…a good day

I really enjoyed my last hour in the gallery. My monk and I had a real nice chat and he gave me a few suggestions. He suggested I stop reading books for awhile and meditate instead. Learn for myself instead of waiting for the thing that happened to that other person, to happen to me. Summer, however, thought I was on FB too much and therefore missed the point but I think she missed the point. He doled out tiny nuggets. Little tiny nuggets of what he understands. He says he is always busy at home because people are always visiting him….from all over the world. I am in good company. He invited us for tea and I believe he said a healing….where I will do what I do, he said. I’ve been patiently waiting and working so hard for the last 14 years on my journey….waiting for a teacher. When the student is ready….the teacher will come. This here student is ready. I have absorbed more understanding in the past week than in the last 2 years.

I’ve been painting half the night….just half. Kinda slow. Got some things accomplished on the triple owl painting that makes me feel I can stop for the night. My Iphone has had charging issues since nearly day one 2 years ago, and I’ve gone through probably 15 or so charging wires. Finally those no longer worked and it had to be a car charger, put into an adapter then plugged in. Till today. It is going in and out of charge every second or 2 and buzzing as it does so and is about to make me scream. My hubby is just gonna have to replace it. He doesn’t wanna upgrade me, although it will only be 4o bucks they said. Either way….I need a new phone. I will definitely need it to take credit cards when the throngs of people come and buy my paintings. Definitely a lesson in tolerance. Worse than hearing water drip.

My appointment on Tuesday is at an unusual place. It does procedures that are needed but not typical, for people who want natural remedies. From what I understand, it’s a rare thing, what I have access to here in Austin, an hour away. I hear I am blessed that there is one here….apparently there are very few in existence. If I want to do the Vit C therapy, I would be able to do it there. Remember, the vit C saved a whole community from whooping cough. For HepC however, it is more effective through IV. But that is not the treatment we chose. Nope. I don’t plan to say, as I’ve already said…so that when I am cured…you will know that some cures worked. We won’t really know which, but none can be ruled out my friends, including the ones some may giggle at. Time to go to sleep now. Buzz buzz of the phone, buzz buzz. It’s a really good thing I have earplugs. Oh……love yourself. It’s a goal…or THE goal. Night night. 2:41am = 7 = Holy.

A great day! Got a commission today!!! Well, apparently hubby had been workin it, but also, she might just have already been thinkin it cuz I gave her a tiny owlet in nest for her birthday. Anyways…..got it! A dragonfly. She’s describing what she wants and she’s talkin about the long tail and maybe in the shape of the dragonfly itself instead of a square….and I said…so, you want a Dramatic Dragonfly…..yes!!! So, I need a sketch pad for the gallery. All I have is an envelope. BTW, this commission is layaway. I already have one that’s being paid on, but she hasn’t decided what she wants yet. That is something that is always doable for any of you who may want a painting but feel you can’t get one. I’ve had several good visitors that I literally drew into my space. One, a young art student who may have one commissioned soon, and a couple who live in Austin and wanted me to put some in the city. Really good feedback….and interest. He loved the Looking At You deer painting and noticed the difficulty and skill. Hehe, I just used the word skill….when talking about ME!!!! Yay! I AM loving myself! Everyone else is complaining that it’s a dud day but I had 2 good chats and a commission……definitely not a dud.
One of my readers suggested hiring a shearer with the fundraiser money, so I could rest and not so the heavy stuff. Unfortunately, even if I felt it would be ok to use the funds money to do so….there are really no shearers for me. I did however, just see a FB post of a guy in Missouri advertising!!! Maybe hubby will pay for that. He used to. Oh ya….i overheated one of my sets of shearers. Won’t turn on now, so I am down to one!!! Not good. $275 a pop. Dunno. So, my monk just gave me a few suggestions for framing. Amazing what we just don’t think of…just a switch in perspective. He’s willing to sell me supplies cheap if I need them. He showed me I can frame them myself. I can glue them too…..with certain stuff and its not permanent!!!! Oh man, this changes things….and, it doesn’t matter what size my painting is. Which is really great cuz we just zip those scissors along and grab ourselves a piece of black the size we wanna work on and that’s it. Lol. Hippy rainbow artists, at your service. Yup…a good day.
Tonight is Namaste Farms Blogtalk, and I don’t know the topic. Natalie and I were chatting the other day and she asked if I needed any fiber. I said, we always need browns….so…..a little bird told me that a package has arrived! Somehow, the entire summer has come and gone and I didn’t get ANY fiber washing done. Not a single bag, what with this illness. Highly depressing…only cuz there’s yummies just waiting. Well, I’ll be listening in tonight when I get home. Summer has been working hard on a website for us, trying to raise money and I think…..THINK…..she might be close to done. Such a sweetie. Both my kids have been awesome about my illness, and willingness to help in whatever way. GOD, bless THEM. Okie dokie…….signing off from my now hollowed out badly made beanbag chair, which has me nearly on the floor….at the gallery…..Noah’s Arts….at 920 Main St. Bastrop, Tx!!! YeeHaw!!!!










8 thoughts on “…a good day

  1. It’s really uplifting for me to read your blogs. I get so discouraged so easily and kind of lost in my own crazy world. Yours is so different and yet similar. Some of the same issues but everything else is different. So, it gives me perspective at the same time as helping me feel less out there! I guess it’s the artsy thing…..

  2. Sheri, I think I read somewhere that there was a recall on the battery of some iPhones. If you take it to an Apple store (is there one in Austin?), they will replace it for you. I can’t put my finger on where I read it, but you might Google it and check into it.

    Congrats on your commission work! Sounds like thinks are going well with your gallery, art, and new teacher. So glad for you.

  3. Sheri, I enjoyed meeting and visiting with you on Wed. You are a dear, lovely woman, I pray that whatever you chose for your path to healing that it is done quickly and painlessly.I also enjoyed reading your blog,, I wished I had met your Summer,,as I have a Summer also,, she is a blessing, soon to be 36 and the mother of two beautiful boys and has a loving husband..I will be sure to stop in to see you next time I am walking down town, Dawn

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