holy cow….it IS Art!!!!

Oh my gooness!!!!! Lordie Lordie, did I just have an experience. We went to Austin to see if we could maybe frame a couple paintings for very little money. I’d taken a few over to the local framer…2 doors down, for her to photograph for prints. I also took in Jimi Hendrix. I was quoted $309 just to frame Jimi. Wow. Well, that was that then! So, this morning when we were deciding which paintings to take with us….we decided not to take Jimi. Why…we couldn’t afford to frame him, so just put him back on the shelf here at home. He is way too fragile to not be protected. He is the only piece that is so fragile and lightweight. But…he stayed home. See….I also took Jimi a year ago to Jerry’s Art-a-rama. They too, along with what the Roundtop gallery owner, said I needed to do…glue the paintings onto canvas. I didn’t wanna glue. But Jerry’s did suggest a shadowbox….and sew it in and if I remember right the price would start around four hundred. So….in we walked to the framing desk at Michaels and were blessed with a framing angel. Billy. Billy loved the art so much he took over the sale. Not only that, but he didn’t charge us any service charge for his time….and he gave us what we needed, tiny partwise. Just adorable he was!!! He had to take a few photos to prove what he’d just seen. The art was so new to him….he was ecstatic.

Summer said…can we just Play? He said, ye sure can, let’s play….and away we went. First, we tried out one of Summer’s new ones. It was really beautiful framed and cost $35. I was on the verge of tears then. Next, Billy came around the corner with this HUGE shadowbox….it was for the elephant playing in the water….and oh my word….it was ART! Real…true…honest to goodness….ART. I had never seen my own art properly displayed. A year of creating….and never seeing it like I saw it today. When he held up that elephant in that huge shadowbox…I just broke down and cried. My art. Oh my GOD. That is my art!!! I did that!!! Well….we went quite a bit over what hubby had actually allotted but I knew that had he been there, he would have done exactly what we did. So, I put some on another credit card that I normally am not allowed to use. In the end…we spent $85 LESS than that small town quote for ONE painting….and we got 6…SIX paintings! So, for just a tiny bit over 200 dollars, we got 6 paintings framed. That…is somethin. Pretty sure they run the 50% off frames every two weeks. OH…..also, he said pick one out and bring it up and they’ll hang it above the framing desk…a great spot…and a sign to find me. Holy cow!

Speaking of holy cows…hubby will be having one when he gets the credit card bill. I also spent a few dollars to get something for my tea. My night night go to sleep for a few hours sleepy sorta tea that attempts to take the place of my beer…tea. I initially went to get a strainer….in the $3 range. But, it has to be a very fine strainer, and I couldn’t find one. Then I thought…maybe a strainer teapot? Yup!!! There is such a thing!!! Its called a French Press. You see, I am using flowers, straight off the plant and heads snapped off…Ooooh, gruesome!!! Whole Foods was a bust. We got there too late for the soup bar, which Summer insisted I sample. I did get to taste 4, and I liked one. :=)) Believe it or not, eating organic isn’t as expensive as it seems to be. It somehow evens out. Beyond me. Well, and there’s the being selective thing. There are certain things which are too expensive to buy organic….beets for instance. Anyway…..i ended up with oily pizza. 2nd time to eat their pizza and 2nd time it was oily and not good for my belly. Oh my…boring boring talk.

Will be going to the gallery in the morning….jeeze, I get to explain to the art guild president….that I won’t be using her to frame my art. Photographs yes, frames…nah. Uncomfortable maybe, but maybe not….with enough smiles??? Ha…then…I get to figure out how to hang them! That elephant is huge….but its safe! Guys, wait till you see…it really looks like art. Oh man….sleepy. Just used the new French press and it was beautiful. Not a drop was lost. Chamomile….take me away. Night night. 2:53am = 1 = Beginnings!!!

Ok…I seem to be collecting stress. Like a magnet….I’m drawing it. Been sitting here at the gallery all dang day…with not a stupid thing accomplished. All these framed pieces…still sitting here. The lady doing the photos???? Well, seems she’s too busy to finish the photos, therefore no prints for the busy weekend. Frustrating. Hubby is on the way to help me hang it and Summer is here in town too…although the stress is causing arguments. Uggh. The main restaurant in town is closed for renovations…really? Couldn’t have picked a better time to do that??? So, artwalk Fri….festival Saturday and Tuesday-Sat there will be a convention with 400 souls wandering the streets bored. Big big week. Gonna sell lots, ya!!! Big positive, come on Sheri….BIG positive. Yay….so many coming to buy!!!! LOL.

Ok….the above was written over the past two days…no time to put it up. In the future, if that happens, I may just plunk it up here…no photos…just plunked. That way I have freshie stuff for the day. We got all the framed art hung and it left huge gaps….so…..hubby let me drain one of his credit cards, of credit. Summer is there now and the response has been phenomenal. Yes, the frames were the cincher. All who see it say it looks great and much much improvement. Ha….not sure what they thought of it before the frames then. Oh well…..it is what it is. Monk is all excited…well, for a monk. His display is up and he added about 5 brand new pieces. He should do very well. Of course, that particular place will take 30% of the cut so…..! Btw, we still haven’t figured out why hubby won’t pay for medical stuff, but he will use the credit card for art stuff. Maybe he thinks that way if I sell the art….I make my own money to pay the medical stuff. Rather odd, but so is hubby. And so am I. I’m so sleepy and tired. Ok……guess I’ll just let ya read this and get caught up. There is no Namaste Farms Blogtalk tonight, bummer, eh? Ah well, I’ll find something to do. Ok. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh….it begins tomorrow, so….please pray and hold good thoughts. You do realize that the more art I sell, the less I have to ask people for??? Yay oh yay. Ok. Later gator!

2 thoughts on “holy cow….it IS Art!!!!

  1. Congrats on the frames. Have you looked at any thrift shops or the goodwill for frames, well pictures you can take the frame from. Garage sales are good too, you can get a lot for $1.
    I sheared Buffy, Hutu and Holly yesterday 🙂
    Big hugs

    • Well, now that we have a wee tiny understanding of what is involved n
      needed, we can probably do that. I had already looked at one thrift shop and didn’t see anything but actually I’ve been in a lot of thrift shops lately I haven’t really seen any but I was given a thrift shop find but its actually not a frame it’s a canvas so that I could try painting with oils again. Got a guy supposed to try doing up some branches for me and was so sad when neighbor Cathy told me today of all the driftwood shed just seen at the beach. She didn’t get any. :((. I saw you sheared too many goats in one day I did I did. Take it easier on you would ya? Hugs

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