my artists heart….

Dwindling down, faces frown, remember still the glory be’d…unto the one whose liver is frowning too. Hehe…..translated: losing weight, kids sad about that, but people are kind to the one who is sick. I AM….a talented lady who has been through much and has suffered endlessly, so it is ok to feel as if gifts are being given. And I think they are…., well, aside from the obvious. But no……I do believe my talents are growing, my art eye is sharpening and my art intuition eye, inner art eye so to speak is sharpening too. Tonight, the middle owl, the Mama Owl in the painting I’m playing with(as opposed to…working on…work, yukky word), morphed herself into a live own sorta….her face morphed into what it should be, for her. I saw it. Whether or not I can duplicate it remains to be seen. Oh man!!!!! Speaking of duplicate…wrong word, but what the hay, I’m excited. I got that commission! An art piece! An actual actual art piece. This is for hubby’s good friend/mechanic’s wife, who I know too….through them. We went to her birthday party not long ago and I made her a tiny painting of an owlet in a nest. It was so delicate I didn’t bother trying to photo it for you. So here’s the story…..she’s getting a room in the house dedicated to her as an office. Her very own space. She is decorating it like a person does who has a magazine to look at is my guess. Like my mother would. Decked out. Well, anyway, she was planning on a metal sculpture. Then I gave her the tiny painting. So, she’s been thinking of this project for months. It is important to her. And she chose me!!!! How yay is that? So she is really and truly, buying a piece of art for her wall. The colors are salmon and turquoise. I’ll have to find those colors in both wool and mohair. I have a bit of turquoise, but not much salmon I don’t think. Small amount is needed if anyone has any.

I digress! The entire point of that whole huge paragraph…its original intent, was to tell you how excited I AM. I am getting tingles and goosebumps. In fact, I did get goosebumps when we discussed it today. Funny……in the end, there may not be much of either of those colors in the finished product, perhaps hints of the colors. I haven’t worked it out quite yet in my mind. I think I’ve got some. That’s the exciting part. It will require something I’ve never done before. I am popping outta the box for this one. Actually, I might have enough colors after all. Oh my. MY mind has gone art crazy with this. Who knows, no pressure. Ok, better sleep. Still losing weight again. Summer says I look weak and bony. Not eating much food. Did however eat a cookie tonight for the first time in around 4 days and it actually went down ok. Well, sorta…within my ok reason. It was great and maybe I’ll gain a pound. I know I know…wrong kind of pound. But by golly, it’s the pound I wanted! Anyway. Try to sleep before 4! Might….it’s 2:27am = 11 = Master number…lol, a wild card. Night night! Ps….Summer is so cute. She’ll say things like…..Mama, you are gonna fix that left eye aren’t you? You do realize that it’s way bigger than the other, right? Hahaha….! Yes dear.

Very quiet at the gallery today. Working on website stuff. I have a human gripe. I know humble. I am humble in some certain cases as I believe I should be…..but some people take it to the extreme and it doesn’t benefit them. Do we all know one of these lovely people?……… call or text and say, I haven’t heard from you in a few days, how are you, whats going on? They say….oh….my grandson cracked his skull and is in ICU at Childrens Hospital….or well, I’m in the hospital with pneumonia and have been here a few days. Rhonda I love ya honey, but jeeze! Reach out to your friends! We love you! Being humble….doesn’t mean you have to go through the rough stuff alone!!! Why go through it alone when you aren’t alone????? Just sayin. Love you.
Got the taxes straightened out yay oh yay. That was a heavy weight on me. All fixed. Pay $70 for the festival fiasco and done with it. Forgot my lunch, so gonna leave place unattended and run grab a smoothie. Yay, stuff in the belly. Oh ya. About that dragonfly. I get excited…, who knows how out of the box that may end up….didn’t want y’all expecting something wowza when I might now get it there, so…hehe…ya, I know. Be quiet Sheri. A lovely Amish woman just paid me high compliments, how sweet. This is good for me. To hear people say they like my stuff…is really great for my esteem….which as an enlightenment journeyer, is not necessary or wanted…esteem, that is. Ha….but I’m still not there so I enjoy and even need it. Well….about to leave the gallery. Its stormin maybe. Go home and do some more mind designing of that dragonfly. Nope, no storms, just rain…and lots of it…and lightning. I used to love the rain and have written poetry about it and love to dance in it….but now….now it brings death. For others life, but for me, it brings worm death to my goats, not sure how I feel about rain now. Popeye doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it after all. He didn’t come eat today and cried when I pulled in the yard. Tell the universe you need your goat herd down…..careful. Ok….guess I’ll let ya go. Talk to ya soon and thank you for ……everything. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….a soggy one.









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