we help each other…

I was feeling myself inch further and further away from hope. Not that I’m not still in that position, but for a moment, I am appeased. The young man who we spoke to at the copy store about making prints of the art…well, he contacted us on the website. I didn’t have any photos so he used the website, http://www.noahs-arts.com to make me a ccopy of one to see if it was good enough, remember? Well, it wasn’t. He says he’s a photographer and wants to help. A bloomin stranger. Ye know….whats up with that word stranger??? Strange. Nothing strange about a stranger, we just have never met them in person before. Oooh, a quote by Rumi….Inside the Great Mystery that is, we don’t really own anything. What is this competition we feel then, before we go, one at a time, through the same gate?

I don’t feel well anymore. I guess that’s one of the things that has changed… to explain my loss of hope. I guess I don’t feel like any of the meds we’re trying so far…..are working. Of course, if only I could make complete diet changes instead of some. I’ve been successful in all areas of the diet but 2. I still want my sugar, and I don’t eat greens at every meal. By greens I mean anything vegetably and raw. But truly….I think a list is in order to put this in perspective. Change…..things that I’ve had to change. Yes, this is key for me that some people…just a few maybe acknowledge.
1. No more cigarettes
2. No more alcohol(beer)
3. No more usual food
4. No more midnight snack…it must be earlier now, to accommodate the (liver hour)
5. No more home all day(gallery)
6. No more baggy soft easy clothes
7. No more sugar(well………I try)
8. No more 10 hours of sleep…now its usually 5
9. No more fried foods or fast foods…NO MORE JACK in the BOX!!!
10. I also had to change my bread, sugar, juice, butter, veggies(organic now), meats…
11. No more BACON!!!
I’m sure there’s more but hey, it is late….Bedtime…so sleepy I literally cannot keep these eyes open. Night night sweet peeps. 1:06am = 7 = Holy.

What if….we decided to believe that all the legends and myths were true? This would include the Oracles, the unicorns, dragons, Trojan horse, Cyclops, the gods…….what if…..it is life, trying itself out, over and over….when it screws up, it tries another way. Atlantis. They say that Atlantis was a 4D world and with technology, they/we blew it up. Yup, and so the 4th Dimension is gone now…fini…..no more. SO…we got dumped back into the 3rd. How to proceed then? Well, you just have to have a ton of oompf……and ya do a big leap…all the way to the 5th. That’s us folks. We be jumping. Can we do it? It be a far leap!

Just finished writing the Hoegger Blog and getting ready to close the gallery early so they can put in more lighting for First Fridays….it’s a hit they say. Gave monk a ride to his house to retrieve a very large painting that he just finished…6 months to paint….and bring it to his gallery for the First Friday Artwalk cuz he is the featured artist. I finally understand his process. He paints the paintings in pieces. Each part an individual canvas. Then, he takes photos of them and superimposes them together, to create his work of art…which he then prints on a huge laser printer with a roll of canvas. Next, he stretches it, then…..he paints on that………so it has brushstrokes. Truly a work of art, no matter how it is completed. He’s very adamant about no photography or I’d show you.

I had decided a week ago to do the Hoegger Blog on the world of wool, and that highlighted Natalie Redding. Had a chat with her via FB message and got the scoop on her new wool wash products. You’ll have to wait for either the blog or the products to come out! Hehehe, but I’ll give ya a hint…they’re pretty cool. For several reasons, I will not be able to use 2 of the products….but thankfully the 3rd product is a genius product that will indeed work for me. Just to clarify….the main reason I can’t utilize the actual wash, is cuz my sink can’t handle the water anymore. I now have to wash outside, with cold water. Bummer, it sounds great…and the stuff I have to use is really harsh. Oh well. At least I can use the one thing, which sounds much needed!!! Track lighting may or may not be being put up in my shop as we speak. Find out tomorrow. I’ll be taking the boy with me tomorrow so we can find out if he’s good to get a license yet. Fingers crossed!!!!! Ok…..i’m tired. Later folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “we help each other…

  1. Lots of big changes! Change is hard. Have you tried doing the raw veggies as a smoothie? Juicing might be an easier way for you to get them down, and it’s amazing how much you can pack in to a glass of juice.

      • Oh heavens! No, start with good apples, and carrots, a chunk of ginger if you like the spice/heat (I do). Kale and spinach, beets (I like to add lime juice to cut the earthy taste a bit). Just add bits of the veggies that you think you don’t like as much until you’re used to it, then a bit more. When I want dessert I’ll use the blender instead of the juicer, and do a banana, a splash of milk (I use my raw goat milk) and a handful or 2 of frozen berries. If you freeze the banana too it ends up almost as thick as a good milk shake, but much better for you. Black & Decker makes a decent juicer for about $30, and the thrift stores usually get in a bunch of higher end ones. There are a lot of great juicing web sites out there if you need ideas.

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