleeping due to the sgot, eh??? Ugggh. Oh…….cbd. CBD!!! I have it! No Thc….just cbd. Those are very important words. CBD is a wonderful cure for cancer and so many things…’s just difficult to get. I can tell you now…..I already had it. BUT….it was not cbd only. I couldn’t do it. I tried and gave it my all cuz I was so touched and honored and blessed with the gift….but I just couldn’t function as a human any longer. More like a potato….just sitting on the shelf. I’ve been wanting to tell you for quite some time but felt I shouldn’t. It is still a sticky subject. But I am so happy to announce that I now have it…legally. Yay oh yay and yeehaw!!!! You all know I’m a firm believer!!!

I gave all the goats the cocci meds and now we got gals hollerin. Yup…breeding time! I’m not gonna breed but a few this time. 17 last year for goodness sakes. The baby boys holler when I pull in at night….they love Mama. I thought they were not fed…nope…they love Mama. Sent the shearing blades in for sharpening…but haven’t sent in the broken machine….it’ll cost close to a hundred so they will have to wait. Somehow shear with one set…got the rest of the baby girls and ALL of the adult does to do. Oh, and 2 more baby boys. I’m working on a totem painting which requires long crimpy black curls…..Cookie…..your coat has been claimed!!! Well, at least a tee tiny portion…then they rest is mine to play with. What on earth would require long black crimpy curls????? Why a black fresian horse, that’s what!!! I think it might be time to do MY totems. I have a lot…so I already know it will be a stunning painting….but I don’t think it will be necessarily mine. Just….a really cool painting with a lot on it, eh? Ya…it needs to be done soon, I feel it calling…along with the Artist Call one, of crow. My anniversary is this weekend. Hubby handed me a toolbag. That’s how I found out. Crap! So, what to get him???? Nothing on earth can I think of….SO…..i made him a tee tiny painting. One he can put in a 8×10 frame and sit on his desk. It’s a cow. Haha. A cow. Of course. A tiny cow. Dragonfly lady brought another 50 bucks today…that makes 100 for that so far…..and who knows when it will be done….or need to be done. The totem we are doing now is coming along beautifully. Summer is doing a grand job with her parts. I personally, feel like I’m getting better every day. Laying out a horse….wasn’t so hard at all. Neither was hubby’s cow. And Summer put in a cat that looked like he was born there, in the painting…which he was!!! I was stunned at his catness. We are quite the painting pair. 2 peas in a pod. As a teen…my longass nickname was….2 oz pea in a pod. What can I say…I was skinny.

Oh joy… of the local artists was just visiting me and telling me of all the wonderful artists he’s gonna feature in his gallery. Months worth. A new thing. Gee fella…..consider a neighbor???? A fellow struggler??? Ugggh. Things like this just makes me wanna close up shop. Is my stuff not art? I’m so tired of this. Uggg…and ending on a sour note. Bummerz. 4:44…hello angels. Uggggg…………..why? Why is my stuff not art enough? Cuz it’s not something weird…straight from the wacko brain? I can do those. Thinkin I will. Summer can keep up with the animals. Wibbly wobbly me. So sad and so full of joy at the same time. Sadappy. Sadappy….thats me. Ok….later chickies and crowers. Signing off at 920 Main St, Bastrop, Tx…..aka…..





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