it’s just Art and poopy butts…

My mind is constantly on the art move these days. Thoughts, ideas….way more than usual, have been peeking. Peering out to see if they wanna come out and play. Ideas for frames. Not tellin. Gotta think on it. Certainly not a brand new idea, but new to me and I need to sit with it awhile and spin it around a bit to fit my needs, if possible. I think it is. We shall see. Also, ideas for paintings. And to be honest, ideas for paintings that people may want to buy….and that are quicker to do….if at all possible, so they can be lower priced. Going small isn’t always the answer for me. Ha…that’s an understatement. Just trying to figure out which things go faster for me. That hummingbird went pretty fast for me, so the price reflected that. Of course, Summer saw the prices of the other arts at the festival today and she raised a few prices. It kinda makes you feel icky to have yours so low, like they might think its no good. Weird. I know. Alrighty then…determined to sleep a bit extra tonight. Night night. 1am = 1 = Beginnings! Ps…I’m not quite sure what to think of this e thing. Is it real or is it Memorex? Something very strange and off about the whole thing. Rather like that weird storm and rains the other night. Hmmm. Night.
Tonight, Saturday, I sketched. I did start another small painting today but tonight I sketched. Actually, I saw a call for artists so………………you rang? I drew 3 or 4 sketches out and in the end it was really simple. The last one. Hmmm….tonight the chamomile tea is causing a wish for a cigarette after each sip. Very odd. Oh man….so sleepy. Can’t even type any more. Goodnight folks. 1:30am = 4 = Angels!!!!

Haha…..I sure typed a lot last night, eh? Today I worked on the wings of the 3d dragonfly project. It didn’t go as envisioned. I experimented…hmmm, nope….and experimented….hmmmm, nope…and am still in process of said experimenting. Good thing this is a slooooow commission. She pays me 50 bucks…when she can. An in person friend. Well, it’s not like we are besties…nah, she is the wife of hubby’s bestie. So, looks like I may have been missing one piece of product, in order to do what I wanted. May rethink….or may just buy the tiny product. Wings people…we talkin wings.
Goats. I’ve given so much wormer lately that it’s ridiculous. For being in a drought, we sure have received a ton of tiny rain incidents. All I know is…..too many poopy butts still, and too many extra small babies. So……since I have no vet I trust, I’m going with…cocci. Ordered a gallon of stuff for it and we treated every single goat today. Fingers crossed and locked into yay position!!! Oh man, the fight beforehand though!!! I was setting the scene for how it would go down and the kids decided it needed to be discussed as a community….to see if there was a faster more efficient way. Hmmm. When I told them I didn’t want to do that….I just wanted them to do what I said….boy oh boy. We are not your slaves. We are not your employees. No….but you are here…eating food, using ac, sleeping……borrowing cars, etc…..and gosh dangit….this shouldn’t even be an issue. These are mama’s goats. When I’m dead…you figure it out. Right now…this is how I wanna do it. So simply aggravating. I mean, as far as I was concerned, it was a no brainer. Pour a bit of feed….all the girls will run into the only pen we have back there now….with the baby boys. Now…..give meds, catching the traditional way….then let them out……and feed the majority of the feed and its easy to grab the 4 baby boys and put them back in. What’s the big deal? They wanted to feed most of the feed. Not that much different, but some. Point is….why backtalk? Why stress me, do I need more stress? Typical…..I got entirely too loud and angry. In the end…..I went down….and told the girls Mary Poppins was here to help. My way of stupidly removing the anger. So angry. I get so angry. Ya…anger in the liver. Yup. Not sure why I have so much anger, just that I do. I think of that movie, Eat Pray Love, and the lil monk guy saying…smile in your liver! Ha. I probably need to do that meditation. So…….we got it done. Funny how easy it came out of the syringes, whereas wormer affects the syringe by making it hard to draw the medicine up…or push it out…AND, the chemicals are so harsh that….get this….it eats the numbers off the syringe. Ain’t that nice? That’s what we pour down their throats to save their lives from a worm so small you gotta have a microscope to see.
I forgot my anniversary. What???? Ya, apparently it is Saturday. Hubby gave me a pink toolbag with pink tools, to keep at the gallery to hang framed paintings. Ha….need more framed in order to use it. LOL….no way. Not till something sells. And not even then probably. So….the Doc in New Mexico says the two IV’s do not go together. One first…this one here local. Then his. Well, we may be only doing his….or not. I dunno. To make a reservation or not to make a reservation….that is the question. Hubby said he could cover the food, RV park and gas….but I’m not sure I will be able to cover the medical, as planned. The one medicine has finally shipped, for Gods sakes, yay!!! Didn’t hear from Doc about the blood yet. Maybe tomorrow. Hey guys….please keep my friend Colleen in your thoughts and prayers….she had a stomach bypass thingy a few years back and went to have the extra skin removed…..but infection has set in and needs to heal. Blessings my friend, sorry about your pain.
The goats for sale question has come up again. Yes, still for sale. Would like to know that the medicine is working before I send any off though. Maybe a week I should know. Put lil Erbie in the pen with the other baby boys but Summer said later she heard his pitiful cry… we pulled him. Don’t know if anyone was messin with him….but didn’t wanna take any chances. The teeniest goat ever….even smaller than Shortcake was or Crystal is now. I did want small goats, but healthy small. Potato leek soup is for dinner. Never had a leek before, funny lookin thing. Summer and I are working on a totem painting together and it’s time for my part tonight. Oh goodness, should be fun! Something I’ve not really tried to do before. OOOOOOH….hey….I was in Home Depot yesterday and this distinguished older gentleman said…..I like your style! Hehehe….then a few minutes later, another man said something similar and that I should be in Austin at the Acl festival? Hubby heard that one. :=)))) Ok….later guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














One thought on “it’s just Art and poopy butts…

  1. I know, it is hard to draw up meds when the numbers disappear. are you doing 5cc’s per 100 lbs? That is what I do. I have a little one who has had bottle jaw for 2 mths, I have done everything even doubled up on cydectin as drench and ivermec SQ, still all swollen, it just won’t go. She is so sweet, why is it always the sweetest ones who get these things.
    Glad your numbers are good, Biggest hugs. It was my anniversary on Sat too. We planted a fig tree

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