well turds….

Somehow….I think God somehow forgot something when he was making me. You know that aspect of a person…that lets them do businessy things? Ya….HE forgot that part with me. He just plain forgot, I guess. That part of you that helps you create your own business. That helps you create labels and tags and measure sizes and display it and price it, etc, etc, etc. I just saw a FB friend post a tag….for an item she just made 2 days ago, titled 1 day ago and now…she’s already got a tag made and on the product. Ya. I’m definitely like a sieve in that matter. Full of holes. Leaky. Useless. ARRRGH…..ok…..bad self talk. NOT useless. Very useful you are my dear….now let’s just fill them thar holes and get er goin!!! I must say, it’s all so very weird. Now that I’ve taught my daughter my ART, somehow the name has changed. I guess to incorporate the 2 of us. We are now called…..ArtFELT Prayers. Not sure it’s the way to go, but I’ll take that step. It’s weird giving the reins over and losing control. Then again…control of nothing…is nothing.
It’s time. Time to decide if we are going off to work for the winter. I was hoping I didn’t have to, but if this fundraiser doesn’t go well….then I have no choice. Its hard work though. Not even sure I could be hired, and it’s halfway across the country….but I see no options. I dunno. Not an easy thing. But staying here and not working….leaving it up to Summer to make all the money for my meds…not right. Don’t know why hubby doesn’t feel bad. Maybe he does. Hmmm…..also….I read that the ayruvedic medicines are in danger….some of the plants they use are nearly extinct….or are now extinct. That is the medicine from the country of India. It’s still one on the list of being one of my treatments if these don’t work. But its land destruction putting them in danger. Shoot….I’ve been reading for awhile that some of the amazon medicines are going away. What a loss if they go. If only we could stop them. Bulldozers. Beginning to hate them. Not their fault though.
I’m still slowly reading…After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, and tonights tiny blippit is….we never arrive at perfect security in this life. Man…I ponder this a lot! I truly doubt that even Buddha, in his enlightenment….did things…not so perfect. I think it’s just a part of being human. If we were perfect, we’d be God, wouldn’t we? And, the bottom line of all my pondering….not that I’m really good at utilizing it butttttt………there is no security. Dive in. All in. Be brave. And if you find mud…..have a mud party! Play in it! Lord, please let me remember this next time I’m in the mud. I love making things outta mud. For any who may not understand….that’s what I call it when I’m having sadness issues. In the mud. Ok…well, I’m not in the mud right now. Been painting all evening. I am finally on a roll….and for the moment have my passion sitting right here with me…..instead of hiding inside me. Working on two paintings, the bears and a double owl one. I did a small owl head yesterday and it was so cute I had to make another. Now two owls in one painting. Well, the fundraiser kicked off tonight and I was able to get the video up too. We got some donations and a bunch of shares. Sharing is so helpful folks. I really do appreciate it.
Well, I wasn’t scared or horrified when I woke up this morning. It’s always interesting lately when I wake from sleep….how is the reality going to present itself to my sleepy self today???? I had some possible good news to look forward to so that probably explains the no fear wake up. I had written to the person in charge at the Kid n Ewe fiber festival. I hadn’t planned to go back. I explained that a painting had been stolen from there, I am sick and this could represent some $$$ for me, so, could he waive the booth fee. Answer: No. He had already filled the space. And my brain wants to say….and you can’t squeeze another in???? But….no. I shall say……it wasn’t meant to be. Although I will kick and scream in my head. Summer said it was probably a favor cuz it would most likely be too hard on me. Ya sure to all of the above…but %$#*&+@#$@%%$ says my brain. Damn. But if the other out of town work is too hard for me….then what? Summer will be gone. It will be just me and all these goats……ya, they need to go. Selling them is so complicated for me. I guess I need to list them again….but I wanted to wait till they were sheared. Yes, I am indeed insistent on getting one last coat off them before they go. Gee….guess that news bummed me out. My mood has gone south…..a rather saddish mood. But….I can’t be ungrateful. Heck no! People are being so kind. OH….and the responses to the last totem painting are awesome! They like it!!! One person even said it was my best work yet. But ugggh…..why am I so upset about kid n ewe? I barely sold anything last year and top it off, the Einstein painting was stolen. A $600 loss……..!!! Hmmm, let’s meditate on it Sheri……ahhh, now. In the now……the kid n ewe matters NOT. This is August. Ok. I’m calmer now. Not sure I’m gonna be able to raise enough money to do the IV treatments, but my faith is high that either way……everything is as it should be.
Ok….well….I found a way to rid myself of some of this angst. I sheared 2 babies. Yay, finally. Sochi…first born of the babies, and Zeus….whose color was in demand by Miss Summer. They were both very good boys in the stanchion, but Sochi did holler for his mama, something he regularly does. I always feels so bad when I take the boys from their moms but it has to be done….and I’m way late already! Ok….gotta wrap this up. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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