lil bit of stuff

A very depressing day. I walked in the door…unloaded a few groceries and told Summer I was laying down. I did, crying…then I slept for about 2 hours. I woke crying. It’s ok…I get it. It is my new life, whatever that entails…obviously entails feeling hurt a lot. Hubby was upset to not get to go to his restaurant of choice. Yup…upset. I can’t eat fried food and that’s what I eat at Chinese. So, he did it, but unwillingly. Then, at the grocery store check out…I heard her say the total. Instead of the expected or at least hoped for reaction of…wow…look how much you’re saving us each week since you quit……NOPE….instead I got….Boy you sure are expensive. When I reacted, he said it only cost him $72 when I wasn’t home. I said….I can leave. Support? Ya….as in a bra I no longer wear. Haven’t worn a bra in ten years with a tiny exception here and there. So ya… mind is places it has no business being. Doc said being happy was key to my survival. I know she’s right. Also….I ate all night long….and I don’t mean healthy eating. Oh, food was healthy…just not the amount or the amount of different items. Basically….if I’m awake, I’m eating. But not painting. Not funny. Every moment not painting is wasted time sorta…depending of course on how important the reason I’m not painting is. Night night, not making sense I see. 1:52 = 8 = infinity.
Ok…so that was yesterdays fun. What a joy. Todays was trying to figure out doseage of a drug. Shouldn’t be this dang hard. I guesstimated on one you’re not supposed to guesstimate on. I figure he’s already in bad shape. He lives or he dies. Ya, I need a cigarette. Maybe I’m being harsh but this crap gets old. If anyone out there knows the correct doseage for Corrid….straight outta the bottle…no mixing with water, just straight…lemme know. I guessti8mated on Crystal and she’s doing good. If only I remembered what I did…or wrote it down…or could find the notebook where I wrote it down, IF I wrote it down. Ya…one of Those days. Been painting on the totem painting I started before I left. Have come to the conclusion…..these take gazillions and trabillions of work. Going this small is not the easiest of feats and I do not charge enough. I am however….now 2 small animals down and a ton of work to go! Gotta get in a better mood cuz this ain’t nowhere near done. Smile Sheri….I showed my friend George three of the items on here and she wrote back….Holy holy, those are beautiful. So, that helps.
Have ya ever bit your lip and it swells a bit so that you end up biting it again? Hehe…well, magnify that 12 or more times and you’ve got my lip. Funny that I don’t look like I’ve gone 5 rounds with Rocky though! It’s from all that eating ye know. I am now 97 ¼ lbs. I was offered $600 for my favorite painting at the gallery. Which, when split with the gallery, comes to $360. That was very sad to me. Shoot, might be my favorite painting period. Regardless, that answer was no. I’m feeling like I shouldn’t even put this blog out. Just depressing stuff every other word. Although….I’m actually not depressed. Nope. Just ticked about a ton of things….and got a ton of things on my mind. We are hosting the ArchAngels and are on our 3rd day I believe. Some people might think it silly, but hey….you got someone better to entertain??? I feed mine cookies! Oh, and was recently introduced to another Archangel…..Lord Lanto. I like this guy. I like that he chose to help us lil people. Lil is correct cuz these guys are BIG! Also…wherever I came from before this time….they were BIG too. Very big. Maybe that explains my fascination with the tee tiny. It began as a child with forest scapes in a glass bowl. I’ve attempted teeny ever since. Teeny babies outta clay, teeny food, a teeny plate of Thanksgiving meal, etc. I was asked to do teeny this art thing, and thought…NO, I don’t think I wanna do that. As it is, I’m making somebodys dog at 3×5. Who knows, I may challenge myself. But I think the dog worked. Haha…Summer told me I was fired. From what???? From deciding if my work is any good. Lol. I was going on and on about the sea turtle I was detailing and she came round….saw it and the dog and said…You’re Fired!!! Oi ve. Now to get an orb weaver web in place, before I gotta tear too much up to do it. Some things dictate what comes next and obviously…orb spider is next! Dinner is soon. Food is about all I think about. It’s the dang cigarettes. If I was smoking I wouldn’t care one whit what my next food would be. I’ll tell ya what though….ground turkey is gonna be on my grocery list forever! That meatloaf was awesome!!! Ok….I’m losing my stuff here. My writing skills have been reduced to rubble. Food and food and pissy ant problems. Time to say signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh….and I hope y’all had a Great day!!! :=))))) heheheheeeee. Come back now, ye hear?!!!!
















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