Day ONE…..done

Well, the monk artist took me to meet another artist today. David. David has very large canvas modern art pieces in his own full size gallery. He came down to see mine and thought they were beautiful and had never seen anything like them. His one concern was that they are not framed. Ha. Same issue. He, like the first gallery I went to, said that they want to pick it up off the wall and carry it home and place it immediately on their wall. Which is impossible for me to do, unless I sold a bunch of them, then I could afford to frame them! We apparently are doing it all wrong. Hey….we are artists. I finally got to see the website Summer has been building. She’s done a great job. Right now, I am blogging. Typing to calm myself. I’m about to have a meltdown. Completely exhausted and overwhelmed. I had a wonderful lady on FB comment about some changes I should make. Ya, hehe…..a bunch. Well, I messaged her cuz they were all so on point. Wow. Even more good ideas, but thing is….we are down to hours. Hours before the artwalk. We, or at least I, am exhausted. Summer seems to need very little sleep ever since ayahuasca. It’s 2am. The suggestion was so good, but requires so much to rework. I just don’t know. I just don’t know. So tired my body is very close to tired tears. Boy, a cigarette would be great. Ugggh. Nah.
I can’t think. My brain is so fuzzy and so tired. I can’t even think what to say, so I guess it’s time to say night night. Hehe….Summer is saying how strange it is that she is voluntarily going to a social event. We had a good giggle. Ok….night. 2:16am = 8 = INFINITY!!! And Beyond! Wait! Forgot the sleepy tea! Ok, so I just ordered the last 3 bottles of colloidal silver, then I’m done with that particular med. I got really weak today at the end of the day so we gotta figure out some foods and snacks for me to have while I’m there. I was gonna say….at work. I sure as hell don’t wanna call it that cotton pickin ratrace word. It needs a good new word. One syllable. Gallery is too long. Lotta black goin on at the place, unintentionally, just the way it worked out. Works for me. Even bought India ink to dye the silver part of the black clips but haven’t gotten to it yet. Not enough time. I pray it works out. I pray it works and I don’t have to beg money any more. I wanna be able to be paid for my time and be able to live. That would be great. In order to use the SQUARE credit card reader, I had to do the Iphone update. Just what I needed on this night of change. More change! Not only that….but to do the update, I had to remove the photos to make room….I ended up removing ever single one. Never done that before. No goats, no art. Nothin. Yikes!!! Stupid possibly….probably. So ya….everything is askew. Lol. Night night again. 2:49 = 6 = earth. Mother!
Ok….I am here. Summer just went to socialize with one of the artists. They say 2 more hours before it gets busy and then it’ll be 5-600 people???? Wowza. We weren’t able to do what was suggested. Oh man, great info but we had already gotten it to this phase and there just wasn’t time to redo it all. Depending on whispers I hear tonight…….we’ll see what I do with it….leave it or single out paintings more. The advice was to use 5 paintings that meant a lot to me and then have them framed nicely and have a well written description. No time to frame…nor the money. So, we did spread them out and took some down so it’s not as full. Did the price tags as artist Komal suggested(the ex monk). It’s just cut strips of plain index cards and gum sticky. I woke up sick. Runny nose, queasy belly, shaky. Took like 6 doses of High Vit C before we even left and feel ok now. Was stress. Oooooooh, he’s putting the wine out! Hmmm, too early I thought. Oh well…I’m fixin to just try and have fun. K…..guess I’ll holler later and finish this up.
Home now. No sales, but a ton of great feedback. They loved the work. Hehe, now just buy some already!!!! It was not a great Artwalk….not many people. They said last month was fantastic….so its hit and miss. I tell ya. I really am determined to get some large canvases and creating something different. Determined I tell ya! Got such a kick outta the featured artist. Hubby just shook his head saying….I don’t understand this art. It was modern….splotches and splashes and dots and lines. You know. Well over a grand each. Huge canvases. Dunno if any sold, but there sure were people in there to see. Course, most then meandered on over to our spot too, but all in all, they said it was fairly a dud night. So…….signing off with relief and a frown at YeeHaw Ranch.













3 thoughts on “Day ONE…..done

  1. There are many many inexpensive options for framing art. An old frame from a thrift store can act as a stretcher where the work is stapled to the back and the frame is never seen. Branches, barn wood, or other character wood can be creatively used to frame a piece. Mats can be found at thrift stores as well and sometimes art framing shops have mis cuts that they sell for next to nothing or give away. Old windows can be utilized as well. Can you imagine your owl painting behind an old window as the frame? Nothing has to be done today. Take the time to rest, relax and when you are ready, the next step can come. Namaste

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