God is being nice to me…..

It is a Saturday. My typical Saturday meanderings have shifted, along with everything else in my interesting little life these days. Today, I am sitting in the tee tiny gallery I opened last week, listening for voices or footsteps…..to signal the possibility of an art apprecianado. One did indeed come in, but he chose the other artist, my monk, to buy from. Two, they bought two from him. I cannot be sad. I cannot be jealous or envious. I am joyed with and for him. As with my daughter. I told her last night….I’m alright if you surpass me….and you just may with this painting. I have evolved enough to not only say that, but to mean it. Fly baby fly! Truly, the art I do is an absolute miracle. I have only been able to draw bad stick figures, my entire life. Even recently. It is only in the extreme recent days, that things have changed. My drawing skills improve daily, without trying and without my knowledge. They just are there waiting for me when I need them. Today I drew a dragonfly. And a rose. Both look like an artist drew them. Stunning turn of play. I think God likes me. He knows my past and has chosen to allow me some joy instead. I’m in awe with it all. Hehe…just saw an ad for a plein air competition. 7:30-1pm……that’s all the painting time you get. Hmmm. I don’t think I could do one that fast. It would depend on the subject. Wish I knew more… Maybe I can know more. I’ll see. Thousand dollar grand prize…that would buy medicines! But really….back to the drawing. Isn’t that amazing? That I would be gifted with a skill so late in life? Two skills….so late in life? Like a going away gift! Thanks for stopping by Planet Earth and before you go…..here….try out some happiness and joy and talent and skill!!!!! On ME! Yeah buddy…thanks God!!! I’ll show ya what I mean. I’ll show a drawing from a year ago and one done today.

It’s a rainy day here. Summer didn’t feel good so we switched out and I’ll do Sunday stuff tomorrow. Every three seconds the iphone is buzzing from battery charge issues. I like my hair, or I would indeed pull it out. I stopped by Robins house to ask for more info on the dragonfly commission. I’d been thinking about her statement that she originally wanted metal art. I offered her Joyce Hazelrig…a 3D, stuffed critter artist friend…but she wanted to support me, so I looked at the room where it will go and came here to the gallery and drew it out. Yes, I brought a sketchbook to the gallery finally. ERASERs next on the list.

I was just telling a potential customer how long it takes to do these. Just this morning, I was thinking of a few things I wanted to paint and my brain said….when Sheri….you have a list a mile long of things you wanna paint. Inbetween commissions, I get to do them. Like…I have a lot left on My Legacy painting. And dragonflies. I now want to do lots of them! So fun. Anyone want a dragonfly???? I’m gonna experiment with these. If they come out anything like whats in my mind….they will be beautiful. Exciting. So, in the end….nothing overly dramatic for the dragonfly….just brilliant…if I can do it. Brilliant as in…..color. And I think I can. Oh folks……when you open a shop…and you decorate it and supply it with what you think you’ll need…..errors can be made. I had decided that I needed a very low to the ground chair and a tableish thing to go in front of me but only about 5-6 inches higher than the chair. Well….the chair is a real dud. The beans are moving away from my rear and I’m just about on the floor. The table is too big and gangly to drag in front of me anytime I want to paint. It is frustrating cuz there is no money for this type thing. Maybe I need a chair and desk situation. Not sure, but this is horrid. Very uncomfortable. You wouldn’t believe how I have to sit.
A couple loved the Phil painting and asked if they could take a photo and put it on Glen Becks wall, cuz he had Phil on on Friday and they were saying you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Phil stuff….and they were gonna say right…we saw this in a lil shop in Bastrop, Texas!!! Ha!!! Funny. People are so cute. I just adore us all. I adore the animals too. I adore the feeling of love and the taste of cookies. I found a puter file from spring with all the babies jumping and playing and set it to Slideshow. Making me giggle like crazy when I’m supposed to be quiet. I may just have to go down memory lane for ya……IF…….I can figure out how I used to do photos from laptop instead of Iphone. We shall see….if not…the goaties are very wet is my guess. Then again…they do look sooooo pretty when wet…well, the grown does do. The babes not so much. Well, it’s just me and Komal here now. Rain has eased and the town is pretty much rolling up the sidewalks. Headed home soon. Boy do I got the sleepies. My new life only has 5-6 hrs sleep now. I miss my 10 hour days. Later than. I’ll add more if something happens between now and when I post this. Later and at the moment, signing off at 920 Main St, Bastrop, Texas at Noah’s Arts…..that’s http://www.noahs-arts.com to you!!!! Yes…it’s ready! Still a few finishing touches but publishable. Come see!!!! Love you! Haha…..PS…..IN the end…I do have to tote the sketchpad back n forth….so much for bringing one. PSSS…gotta admit my failure. I was very happy for Komal for his first 3 individual sales today….but the last 2….got me. Yes, still happy for him, but can’t stop crying…guess I sprung a leak. Love you










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