lol….its a fundraiser

Once upon a time….at a different lifetime phase…well, many different lifetime phases…I would have been mortified to ask for money. To beg. Beg. Sounds bad. To request assistance. I’ve just been pondering it and how it is that I can do it now. I think the main contributor to this new ability to ask… hubby. Hubby and I have a marriage of convenience….which btw, aren’t really all that convenient. Anyway….hubby earns the money and our entire married life…..has seen me….asking him….for EVERYTHING. Everything I needed…down to the tiniest things….I had to ask. Then one day…I didn’t ask. I just spent the money. Hmmm. Upset but not screaming. I continued to push this limit until we are where we are now. Which is: hubby says we are broke due to my animals. He says he doesn’t make enough money to pay all the bills. Oh…crap. I’ve digressed. Ok…so…..I learned how to ask for money by asking my hubby for everything I needed over the past 14 years. It was in the last year that I began to spend without asking and apparently I went too far recently. Hubby threw a major fit and said there wasn’t enough money now for rent. So. This came right after I had my bad diagnosis and I needed money. Well, I asked for money to go see Amma….that wasn’t so bad. And I’ve been talking about Summer making a fundraiser, but she finally did it tonight and hehe…it made me turn really red. Embarrassment to the core!!!! But ye know what? Why? Why do I find it easy to help others but not myself? Well, not this time. This is life and death. I feel like I’m really making a difference here. I’m really helping this illness and curing it. I’ll get the liver numbers soon to prove it. And its not my fault that insurance doesn’t cover Alternative treatments. Insurance does however, cover my inhaler. WHICH…..I barely have to use now. YES…….MY LUNGS ARE HEALING…because I quit!!!!! I’ve made a gazillion life changes to save my life…and they are paying off! No wheezing! I can take it before bed…….then head out the next day forgetting to take it with me….then remembering…..when it’s too late…..and NOT panicking! Hehehe! Basically I only use it now before bed….and that’s more outta a desire to sleep than a wheeze. Can you believe it? I did that! I healed my lungs! Well, not healed, they don’t feel 100%, that’s for sure, but they are healing and are very much easier to breathe with. Oh man…..its late. Sleeptime. 3:57am = 6 = earth. Night night earth people. Ps….the angel pancakes were awesome…..and the turkey bacon is strange but I suppose if one really needed meat….it would do to sorta taste like bacon. So there….my official review of turkey bacon. Night.
I was just thinking about this money thing. This worth thing. As a child, I was not told “I LOVE YOU”. I was not hugged. I was married to a man who beat me and cheated on me. Do you see how I put things in neat little packages? Very little detail. Just fact. I learned that one while getting ready to be my own attorney for my divorce from the scoundrel. LOL….what an old word. I had to take stories that took months or incidents of hell that took hours…..and make them all……a few sentences each. Yikes. Not easy, lemme tell ya. Haha…I digressed again. Anyway….I think the worth issue was pretty much gonna be a given, eh????? Bottom line….they were wrong. I am worth it. I am worth everything and anything…just like you. Ok….night.
Ha….there are not enough hours today! I painted, while Summer worked on a website. Apparently she made an executive decision and chose a different website provider…., hmmm. We also made a video for the fundraiser site. Ha…that was fun! Actually, it was. Maybe I shoulda been a movie star??? LOL. Then it took hours to try to get around a silly Youtube sign in glitch. I’ve had the glitch forever but it really ran us ragged today. Think it might be uploading though, which would be a welcome success. Hey…y’all remember seeing that photo traveling FB of the mama bear and her 4, ya, 4 cubs??? Well, ya. I had to try. It’s just a small painting, so we’ll see….but after laying out the background, I took it in to Summer and said…what is it? She said….3 bears. Yay! Well, it’s 5, but not in the layout perspective!!!
So…..I forgot to say in the video that I looked like death warmed over a few weeks ago. Y’all go see it….and you’ll see how much better I look! These med methods are working, I tell you! Don’t I look healthy? Well, I’m not. Not yet. But I will be! Y’all are hanging in there with me and I appreciate it. Hehe….I’m still not pooping any silver beebee’s or anything yet so all is good! Lol. I was freaking that the colloidal silver was almost gone already and need to order more quick….but it turns out….there are 3 bottles! 40 drops today…50 drops tomorrow then back down to the 30 for the rest of the protocol.
Ha….hubby just bought…ecofriendly wasp spray. LOL…..he says……it doesn’t kill them right away AND… doesn’t spray far enough. So, we have tiny wasps flying everywhere right now. Not all eco stuff is wonderful. Ok….we finally got the video to upload. What a fiasco that was. So now, y’all get to see me! I’m gonna go plunk it on the fundraiser site. We had an $11 donation last night. Yay!!! Ya, we had a few others, but just wanted to let ya know that any amount helps. I got a kick out of it. Not 10, but 11 dollars. How sweet. Ok….well……I guess I’ll go see if I can grab a photo or two. The phone was busy doing the video upload thing. Hmmm, or not. There may or may not be photos today. Either way….I am signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. .









7 thoughts on “lol….its a fundraiser

  1. I love your owls!!! Great job! Hey have you looked at the kickstart website to help you? Or even gofundme website? I’m working on getting my finances order also and would love to share my finances with you once I get things going. I have a full-time job, but it doesn’t keep us a float always. Just barely hanging in there with keeping bills on with six kids in the house. We are surviving though. I know things are starting to change though I am working on my home business more and excited about the new team members, so YOU best know as soon as I am getting ahead in the game of bill juggling I am throwing you some cash for meds. I am so glad you had more bottles of the silver stuff and it is working for you. You are in my prayers. Keep your head in the game of life and the faith will keep you going. Go meditate as you need and bring on the positive energy you need for the days. I will ask my friends Harlen & Corina to join me in sending all good, positive, healing energies to you also. Together with the grace of the Creator your needs (not your wants) will be met.

    • Yes Summer used the you caring fundraiser but I guess it’s the same as gofundme I dunno. 6 kids, wow!!! I say kudos to you for finding a life outside of that motherhood thing. 6 wow! Your compassion is showing my dear!!! Thank you for wanting to help! Even wanting to makes me feel better!!! Blessings to you and your family! ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

    • Daughter insists they are the same type place. Do you know if it’s different? With, it must be posted to friends and stuff….must be shared and reshared. Is the gofundme different?

      • Yes you are suppose to share on all your blogs and social media sites to get the money raised. I didn’t do that till the end because I wasn’t sure how it worked till the last couple of weeks of having the site. I didn’t get my funds because I did the one that if I didn’t raise all the money then the money goes back to the donors. But it’s ok. I know if I would have advertised it maybe I would have accomplished the goal. It was a huge goal though. I’ll go for a small footstep goal next time. You may get your money just know you must market it on all your sites.

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