cookies RULE…

Am struggling with this newest painting, a tiger….and the tongue has to be just right. Why do I choose tongue photos? The answer lies in the following question….Why do I choose such hard tongue photos???? Hehehe. It think it might be getting there. I might even show you guys. Oh ya! Speaking of show you guys……the totem is finished(never officially finished till they walk out the door)and the new owner, Barb, who has been reading this blog for quite some time….is coming here to pick it up! Imagine that!!! A blog reader…comin for a visit! I guess that means I can show you the totem! Was just excited and was gonna show you the tiger but yikesies, no…it’s not done. But I will when it’s done. I have quite a few in flux. Some I’m more happy about than others….but then I also need to remind myself that I also like them more depending on state of doneness. Ha, I need some of those steak thingies….where it pops up when its done to say…RARE, MEDIUM, WELL, etc. That would be officially awesome then I would know when to like and dislike my art. Mighty handy thing, eh? But…IF….I’m option #778b……..and I am the God I seek….then when I’m doing the art, including the tiger…. I should know that it’s always perfect cuz it’s always done by God. The end. Wow. I just solved life, eh? Now, if only the Godster and I could get that tongue right. Then I could show you a painting cuz it seems like it’s been a year since I’ve shown you any art. Ha, but since it’s more than the tongue at issue…not likely to be tonight. Oh…..but a cookie? Yes! Ha, Summer isn’t thrilled that my new nighttime goodie is a cookie, her weakness! It will probably change one day though…..I told her that to ease her mind….but upon really pondering…. :=)) That could be awhile!!!

I explained to hubby about the confusion about the meds. Nothing was decided. He said…well, you said you were gonna make the final decision….well ya, but you can’t put in your two cents! So can the kids. I guess the easiest would be to keep with my decision and go with the new thing she found. It’s an underground type treatment. I wanted her to do that one alone….ha…apparently it is the part of the package that does the actual killing. My daughter has some illness herself and some of these meds double up for her.

My new favorite foods….pancakes! I just saw some whisked in front of my tv screen…on the screen…and uggh! I have this new yearning for them. Not just any either. Oh no, I want…can’t have, but want the Angel pancakes…10 bucks a bag! I know I know, divided by 3 it’s only 3 bucks per meal…..not that bad. Hmmm. At the store though, its really hard to justify. OH! Hahaha….I got turkey bacon! Gosh that means I really want pancakes now! Gotta try the funky bacon! And boyoh….whats up with the high prices of syrup??? Dang. Now I’ve gone and gotten a hankerin!!! Yikes….and Summer only wants Pancakes during the day, oh well….I’ll make em!!! Oh and the new mouse….is not working Again!!! Oi Ve!!! Short Blog!!! Yay for the memory snafu’s!!! Ok…signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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