The good, the bad and the Ugly….and the Beautiful

We went to Whole Foods today but after awhile, I didn’t feel so hot….but I did feel cold. Yup…fever was back. Took more hospital meds…Amoxicillin and Ibuprophen 600 mg. It worked and then I was so hungry. Summer didn’t want me to eat any of my goodies…she did heat up the veggie soup, but I was still hungry. Kept saying I had fever a bit ago so shouldn’t. Then later we argued again. Been happening too much. Good golly Miss Molly…the dogs are howling fools right now. Hope it’s nothing here here. Silence….guess that’s good? Goodness, sleepy. Gonna lay down, close my eyes and sit on the beach with Jesus like I’ve been doing lately. Night night. 1:46am = 11 = Master Number. Watched a cool youtube video tonight…enjoy…..IF it plays. :=))

OK, this will be relatively short. I was too sick last night to even upload what of the blog was already written, so have included the hospital visit down at the bottom. So, today was a visit with Doc. I swear, I need to record those cuz she covers so friggin much that you’re left spinnin. God do I love this Doc. There is good news and bad news and good news and bad news. First….bad…..after my text to her at Anahata, she wondered what had happened at the big fancy Gastro Doctor in Austin that had me so against the treatment. She called him. He said, Doc, she’s too far gone. She has waited too long. The good news. At the ER, there was evidence that the liver is improving some. Yay! Bad news….I have pneumonia. Good news…..I can eat red meat sometimes if it’s local and know what has been done to it.,,ie,,,,,hormones, fed on grasses that use pesticide. Yay! Ha, now to find that. Hmmm, don’t I have some of that sitting outside the door? That would be a big 10-4 good buddy. So. The child and I are still arguing about said red meat but I am the one living this. Yes, she has to care for me if I make an unwise choice…but as the party told they are dying….it needs to be my choice.
We apparently made very wise choices at the Whole Foods yesterday(even tho I overdid)…and she was very proud of all I’m doing to heal myself and she’s proud of Summer too. Bread that is alive??? Ya, we got some and its very needed for me. Also…if I ever have water bloat in my belly and fever at the same time…go straight to the emergency room. We are still waiting on the blood results. But hey! I have pneumonia and once again, am living through it….even with emphysema and COPD. I got a new inhaler to help with the shedding of gunk from my lungs now that I’ve quit smoking….like 17-18 days ago!!!! She suggested Marinol. I told her it was like taking acid for me…she said then the dose was too high…so she can call some in at lower dose. I walked in the door at 6:45….didn’t even pee…….drank water real quick……ate a yogurt real quick, shoved the amoxicillin down my throat and out to feed. Nearly empty. Jeeze. Let Summer feed the baby boys and began to type without even filling my hubby in. Worming MUST be done tomorrow in the girls pen. Well, guess that’s all I can remember for now. I now keep 2 drinks beside my bed….water and whatever. Yes…lots of water. Scheduled a test to see how my viral loads are now…since the x-ray showed improvement…also a cat scan of lungs and belly. Alrighty then. You guys are wonderful every day and I’m so appreciative of so much support. Sweet sweet support. Found out Summers dad is very sick and has no insurance…oi ve. My poor baby. Oh and boy are we getting on each others nerves. Doc says of course I’m irritable…I just quit drinking AND smoking!!! Hehe…she also said….don’t get angry, don’t get stressed….or it will harm my liver. Oi ve again. Alrighty again….signing off alive at YeeHaw Ranch.

Monday nights blog…
Well, I left the house thinking and thus, telling the animals I might not be coming home. My fever was all the way back to the 104.’s. I told my sweet daughter that it was ok….I was one smart cookie, therefore I had a few brain cells to spare! Truly thought I would die and not get to come back. But they fixed me up and did it so gently and kindly. They couldn’t get all the blood they wanted, I didn’t have much….and they almost used a child’s BP cuff, but decided upon small adult instead, lol. LOL….see, I get to keep laughing out loud! She had a hard time with my veins which used to be so easy. Oh my God, I’m still reeling that I don’t have to leave the planet yet. I didn’t wanna. Not ready. Willing to be ready…just not really ready. I mean, if they really need me to go…fine, but I’d sure like to figure out the last part of the puzzle first. I didn’t want a lifetime of suffering to be in vain. Come back again just cuz I was so close but no cigar? WOW….I even sound alive! Man, it must be the hydration, the IV drip. The gal doing the IV stuff touched me and reacted! Oh wow you’re hot! Oh…but I got good news. Somehow I got it in my head that the only yogurt I could eat was the Greek stuff, and since my foods are so few and far between, I tried and tried to like it. Couldn’t. Always tasted like sour milk to me. Nope…I was wrong, I can have any yogurt! Yay…that means a snack or goodie…for me!!! I love yogurt! And more good news. We were confused on the pain pill issue. We thought the liver couldn’t tolerate any over the counter pain meds so I was just taking Tumeric pills for pain. I can now have Motrin or Ibuprophen. That’s good news cuz I have a crapton of pain. I just ate a half a sandwich! At 2am!
We passed my husband on the way there and saw he had Austin goat feed….the normal amount!!!!!!! Yay oh yay! The goats will not starve here now. He then went to the house and unloaded it then he came to the hospital. Which btw, while it was over 104….Iphone maps was sending us oh so the wrong way….I called the lady with the gallery, Grace, and she told us. Then hubby got lost too. 1.50 for bottled water! Hmmm, think I’m sleepy and might try it without the chamomile. So dear wonderful awesome special friends……. It is 2:32am = 7 = HOLY. Amen. OH ya….Summer was my next of kin. They asked her her religion, she said LOVE. Hmmm, not in the computer system. Then they asked me. Same I told them. Hehehe….we had use the Other box. Ps….I was trying to explain my extra emotions lately….Summer just helped my say it better. I’m easily “touched”.













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