oh holy COW……….!

I blinked….and my life changed again. I wonder which metaphor works best. God is good. The Lord provides. When one door closes another door opens. If God closes the door, open the window. Hehe. Well……all of the above has just happened. Soon, Summer will be leaving to go get work to buy the medicines, but as I’ve said, we decided I wouldn’t be strong enough to go and do it myself. And kid n ewe was a no go. I’ve been racking my brain for a way to try to earn money myself. Well, Summer went to town to check out a farmers market the other day and maybe a gallery or two and came home all excited about our little town. First and foremost, there was a tee tiny space, rather closetlike, but to me, it was beautiful. It might be 6×6. :=)))) I would have to pay a very small rent and I could use it as a gallery. Ok, next was the stellar information that our little town is an ART town! In fact, it’s such an up and coming art town that it just won a million dollar grant to build an art center! So, in this art town, once a month people come and walk through the galleries on Main St. and drink wine from the local vineyards. There is always a featured artist. Upon speaking to a lady, it was suggested that I get myself….Known. By being at the wine event once a month, maybe putting a painting up in a consignment gallery or….there was this tiny space. So…..as per usual in my life…in a flash….I have the keys to my very own little art gallery! Now….if I can sell a small painting to cover the rent, I now have a way to potentially grow myself as an artist….but most importantly….I’ll hopefully finally be selling some paintings…thereby making money…thereby contributing to the medicine money myself.
Ok. Now that I’ve done the obligatory telling of what has transpired while y’all weren’t looking…..holy crap!!! Holy crap oh wowza wow. Most of me is good. A small part of me is scared. Ok. Maybe it’s bigger than small. Funny part. My landlord so to speak…is the mother in law of hubby’s car friend. So, that’s a good thing maybe, eh? But wow. I have the keys. I’m responsible for a building. I need a sign. I need lights. I need displays things. None of these things can I buy. I will have to rig what I can out of the kid n ewe stuff. None of those lights are really useable, but there is a ceiling fan with three lights on it in the kid n ewe bin. I have plastic lawn chairs. Jeeze. The timing is funky sorta. There has been enough donated to the fundraiser ($400!!!) for me to go have the initial consult with the center where they will do the iv stuff. Then I’ll have to do that…sit and have iv’s drip. On the good side, I can set my own hours here. Did I tell you its kinda like a minimall? It’s a hallway with shops on each side. Most shops open Thur- Sat. It’s up to me though if I want to be there more. Course those hours/days make it hard for me to get the goats sheared.
But seriously!!! One minute I’m…..and the next….I have a gallery! So much to do. I figured spinning always intrigues people so I’ll take my wheel, :=)))) But I have to find a way to display my art……and DO MY ART….and make it inviting…….in a very tiny space. And Summer will only be here for the beginning….then I’ll be on my own. I can do this. Right. I can do this. Oh my gosh. Ok, well, night night folks. I get to lay down and listen to my mind now. Chamomile tea is nearly all done, meds all taken and time for sleep. 3:40am = 7 = HOLY. OH gosh….I’m so excited…..and so scared……and oh gosh. Please, let it work.
Oh wow. I woke up all excited. Its funny. I twisted myself in pretzels trying to explain having this tiny gallery while I’m doing a fundraiser. Well, that was silly. I need money! LOTS! Someone recently reminded me that Naomi Judd survived HepC. That’s right!!! She sure did…so I went looking. All the articles said how expensive it is to heal from that…..and I determined that she used interferon. I can’t. So ya Sheri Lee……you can ask for help from friends, you can ask hubby, you can sell stuff, wheel and deal, whatever you can to get the medicines you need. You don’t need to justify wanting to live! Ok. Well. Now that I straightened myself out….today we went through paintings deciding which to take and which need last minute changes or fixes or some need black added in the background, etc. Loose ends. I’m also still working on that double own one that ended up becoming a triple owl. Haha, the baby wanted in!!! But I woke up ready to go to the thrift stores to see if I could find some necessaries for pennies!!!! All thrift stores closed! Crap! Ya, I’m in a hurry! Haha. Ya, I’m trying to work it in my brain. Ok….I’ll need space for me to work, and there will also need to be room to move around the room. I wanted to go there today and brainstorm but couldn’t get any takers. Bummer, I coulda gone for a cookie while I was there. :=) Oh man…it’s always such fun to take the paintings off the stacks or outta the bins. I love seeing them. It’s like finally getting to see old friends! So ya. My brain is whirling….more than usual. So much to think about.
I let the babyboys out today. They hadn’t been out in awhile and the 2 new ones are still crying so I like to let them see their mommy’s if they want….if they make it over to the fence, which they usually do. When I’m over there I remember how much I love those boys. Outta sight outta mind. 2 of those yearlings are so precious in my heart….and one, Billy, wow….looking very Kai Mohairesque. (that’s a good thing). The two new boys look so tiny compared to the yearling boys but they even look crazy different amongst themselves…..Zeus is so much smaller than Sochi its ridiculous….and lil Erbie, wow, he’s so tiny you’d freak if you saw how tiny. His coat reminds me of Crystals. Maybe he has that cocci thing. Anyway….the new babes are having a greenie day and are happy finally. Stuff to do. Gotta go….oh ya, I’ll have to drive myself to the IV in Austin when Summer leaves. Hmmm. Just realized that. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Holy COW!!!!















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