Ahhhh, the joys. The wonderful smells, the roaring sounds of the semitrucks cruising down the way, the rock and roll of human movement, the freezing cold air…or, if you turn it one notch….the hot as hell….Rv. Oh ya. Gotta say….I pretty much love it. Yes I do. Even the squeezing in front of the toilet, wriggling the pants down or skirt up…the thud as you FINALlY land on the low low toilet, and the sound as the pee hits the other pee. Joyous really…..cuz it means…Roadtrip!!! Roadtrip means….a bit of a change from the norm and just a tiny relax, even when the destination is the buttscope at the hospital for hubby. Turns out, it wasn’t a hospital, just a lil building next to it, and instead of 3 hours, it took 30 minutes. Then, hubby was wide awake and planning his meal. Ten minutes later we were out the door and I was his chauffeur for the day. LOL, he hates that. It wasn’t twilight anesthesia, thank GOD….just the regular, so he was normal in the brain. I was concerned that he might get rowdy or wanna go somewhere and try to drive, and it’d be just me to try and stop him, but yay, no such fun!

Instead, we walked downtown looking for resale shops and galleries….and then to Hobby Lobby. They suggested a copy store when we inquired about prints of the art. Had a chat at a copy store then, of course. Think we’ll go that route. That’s what monk sells most of, is prints. Got 2 samples made to see if the photos were high enough quality and the answer was a huge…NO. (ya, I coulda said resounding, but it was soooo expected). Heheheeee….. I bought a canvas!!! One. Just one. Not too big, not too small, like Goldi, it was just right and only 20 bucks. Hey, I made a sale, right??? I’ve been wanting to try oil again for around 6 months, maybe longer. My skills have grown exponentially and I just know I can paint in oil now. Not that I couldn’t before, but paint in oil….WELL. There is a huge difference. I feel it in me bones. IN fact, I’d love to do one photo…both ways. One in fiber and one in oil. Wouldn’t that be cool? Also, my monk gave me some used canvas strips to play with too. Just cover them over. Guess that means gesso it or white it back out…..can’t imagine painting straight on top of something.

The food that’s been available is not great for me, so I’ve been a bit uncomfortable, but not real bad. The last restaurant, I couldn’t eat any of what I ordered….beans tooooo spicy, sweet potato fries cooked in wrong oil and the chicken was just yuk….not even a…we’ll split the check with you, oh no….had to pay full price for a meal uneaten….at Sodalacks, in Bryan, Tx. Lol. But I got 7 whole hours of sleep!!! Been sleepy the entire day, but I got 2 extra more than usual??? Oh ya….to prove to you how different I am now……when we pulled into the Rv slot yesterday….while hubby was hooking us up, instead of sitting inside like I typically would…..I walked over and just invited myself to join two ladies sitting in lawn chairs chatting and smoking e-cigs. Ha! I did, I did. UNHEARD of! So….all in all, a good trip. Hubby had very little of the discomfort he was warned about and He got me a few treats. I like treats. Ok, night night then…gonna lay down really really early tonight. 11:27pm = 11 = Master number

Well, I am home safe in my big ole bed. My FB friend Sheri, did indeed stop by with her guy and had a quick visit with my girls, then I showed them some art and away they went. Actually they don’t live all that far, so she may stop by again sometimes! Ha…I even got dressed up for her, instead of my ranch duds. Before they arrived, I went out and hung out with the girls a bit and they surely missed me those 2 days. Etta, Squirrel, Petunia, Milky, Emma and I think even a few others flocked me and just wanted lovin. I adore these babies all. I can’t remember what you give a goat with a cough…any goatie people reading this remember the name? My Emma needs something. So much to do, so little time. Speaking of that….I guess the illness is here now. It’s been days now with no relief. I need to find out if this is what I can expect from here on out. If it’s not, then it’s ok for me to say….I don’t feel good, so I won’t do that right now. If it is…..then I’ll just do things anyway. Can’t spend the rest of my life laying down. Hell no. Bottom line is…I just don’t feel good anymore.

But ya….i pretty much feel like everything I eat or drink…is just sitting there…..stacking up in my body. It’s a vicious circle type thing. I need to drink water….but it takes up room. It too, doesn’t process. Can this illness wait for 2 months before I start the NM treatment? Can I even get the NM treatment? Moneywise, that is. But if I can, can I wait that long? Or Costa Rica cures….way more money.Just not sure. It feels like a no win. Or more like a no can. Summer can earn a good amount…..IF she leaves now. Will she hitchhike there? She has a car now, but registering it isn’t cheap, then theres insurance and the trip itself to get to the job. I feel like she has given up her whole life for me and if it’s in vain…..that we can’t fix me…..oh how sad I will be. Yes, it is her choice to take care of me….but really…put yourself in my shoes. She had the beginnings of a new life there. She loved it there. Now she is here…..having to beg for money to pay her phone bill. Ahhhh, it’s just all sad. I’m sad. Also, where will she sleep when it gets cold? I just had a thought. I could sleep in the RV, and she can have my room. Dunno. Damn…done went and made myself all sad. HEHE….sometimes blogging is not good for me. Ah well…got it off my chest anyway, or some of it, cuz truly…theres so much more I’m not saying. Well…….it was a good and interesting trip and all is well on that front. No cancers, one polyp removed and sent in but she thinks its benign. So……yay for hubby’s health. Later gator. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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