quick update….

Strange day. Woke to a very unsettling text, then headed to town to work on the gallery. Sure, I could call it my shop, or my place, the room, the work space…lotsa choices, and I just happen to choose…gallery. Hope nobody is offended. Today there were other people in the building. Most of the other shops are open Wed – Sat. Sp, some were open today. One, was the other artist in the building. Get this…..he used to be a monk! Yup, good neighbors! For 30 years he was a monk in a monastery and now he is an artist in lil ole Bastrop. He loved my art. Said the 1st Friday event is always a good time. Said since we are the only artists in this building, we should team up for the 1st Fridays. We do wine and goodies and he said there will be lines of people coming in the doors. He said he sold 3 paintings in one night once…wowza. Give a girl some hope why don’t ya? The lady in the front corner sells singing bowls and Tibetan bowls and herbal treatments….all my kind of stuff. The art guy said on 1st fri, he will have 6 or more people at a time trying to be in his little space, ha and now they can come in mine. Sounds fun. Scary but fun. I shall have to pull my Big girl rubber boots on. Hehe, they are ALWAYS on!
I am. Ha. I forgot. But ya, I am! We picked Jesse up and took him with us today. He put together the little coffee table for me to do my painting on. For a tiny cheap thing it sure took forever to assemble! I decided that it makes no sense to use the grid panels there. They were designed for a festival type situation and if I hook them up here, then every time I wanna go to a festival I will have to dismantle it and take those paintings down. It just makes no sense. And I’m doing a festival really soon…Oct 4! Cow panels are what is needed. I’m thinking that 2 will do the trick, but can’t afford it yet. So….might just open….with the panels leaning against the wall, then change it out when I sell something and can afford to buy the $30 or so panel. I really hate that, but hubby already said he can’t help. Either that…or just go with the one wall for now. That might be the wise choice. Hmmm…..now that I think about it…maybe I won’t use grid on all the walls. Maybe I’ll experiment with different framings…. Oh… just remembered…. and due to an unfortunate turn of events, I will have a few that will hang different. That will break it up some until I create a few that are framed/hung different ways. But it’s late. I’ll tell ya later. 3:19am = 4 = Angels! Again! Yay! Ok…nightie night! Ya…..and outta time! Just got back and no time to add. Stuff to do, stuff to do. Tomorrow is THE night. It’s not perfect but it is a start. I has to start somewhere. Love you guys. Didn’t get to make the appt yet for the IV stuff cuz had to reorder the silver already cuz it’s a 30 day thing and no stopping. Got $50 in the mail, so am very close to being able once again, to make the IV appt. Oh well. It’ll work out. Ok…..gotta get some food in me. Later guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch very excitedly.











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