painting like crazy……

Goodness…just watched a show called….Hanger One….UFO files or something like that. Kinda spooky. They were talking about the different presidents and their UFO sightings. In the end…it was decided that the Presidents probably have all these childhood ideas of how they want to change the world when they become President…then they get into place…get their briefing and….thats it. Game over. They said that after Jimmy Carter was briefed about UFO’s….he hung his head and balled like a baby. Now that is not good news. I’ve often thought that exact scenario…except…in mine…it’s the briefing about who controls what on the planet and why he and every president must do certain things.
Well, we were actually gonna shear today. Yes, shearing must happen before anybody is sold…….cuz this is my last chance at their fleeces for my art. We were. Then I decided no, we wouldn’t. Then I said…oh but why can’t we? Why can’t we shear today and boom! Rain and thunder that second!!! That decided that now didn’t it??? Course if I had any gumption at all….I would shear them and plunk them straight into the wash water. But no…I seem to have no oomf whatsoever. Oh wait…can’t say that…I’m still painting, thank GOD. Just got done feeding the girls and ya…they were plenty wet.
I finished off the last of Summers birthday cake last night and tonight is Angel Pancake night. She bought me my own bag!!!! Yay! Oh…..and….found out they are not ten bucks…only 6 bucks. Seriously folks….they are that good. Summer says they don’t even need syrup….but ya….I will be adding syrup. Lol…you can bet on that. I may be trying to extend my life….hehe, but I’m really very human and I do love my sugar. Ok…maybe I’m more Poohbear than human. I’ll accept that. Its funny…..I eat a salad and then I’m like….HA!!!! there!!!! Healthy food down the hatch…now where’s the food???????
My guest is not coming after all. She has decided that she wants to finish building her little house before winter and will need the extra weekend to do it. So…I’ll mail her the totem painting. I really like how it turned out. My favorite part is the center….the underwater scene with the turtle. Just love it. Bummer though that Barb is not coming now. She woulda had to stay at one of the local hotels but shoot…there’s several to choose from in each of the nearby towns. But since I’ve finished the totem painting, I’ve been having fun just painting. Did a hummingbird and an owl and a few more that I’ve already shown. Wanting to do 2 different paintings at the same time…ha……maybe I’ll start em both……and juggle them! LOL….why not? I’ve been having such fun reaching into the new bags of colored locks to find…just what I need. Found just the right shade of dark purple for the hummingbird from yesterday. Love new colors. It’s funny. Finally have Summer realizing that she can paint during the day…BUT…we are still staying up too late. We do indeed have our own kinds of art. I taught her my art…..and she then took what she learned and made it hers. Her art is so different than mine. Ha…even back when she was copying me……she still did it so different. Her thing lately and for awhile has been trees. Haha…right now she has no clue what she will paint….she’s just building a background…..then saying….what do you see? LOL. I helped her see a turtle!!! Ha….and now shes tossing me colors and saying…quick! Hehe, that’s one way to figure out what you’re painting will be of!!!
I bought turkey bacon. Rather afraid to try it. Ha. Or lazy….not sure which. Could it possibly taste like bacon? I know….I’ll cook it as a blog thing. I’ll tell ya how it is! It sure looks funny, I can start there. Ya, I’m getting excited. It’s nearing dinnertime. How crazy. My new happiness and joy in life is food. Pancakes. I’m excited over pancakes. Once upon a time….bisquick or pancake mix boxes sat in the pantry at any given moment. But now…no GMO stuff allowed. No bisquick. Only Angels allowed here!!! Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!
















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