….our first NEW birthday

If I were to do this human thing right….I would start over. I would start naked….and go from there. I would think very carefully before adding animals. Each animal added to my world, requires a portion of my energy. Too many animals, and not enough portions of energy given…mean unhappy, sad faces. Ya…..I have too many sad faces. Too much energy spread out. I’m actually trying to break away from the goats entirely and my daughter is fussing at me. She likes the goats. Well, ya, so do I….but my illness has changed me. There are just too many for me at this phase in my life. I want them all gone, or nearly all. She wants to keep 10 or so. I haven’t decided yet, but whatever happens…..it needs to happen soon. I’m just mentally at the place of…..they are going…..then I want them gone. It’s too hard loving them and knowing they gotta go. They just need to go. It’s too sad.
Today was Summers birthday and I did my best to make it a good one without much money. I did the….paper I owe you things, and got her a skyswing chair. Yay…..and her own pair of tiny scissors…her favorite present. A few tiny other things, all very inexpensive but she appeared to genuinely love the birthday. I’ll try to continue the celebration a few more days, ya baby! How? Dunno!!! Ahhh, well…something. Ok…night night. 3:20am=5=change!!! Later!
YAY!!! Skychair is up….in the tree next to the tiny trailer Summer is using and it is PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. Ya push off and start to swing and every so often, it begins to spin…the tiny twirl that sends you around and then back around….it’s just the most calm and soothing feeling. Maybe people with babies should get some. If there was a way…I’d have em in the house! I highly recommend them. Skychair. We paid around 50 bucks for this one but they have em in a large price range, and I highly recommend them. Just strung it up with regular rope and wala….fun and calm at the same time. See, you can just do the calm thing ifn ya want to….or…..you can spin it or twirl it or swing it like a swing or just sit there with your feet down and twist yourself in it. Just a hoot man. Love it. Happy Birthday to me and the Girl!!! The cake was lovely. Hehe…we called it a Pooh cake. It stuck to the pans, so it came out in portions scooped out and piled on…that was the cake. Hehe. Then cream cheese icing…I did say it was carrotcake, right? So, the icing, then pile more clumps on, then more icing. Ya…a pooh cake. Yummy too. Whoda thunk carrots would make a good cake? Wonder if she’s sharing another piece? Hehe, she already has to put a piece aside for Cathy! LOL….I have cookie makings.
Finished up a few paintings that have been seconds away from done, how crazy is that? Why would anyone stop work on a painting just before its done? Began a hummingbird today too. They’re usually pretty fun to paint. Still havin the itch to try oil painting again. Or acrylic. Most of these latest ones are smaller. To offer at a lower price. Haha, goofyness cuz they take about as long. Oh well. Ya do what ya gotta do to try to make a sale. Speaking of that. At Blogtalk on Thursday, Namaste Farms….the topic went to pricing. It was said in the chatroom…..You get what you pay for. Hmmm. That is not always true people. Yes, maybe it’s the majority…but don’t forget….there are indeed minorities out there as well. Sometimes the people are shy or have low self esteem or have an emergency….there are many reasons why people sell and why they sell at certain prices. Just be aware and dig around a bit.
Medicines. Ugggh!!! They are filling up my day. Getting old!!! Got hubby to agree to buy one of the meds!!! Yay!!! One, though, when 2 are needed….at $125. Explained to him that I have been taking meds and paying for them….thousands of dollars worth….paying either with painting sales…or begging for money. No reaction. Uggh. Told him I had 90 in the bank and was about to have to pay something over 60 and he said….I thought you said you had 324 in the bank!. See, he remembers what I say. Ya dude…I did have that in the bank until Summer paid for the latest 3 medicines!!! So basically….I’m down to $30, so if anyone wants to contribute to the meds issue….my paypal is sherilee@wildblue.net. Cool. So….about the goats…we had that discussion again today. She wants 14 or so, I want 0 to 4. We now have opposing desires. I wanna have freedom….whether I get to live or if I need to do bucketlist stuff. Can’t have freedom when you have 50 goats. (or so) Ya. It’s a dilemma…..and hey…I still would love to see these all go to 1 or 2 buyers…wouldn’t that be ideal??? Lets manifest it!!! So, the bottom line of the new way to do birthdays at Mama’s house is……I think it was a success. More money would have been awesome, but she appeared fairly happy. Oh ya….freaky thing…..someone tried to become Natalie yesterday! Whoever it was, they just brazenly stole her photos and info and were going around collecting all of Natalies friends!!! I was in town and couldnt Report it, so waited till I got to the house. By then, someone or many someones had beat me to it…..but not before the IMPOSTER had accumulated quite a few friends. So….be careful when accepting Friend Requests from someone you should already be friends with. Before you do ANYTHING….go see if your friend is still on your list…if so…message her!!! Ok folks…gonna go now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….got the munchies!!!














11 thoughts on “….our first NEW birthday

  1. I love your goats! I wish I lived closer to help you give them more love. I so badly want some angoras. I’m stuck with pygmies that are my honeys mom’s goats. I have only a little tiny herd of alpaca that I love, but they are so hard to love because they don’t like too much attention. the goats love attention. I thought angora doesn’t felt. Your felting is beautiful. Keep up the great work!

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