So, I’m NOT boring y’all to tears!!! Yay!

Haha…just when I thought I was boring y’all to tears….I was encouraged to keep talking. I so wanted this journey to be of benefit to others, not just myself. I like to share my learnings…otherwise, only me is helped. Fooey on that! Very glad to hear that I am indeed helping. I started the dragonfly painting last night and was so excited I could barely sleep. Had to bring the huge foam with it…to the gallery today…had to keep working on it. Uggh…..but the wire I have is not right, so will have to make a Walmart run and is driving me nuts I wanna go now…NOW! When the passion strikes…..the venom is beautiful, intense and demanding. My monk is suggesting metal window screen to build the wing on….but I keep trying to explain that the needles will break if I do that. Experimentation is called for and was the plan all along! Hehe….I already broke 2 just trying this wire. I will succeed though. And Robin came in…hadn’t planned on her seing it yet but in she came and she loves it. I kept saying things to justify it and it will change and the body color wont be all one color…lol……that’s why I don’t usually like the recipient or others to see too much before its done. I find I have to explain all the changes that will eventually arrive. Is ok though and she loves it. And…she gave me the first payment on it…50 bucks!

Speaking of bucks……goodness. I am such an honest person, it’s making life difficult for me, lol. I find it very difficult to buy anything I need now…..if it’s not a medicine expense….but I am just opening a gallery and have a few expenses there I’d like to do, to try to generate more money through the gallery….like framing….but need supply money. I find myself saying…no….thats not medicine….can’t spend the donated money on that! So…..what I am now doing, to spare myself all that headache, is only spending MY money…painting money…for supplies. So yay!!! I just got $50 for supplies! That’s doable and honest and in the end, the money generated from the gallery will help me with meds too. Less to have to beg for, if you will. OH…..and did I tell you….the hairdresser across the hall from me….offered up the clothing she was about to donate to the thrift store, and we went through it first and yay…I got a tiny bit of warmer clothing. See, I’ve been farming only for the past 14 years and that’s really all the clothes I have. Can’t wear farmer clothes into a gallery. So, thrift stores it is for this gal, and it’s alright…nice stuff there. Funny though, to go from being able to buy just about anything your heart desires….hubby would, for me……to this. But hey….i adore my thrift store clothes! Hehe…I like the lower case i. Such a cutie….with that little dot….so ya, i left it like that on purpose, not a typo!!! AND……I did get a new phone. Not a New new one, not the Iphone 6, but was able to upgrade to a 5c for $30 instead of it just being replaced. Made hubby pay for that though…not sure if he’s aware yet, but he hasn’t yelled at me yet…..and of course, the $40 fee to get the upgrade, then the $30 for the protective case, and of absolute course…the pizzeria we ate in, cuz it was sooooo late that night. :=))))

Another quiet day at the gallery. Apparently it is SO quiet that the shop owners are complaining to the city officials and wanting some advertising or something to draw people to the town. Me? Oh, I moved a painting. I took the one on the door and switched it with one on the gridwall. That, then created a gastly odd space and I ended up having to switch quite a few to make it look ok. The building owner, is behind me all the way and wants me to succeed and was trying to offer suggestions and wondering what could be done….to make a sale. Ha….apparently…frame the dang things is the unanimous answer. I would dearly love $500 just to use to build the business….ye know, frames, etc. Is there such a thing as a tiny mini loan? I’m determined though, to not get down about the non sale thing. Each day is a new day…a new moment. One step at a time, I will make this into a great gallery, and this art will sell. Oh ya….Jesse says its Ren fair again…or one of them….and our friends are in town for it. Will most likely run out there to socialize with the wandering Jews. :=)) They go from faire to faire, always moving….so developing friendships at those stops would be vital I think. I wonder if I have a goat I can spare this time. Lol….can’t believe I just said that……they want to eat it. Sorry, I just can’t. I even love the lil stinkers who give me fits. I look forward to the good conversation with an adult from another country who has different perspectives.
Ok…well, I can see now that I need to shrink what lil bit of the dragonfly I have in the painting and since I have 30 more minutes before I leave and go to Walmart, then home….I believe I’ll close this out and fix that critter. He is the star of this painting, so he needs to be right. The rose came out nicely so far, way not done, but so far so good. I intend to pull off a raindrop. With paint????? Easy peasy…….with fiber? Not sure yet! Ok…..y’all have a great night and if you’re into fiber stuff…listen in at Blogtalk….click Namaste Farms, then the one that is live, or on air. Cool. She just asked if I was up for bright colors with that prize that was swapgifted to me, by Diane Nightengale…I said heck YA! Ya, sure browns are always in low supply but we LOVE color!!! So, yay! Thankyou Natalie and Diane Nightengale. So thrilled. Signing off at 920 Main St. Bastrop, Texas….Noah’s Arts…..aka…… PS….Yo Scotland…..with ya baby…either way. Later gators!!!












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