I guess it’s gonna be cold early this year. I’m thinkin I need to create some clothing since I have no good clothes for winter, only for summer. I can layer and maybe felt myself some somethings? I have a few long john shirts, they can layer. But with what? Hmmm. I dunno. Gonna have to figure this out….cuz I hate being cold. It takes forever to knit and crochet even if I knew how or wanted to know how to knit clothes. I did that coat…..it weighed 4 lbs. Mohair doesn’t felt well…wetfelt that is. It will, they say it just doesn’t full. All I know is, it puckers. All the mohair I’ve wetfelted alone, puckers. Gee…..I think I’m talkin out my hat cuz I don’t think I have enough wool here. I was supposed to do a table runner(table cloth) challenge….gonna have to substitute that for a human cloth instead….sorry Erin, if you’re reading. I’m not really sure this is one of my art areas, but I guess I shall give it a go sometime when I get enough gumption. I’m sleepy now, 3:01am = 4 = Angels. Night night!
For some reason, I have feelings of sadness today. Not sure why they are there, they just are. Nothing in particular. Well, there is one thing but I don’t think its that. I had helped Summers friend with her mothers eating issues due to her HepC. The mom, Callie, didn’t wanna eat what they told her to eat. She wanted to eat the foods she had always eaten and since I was going through the same thing, it was obvious that I would talk to her about it and what things bothered me that Summer did with me foodwise. It helped me to help her. This was a few weeks ago. On Saturday, I saw that the mom, Callie had died. Huh????? Oh man. Was it cuz she wouldn’t eat the veggies???? Did she have too many cookies??? Am I next? My appt is tomorrow for the IV thingy. Tons of paperwork and I hear they will be doing the bloodwork so I don’t have to call Doc and request some so we can see where we are when we start….plus, where we are compared to when this started.
Last night, I discovered a few other fiber artists doing similar things to mine. Similar….not the same, BUT…….the way they were finished off was interesting….and a bunch were framed. Basically framed the way my monk wants to help me do. Lol……had me an epiphany last night. Hahahahaaa. A stretcher bar….for artists…is not a tool!!! I always pictured it as a metal thing that you somehow hook to the painting and stretch the canvas around the wood thingies. HA! The stretcher bar IS the wood thingie around the canvas!!! Heheeee. Oh, and hubby sent me an email with like 20 links for How to Frame it Yourself!!! Just what I didn’t want to do, but it is starting to seem as if I need to. Sure, I can probably try the new method I saw recently on new paintings yet painted…….but not sure about the ones already done. Might rule them out for that particular method. I’m boring you aren’t I?
Summer ran to Austin to the library and Whole Foods and Jesse and I sheared one and a half goats. We finished up Squirrel, then did Thor, who was trying to mount everyone lately. Yup, he’s done with that! Ya, that boy baby pen is getting mighty full. 3 more boys that I can think of left……Diplo, Moonbaby and Erbie. Erbie is so tee tiny that I just don’t know about putting him anywhere. His growth has halted. Right before I left for DC he had tape worms. He’s been wormed for regular worms since then, but he’s just the smallest goat ever….and with the wacky back leg. Anyway…they are done and they wouldn’t follow the other boys or come when called so we had to load em up in the Blazer. Their mommies haven’t said a thing so far.
I cannot explain what I’m feeling. Oh…I asked the lady about her mom. The mom hemorrhaged. They thought she had a few years left. That is scary to me. I need to deal with that fear, cuz from what I hear…it’s your feelings at death…..AT death…that determine how it goes. I need to calm myself somehow. So very strange. For so many years, I wanted to die…to leave…getn me outta here. Now…..I don’t wanna go. Am basically afraid to go. And being afraid to go terrifies the crap outta me. Ya. But seriously. I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Not sure if it’s a sick feel or a hinky feel or a psychic feel or a nervous feel. My psychic feel is what I call rock gut and is usually lower in the belly than this. This one is above the belly button…..what???? Its uncomfortable, in its familiarity. I dunno. It feels icky though. Not pain, just ick. Gosh! Hubby is home early! Guess me and my ickyness shall sign off here at YeeHaw Ranch. I’ll deal. Later gator! Ps…..who knows when…but I did wake up with a felted clothing idea.














2 thoughts on “felting….?

  1. I hope your IV goes well. I had Susan Macguire here, you know her husband is a great herbalist? He had stage 4 cancer and was given only mths to live and now 20+ years ago he is doing really well. I heard they asked if you wanted some of his meds but you all turned it down. I hope the path you chose works. Big hugs

    • We had so many treatment options and recommended cures either offered for consideration or found during research. We couldn’t choose them all. I too hope the ones we chose work. They are many. Also, as one drops off I plan to add another. So far, not much improvement but it’s my fault with the dang sugar. :((

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch


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