a bassackward elephant…

I’m really quite calm considering. Ye know, it may be tiny, but it’s a space to show my art. Strut my stuff. Let it be seen. Apparently people actually get in their cars and drive…to look at art. They literally drive to different towns and cities, just to look at art. I guess maybe its like going to the music stores. Being pretty much a hermit, I don’t really relate too much. Also, I don’t think it will be hard work. I’ll be able to mostly sit. Have to find a comfy chair. There’s a fridge for me to store my lunch, juices and meds. I really enjoy talking to people about the art or about the goats or fiber….so this should be enjoyable for me. I’ll be right next door to a framer. Wonder if she’ll take pity on me? :=)) She’s also the fine art guild president. Oh ya. I have to to go an orientation on Tuesday so I can be the docent once a month at the Bastrop Fine Arts Gallery….where I will be having 2 pieces hang. Their prices are really low so hmmm, not sure yet which. Had planned on putting a totem in to show what I can do, but we’ll see. We are going to try to have the place open by Friday for the first Friday event.
I was playin around today and sketched out a sign. A logo. Summer likes it, so for the sign it should work. Not sure about cards and such though. My entire life I’ve only had like 3 things I doodle. One of these doodles is perfect for the sign. It’s an elephant doodle. I call it my bassackward elephant. He is facing forward so you see his butt. Whoda thunk he’d have ever come in handy? Then, if you’re gonna have an elephant, he may as well represent Ganesh….so ya gotta have the mouse! Ya, got the mouse too. It should be a cute sign if one of us ever creates it. I’ll do the elephant and mouse part but no way on the letters. Can’t do letters or silly generic things well. Crazy.
Oh man. Wow. I was being selfish….and was thinking Summer would go off and work and make money for the meds. Yes, that part is correct. She also needs to make the money she will need to travel and take meds herself. She doesn’t have a job here. Ye know, money to sustain herself here. We could get lucky and the art will sell and it’ll all be a moot point. Ya, let’s shoot for that. Shoot ya, lets shoot for that. Oh my….its bedtime for this one. Night night. 2:52am = 9 = endings.
I’m leaving Summer here to work on the sign and taking Jesse with me to inspect the room. To see how to attach grid wire to the walls. There is already grid wire on one wall but one wall is not enough! Think we’ll just go really simple for the opening and then remodel as time goes on and money is had. Last night all I could think was…oh crap…I told them. Now I gotta do it! Hehe. I think about doing things all the time. But thinking about them and actually doing them….you gotta learn that about me…they can be a bit different. At the moment, I’m scared of the ayahuasca medicine…that’s why I’m not going there yet. I’m going with the underground alternative methods and hopefully I’ll be cured that way and if not….then I guess I’ll have to get brave and try the ayahuasca then….ha…… if its not too late.
Well, hmmm. No chairs at any of the 3 thrift shops. None that would work anyway. Also looked in Walmart at a couple floor lamps. All under 50 bucks. Nothing like I need tho at the thrift shops. Hmmm. Running outta ideas already for the chairs. My rockin chairs are just all wrong for the space. We measured it. I was way off. It is 10 x 9. Still pretty tiny though. Felt really weird but cool to walk up there with my set of keys and unlock the whole little building. In a way, I suppose I am now a business owner. Ha….and….she didn’t even start on the sign!
An update on the cookie front. Well, I still struggle with finding foods I want to eat for dinner and lunch but to fill me up, I am still able to get my cookie most days. What it has now come to is this. I now have to buy 2 pkgs of cookie dough. One is gluten free, one is not. I put the gluten frees on the bottom and the others on top….and in the oven they go. As close to the Chili’s cookie as I can get. And of course, as close to organic and GMO free and gluten free Ice cream as I can get. Lol. The sugar I meant….not gluten. Can’t be a corn syrup. Oh wow. Speaking of that. Canola oil. Guess what? Haha. Where does it come from??? Well. How many canola’s have you picked lately? Hehe. There is no such thing as a canola. It is corporate made GMO oil. I made the mistake of buying it….organic ha!!! I bought canola cooking spray. Had to chunk it when I realized what canola was….or wasn’t. Guess I should tell the rest. The best healthiest thing to fry in or when oil is called for is….butter!!! Yes, really! And coconut oil. :)))
The physical feeling of love….is very familiar to me at this time. Any time I’m around the boys….it reaches out and squeezes my heart. Actually, I feel the feeling lower than the heart. Why do I fall in love more easily with the boy babies? My Buddha. And Armani, yesterday had the choice between eating grass and being petted by Mama. He chose the pettins for a good 15 minutes. Highly unusual, especially since they hadn’t been out to eat greenies for maybe 2 months. They just pull at my heartstrings so much more. Just pure D LOVE. My boys. Ok. Well, much to do and a cookie to bake. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. YeeHaw!!!!















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