the tiny gallery….

This time….I keep saying, its different. A new phase. A new section of my life. Ya. But it’s even more. It’s just plain weird. I feel like I suddenly woke up in an alternate reality where conversations are very different. Where if you don’t think far ahead before you speak….to include the opinions and emotions of the inner child of the ones you are conversing with….you are horrible!!! How dare you! This is the new world and I don’t really know how to chat with these parameters. See, there’s that. Then there’s the speed at which time is moving. I say fast, but it’s rather freakish. I’ve been alive 53 years and I know how long a day lasts and this is just crazy!!!
I didn’t paint much tonight. A bit on the multiple owl and the bassackward elephant on the sign and that’s about it. A fairly useless night considering how much I have on my plate. But…I’m not rushing my plate. I’ve decided there is no time limit or schedule. Just BE. I’ve never really lived like that….but hey, it feels different, right? I was just reading that we humans seem to have the need to experience all facets in life. If things are going really really well, then perhaps the other side of that is necessary….so the other side is shown. Feels fairly true. Not sure. I know for certain that here lately, it seems up down up down and in pretty rapid succession. For my own personal self…the mind/body… seems to hold true I think. I got good news. Now I am feeling scared and a bit down. Nothing that will hinder anything, just a part of me that tries, or that feels overwhelmed when things go well. There are quite a few emotions surging through me. You know the kind of thing where you go searching for something, say a job… go and go and go and then wham…you get hired. What? Did I want a job? LOL. I think the one saving grace here…is that the space is so very small. It’s like it’s only “half” real. So, half of me is goin to bed now. 2:59am = 7 = HOLY. Night!!! Sleep sweet!
It’s 7pm and just got home from town. Fed the goaties and now to finish. Took some grid panels to the TG = tiny gallery. Oh what the heck. I don’t care how small it is…it’s a gallery and its MY GALLERY! So, took some things to the gallery then went for orientation for the Bastrop fine arts gallery. I will also need to do orientation for the docent position which everyone must do if they want to display any of their work in the gallery. Ha…..or pay $50 to get out of it. The docent job just means…you run the gallery a few hours. So, ya….pay $25 more and that will make it a family membership instead of single and then Summer can also display 2 of her art pieces there. So, we are sorta all oriented. Hehe….Mama had too much meds last night and her brain didn’t work today. Good thing Summer was there. Then we went to Walmart for the u shaped tacks to hang the grid panels with. Ended up getting the chair and work table I needed to work there. Gosh…it’s nearly bedtime for some of you. I guess that’s it for today. It rained again so we got wet goats still. Between rains and the newness…who knows when, eh? Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a definite yeehaw. Ps…those paintings are just stuck there for looksee purposes n will be more n better I hope by Friday.













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