a MamaSheri Avenue???

Summer says she doesn’t think I’m dying anymore. She thinks the diet changes and the meds have affected it to the point that perhaps the HepC is sleeping again. I don’t have quite that much faith. Why? Cuz I live in the body. Ya, I think there’s improvement but I can’t say it’s sleeping. Still too many digestion issues. At some point I’ll go have blood tests done to see where we are at. The newest meds started yesterday, 3 times a day and I’ll go ahead and tell ya what it is. Silver. Haha…no, I’m not gonna turn blue. It’s way newer and fancier than that. Colloidal Silver. I have tiny Dixie cups and I pour a bit of distilled water, then the silver, then chlorophyll. Ya, the plant kind! It is stored in the fridge. See, I told ya these remedies were not traditional. It doesn’t taste great but it’s just tiny and you swig it like a shot. I will be on this for 30 days, 3 times a day…..along with many others. There’s only one more med left to start. I wanted to receive it thru IV….works better that way, but it’s not covered by insurance. It’s about $700 to start and around $2-300 a visit. I’d have to raise that somehow. Plus…..I’m back to 3 times a day on the scary one…the one that somewhat removes your brain. I’m told it’s temporary. Hell….let’s hope. Now that I’m back on it 3 times a day, now I have to up the dosage as time goes on. So….I’m giving you fair warning. I may either make no sense here….or I may make no sense so much that I take a temporary break from blogging till my brain is back. We’ll see.
Summer and I are on a painting roll. Yay! That’s a good thing. It’s still a frustrating thing for me that it’s my passion and yet I haven’t been able to find an avenue to sell them. Surely there is a street/avenue that is just right, that is perfect and they look beautiful hanging there while the people look and buy. Like a tiny little street in grand Paris. LOL. Ya, I’m into visualizing these days. In fact, I find myself being like George…creating stories in fun while talking. Like…out of the blue just spinnin a yarn….lol. It’s an interesting new phase in my life. Phase, portion, section, segment. Haha….segment made me think of a worm. Cut his tail off and he grows more. Many segments. In fact, yes, many segments right now. I used to notice them in like 8 month intervals. Now they are increasing to weeks. In just weeks, I am in a new phase. Enough to give a girl mindlash!!!
Hubby just showed up with the Austin white feed and we got em all unloaded. THEN……..!!!!! The painted fiber arrived…lol, DYED…….by Monica. Monica at Just Ducky Hand Spun has finished up and sent my package. I received 40 colors today!!! Colors on my very own mohair. Maya….these colors are Maya. She did a wonderful job dying the fiber and yes, it took longer than I would have liked but hey…life happens. Happened here too!!! But ya…40 one ounce bags of individual colors. Yay oh yay and boy did we need them! I was needing some dark purple and it came just in time. I love that they are my own goats too! Oh….and I do a lot of painting with dyed silk hankies. If any of you have a great price on that or just wanna contribute…ya, I’m here! Holler at me. Wow…I’m outta time. Guess that’s it. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











4 thoughts on “a MamaSheri Avenue???

  1. Those are some beautiful colors! I hope my colors turn out that vivid and dark. Gorgeous!!! Keep blogging lady. It’s keep your brain active and help you recover faster (HOPEFULLY). I love your stories. they keep me encouraged. I wish I lived closer to you. You seem like an amazing woman and could use another creative mind to keep you moving. My problem is I go to work and drive so much my creations never get finished and my mind runs ramped to get them done. My boss definitely is not gonna let me do any of it with ladies here at work and show DV woman there’s more in life than getting beat up and slaving unhappy. Anyhoo…please keep blogging.

    • Ahhhh, well thanks so much for sharing!!! Ill keep blogging until its obvious I need to stop. I appreciate hearing that it is enjoyed!!!! Yay!!! Double yay!!! Bless you!!! How bout if you start something when you get home then just keep working on it at nights? Ya. Art get togethers are a grand idea!!!! If I had more housing I could host art/fiber parties!!! Ha! Great idea

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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