acting like Nothing’s wrong…and eating like Nothing’s wrong

A whole weekend has gone by….each day much the same as the one before. I have started one of the new treatments and like most medicines, it’s not so fun. And it tastes bad. What’s up with that anyway??? Maybe it was Gods way of saying…be careful…this particular plant has more than one uses. The bitter or sour being the sign to stop and investigate. The sweet, well…we just eat the sweet. You know…kinda like the humans… and cold water faucets. Dandelion tastes pretty bitter but it’s a good one to eat for many reasons. Hmmm….I wonder if there is such a thing as a deadly if eaten fresh…..sweet plant or fruit. We have ordered more meds, I’m calling them meds. Some are herbs and some are not. Like Probiotics. Those are only for rebuilding my flora due to the antibiotics. Once I think they’re back, I’ll quit them cuz I don’t like relying on things. I like my body and I to do it together. Sometimes I don’t want to know more than I know…it makes it harder to be like a child with my beliefs…which can be critically important at times. And my flora has lived and had a life inside me for 53 years… doesn’t need me interfering now. Ha…if ya don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…google stomach flora. It’s almost my birthday and I wonder if it will be the most uneventful of them all. Its beginning to feels like it. Wednesday. There is a cricket who just chirped when I wrote it, Wednesday. Yup…53. See, if I talk about it and make a fuss about it, then my needs will have been met, eh??? It’s my first time to try though. Ok…well, we are trying no chamomile tonight as a test to see what is causing my new sleeplessness. Sleep would be good. Plus…I’ve don’t something to my left elbow. Who knows what, it just hurts when moved. Strange…and it’s been awhile. Ok…night night folks…1:54am = 1 = Beginnings!!!
Today, I’ve been piddling with the totem painting. It now has quite a few additions….yet none are complete yet. Its getting there. I’ve been thinking about my newest predicament. Ha, yes, I have them often lately. Well, this one is a new addiction to food. I eat and eat, or so I thought. Well, I do, sorta….but whats happening is the liver isn’t working….therefore things are not being processed very fast. I gotta quit listening to the Doc. She tells me I’m making improvements, I tend to believe her. I don’t see any though. Today I’m trying an experiment though. Lately, for whatever reasons, I have had very few veggies or green stuff. Ha, seems avocado doesn’t count cuz it’s a fat. So, today I’ve had salad for lunch, and I also plan on veggies for dinner too. Apparently it matters. I rarely ever ate veggies but just cuz….it’s not that I don’t like them….I just like carbs better. Yup, carbs and sugar…how on earth did I stay small? Oh…..I guess I need to share this really weird thing. When I was a little bitty girl, I had a sister named Lori. We slept in the same room. I used to have nightmares that I was falling down a black hole. Yup, I’ve told you about it. Well, also, during this same timeframe…but I don’t think it was in the pit…well, there was these words…fat/thin. Fatthin. Played over and over in my head. I spell words in my head and with my fingers and always have. But the fat thin is different. It doesn’t get spelled…its just something my fingers do, my pointer finger and my thumb rub together with the words fatthin. Ya…I told you it was weird. That was early childhood but it stuck with me in my head. I no longer needed it or to do it…but it hovered in my memory. Until now. Until now when I’ve been told that I’m dying….it has returned. A bit different. It now becomes the letters of the words I spell in my head…the letters now change size…going really fat to really thin and back again. It is very strange. Like animation. I still don’t know why it happened then or why it’s happening now. Summer thinks it’s a bad entity. I don’t. I wondered if my first half of life was thin, now is the fat. Ha. Or…it could be a trigger somehow like the Aquarius song was at age 8. It happens all the time now, so maybe I’ll get my answer soon. Rolly polly letters. LOL
It finally happened. The posts, the gate, the fence….all laying over in the Girls pen. The ladies pen and the girls pen…are separated by an alley. Ha….an alley and now…a whole side, lol, the gate side. Good thing nobody needs contained right now and….good thing nobody was under it. Very strange though….nothing appears broken, just like it was lifted right out of the holes….wouldn’t take much but still strange. Must be time for it to be fixed….Gods time, not mine.
Ok….ya, I’m still alive and kickin so I have to say something, you know I do! What the heck is up with the Ebola? Why would you bring it here, to the States…when the cure has not yet been found? Why now? Why this one? What’s going on? I can say that about a lot of things right now that have me scratching my head. Speaking of scratching my head…we have now ordered some of the strange liver cure meds. They should be arriving soon. God is with me and He smiles a lot!!! I think he also says….Now Sheri….I didn’t intend it thataway!!!! :=))) Lol, love you too God! Ok…well, signing off with a very full looking but hungry belly….at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “acting like Nothing’s wrong…and eating like Nothing’s wrong

  1. Hugs and Love, The goats are looking great, well done. As for the ebola, I think it is because they are Americans and they should be able to come home to be cured or to die
    Don’t know but if I went over there to help people and got sick I sure the hell as can be wouldn’t want to be treated there when I can come home

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