Once again…my bestest Present was You…& my kids…! Yay!

This was yesterday’s blog but I was so flabbergasted by the realization that hubby did NOT get me a gift this year, that I just didn’t post. I felt stupid but ye know what? I’m not stupid. When it’s been a normal thing to buy a gift or gifts that can cost hundreds of dollars….say like maybe 6 pinto goats plus the transport halfway cross country….for example. To receiving…..
NOTHING…it can be rather freaky. So ya. Thank God for you guys and for my kids! So. Thank you guys for once again….being my best birthday present!!!
(Yesterday’s blog)

Hmmm, if only I’d thought of Visioning what I wanted…for my birthday. It’s just an experiment I wish I’d done, but it can be done any day at any time. But say I had remembered and say I knew it was important to have emotion when manifesting….I would have visualized what things I wanted to transpire. Like….breakfast in bed….brought to me by my two sweet ones. Then, hubby leaves me a nice awesome present and maybe I need to go to town and oh…let’s grab a few new movies while we’re there. And when hubby comes home from work, he brings the Chuy’s….and I eat it and it doesn’t hurt my liver to do so. Hubby laughs a lot and Jesse and Summer laugh a lot and it’s a great evening. Yay. See….that’s what I’d create if I’d’ve thought of it in time. :=))) hehe…..ya, I ask a lot! I guess it’s bedtime. It is late ye know….and ya, I worked on the totem painting some. I’m not fully in art mode yet. You know me, I come and go…from the muck to the silk. It’s my birthday…it should and could be a Silk Day. Night night sweet ones. 2:32am = 7 = Holy!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!! Ha!!! I’m as silly as can Be!!! Night!!!
Awwe….very close! Jesse has been smiling and doing tiny dance moves and has a gift for me he says with a huge grin. He has discovered that the new Transformers movie is playing in town so yay…Mama is going to the movies today!!! SummerGirl has been bringing tiny notes that when opened, reveal a Coupon gift. Good for one massage, good for watching one movie of your choice…lol…and yay!!! Things like that. I love it. (btw, that movie of your choice…hard gift for her to offer!!! :=))))…) People are still posting on FB, so yay…it truly has been a 2 day birthday! Still no clue what hubby’s plans are…..messaged so we could get a clue but no response so far. Made plans for me a meal I like just in case he doesn’t do the normal…bring Chuy’s home thing. He didn’t last year. It is red meat, but who knows…might not be too bad and my taste buds would love it.
Oi ve….while looking at the ‘orchid’ I did on the totem painting, I told Summer today…doesn’t that look like an Iris? It came up in the google orchid search but hmmm. We decided it is indeed an Iris. I wonder if my lady likes Iris’s? lol. No biggie if not, but how funny, eh? But now the issue is the tree. I’m not happy with it and it’s been done and redone a gazillion times. I’ll get it, don’t you worry. It’s getting to the end phase of the painting. Approaching the last few laps maybe. Mostly fixes at this point. Tweaks and such. Haha…like an orchid! And the tree….and one critter still not even in the painting yet. He’s comin…he’s comin. So….I am headed to see Transformers!!! Yay!!! Let you know if anything else happens, but if not…yay….it’s been a great day! Love love!!! The fun part is….this movie theater is nearly always empty! Havin fun in a few…..headed that way. Signing off mid transfer from bed to car. Hehe…Have a great day!











8 thoughts on “Once again…my bestest Present was You…& my kids…! Yay!

  1. Hugs, sometimes the gifts we get are just not seen or recognized as such.
    Playing the Devil’s advocate, (Please don’t get pissed at me) he has allowed both your children to live there, he watched you to go to Washington DC and paid for it, (mind you he did complain when he got the bill through), and he bought Summer a SUV. So although you may not have a personal present, he has given you and yours a lot these last couple of months.

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