odds……and ends

I did it….I did it!!! I figured out my construction issue with this 3D dragonfly I’ve been asked to do. I’ve done some 3Dness in my paintings to some degree already with the floppy ears and the raised painting period. There are very few that aren’t raised. Shoot, Jimmy Hendrix is flatter than a pancake….and Baby Bear is at least an inch thick. I guess it’s a jumble, like me. Phil, from Duck Dynasty is goin on 2 I’d say. The people love it. Sometimes they ask…is it Willie Nelson or Duck Dynasty? I just tell em I shoulda made one of Miss Kay, so the boys would have something completely unique to give their mom for Christmas. Hehe…..ya, in my dreams….they have no idea I’m on the planet. So, the monk is the featured artist at next months First Friday ArtWalk. He brought in one that he’s decided to offer at $12,000. He brought in another today that was a bit risqué and wasn’t sure he could show it. I said why the heck not….nearly all your paintings have tits in em. He zoomed way in to the tits by the way, when he showed me the new painting…still undone…….zoomed straight in, barely giving me any time to see the whole painting…then went next to zoom in on the bush….which is a tree with a man sitting on a bench. Men. I muttered… Men…for awhile.

Ok…Now I finally have a way to explain to you what I experience living with my hubby. He came to the gallery tonight and we ended up putting the black sheets behind the grid on the red brick wall like monk suggested. I’m taking it for a test drive….just using clippies for now. Then it rained…poured…so we all closed up shop and the two of us went across the street for dinner. After, walking back, he stopped. Ten minutes later, he walks over, looking at his phone and is looking up the building across the street. It is for sale. He wants to know how much for. He shows me the photos. My mind sees wow…gallery! I could put Lois’s art in there too!……she is my neighbor who I never speak about. Magnificent artist…most in her closet. So…..you see what just happened? Yes….welcome to my life…… Meanwhile…. Haha…meanwhile, it’s bedtime for Bonzo. See ya. 3:32am = 7 = Holy

Oh gosh! I sold one!!! It was a small one…..but it WAS ONE!!! $200, which gives me a bit of frame supply money. Ha…now to get to the supply store….when???? Hubbys thing is Sunday and Monday so that’s ruled out…oh man, and a FB friend is passing through and coming on Tuesday…..and no, her coming has nothing to do with not getting to go….lol. When I start the IV’s, maybe then. Art supplies are not available in small towns. Hubby hung out here most of the day, but it’s just me now. Just found myself looking at that vacant building. Now what on earth did hubby get that in my head for??? Yikeseys. Summer was not at all happy about his whatever. She couldn’t understand…he has no interest in helping to keep me alive, yet he wants to get me to open a larger gallery? We no understand him very often. I approached him about New Mexico. Do you have any time off you are Required to take? Yes. In November, around Thanksgiving time. Hmmm. A possibility! Well….thats all I got for today. A shorty. Tomorrow at some point we head to Bryan college station for hubbys thing. He’s out mowing the big boys pasture so they have nutritional hay for gods sakes. I took a few photos of them before I left today as they came to the fence to say hi to me. Ok…later folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.










6 thoughts on “odds……and ends

  1. Health first, bigger gallery second. Anyway, I think you’re having some fun with the gallery you have now. It’s little, sure, but manageable. Hubby, totally mystifies me, but then again, they all do.

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