I’m writing a book….Turning Dying into Living….!!!

I’ve started writing a book about my journey to life. What the heck, why not. Might be useful for someone. Ya, sure, they can just read the blog, but it feels right. It’s called….Turning Dying into Living. It was the title that came even before the spark of an idea. It was a simple thought in my head that I was turning dying into living. I’m already doing it. I’m changing my diet drastically, I’m reinvigorating and strengthening my spiritual self and I have a new clothing/wardrobe need. I’m different. We went grocery shopping today. Organic stuff. Let me tell you why. The liver removes the toxins in the body. Any chemicals, anything toxic…gmo…pesticides…alcohol…..growth hormones, etc. My liver is saturated and cannot function properly. It is a sponge that has already soaked its fill and can soak up no more. So…we had quinoa and black beans. Was awesome!!! Turns out the reason I didn’t like the quinoa when I tasted it back at my house is….the olive oil. We tried a bite that way and yup…that was it. No…this is comparable to and maybe better than rice…and way more digestible for my lil ole body. I literally cleaned my plate, even getting a bite more. I also discovered I like avocado by itself. Only had it in guacamole before. A sprinkle of sea salt and yum. Oh…and the nutritional yeast. Very good for the body. Tastes a bit buttery and supposedly cheesy but I ain’t tasted no cheese yet. I miss my cheese. Bought a piece of hard goat cheese to try. If it works in my body…..I can then get goat cheddar and Colby and such…yay! Also…about my diet….sugars. Sugar is food for the bad cells in my liver. I can eat cane sugar or stevia…that’s it. The taste of cane is pretty darn strong my friends. So, now you understand a bit more, eh?
I wanted to say…when I say….a dear soul has sent me money…the reason is to acknowledge that person, not to make anyone feel bad. We all give to others …as and how we can. Different ways of contributing to a person’s wellbeing. Smiles, good vibes, prayers, physical touch…as in backrubs, things like that. It’s late and time for bed. I’m about to go out to the untended overgrown personal garden of one Laurelsong, dearly departed. I go there to smoke. Both kinds. Speaking of that…there was no balcony to sneak smokes in at this DC hotel, so I went down to my car with George, in the parking garage and hotboxed it to the max. Like little kids. We had such fun that night. Sneaking like children for that and the food. So…I shall haul my little but up and around the path, through the flowers and plants and into her garden. Sometimes I talk to her. Asked her to show me a strong irrefutable sign that she heard me. That was a few days ago. Today, after changing rooms from her bedroom to her studio loft….I woke to the song lyrics….in my room. Ha! Funny funny lady….and they played all dang day too!!! Ok, I asked her to end the song and she gave me…dewdrops are fallin on my head! Cuz they were. :=)) I guess it’s night night time. 2 beers. I’m down to 2 beers. From 7 to 2…in what…3 months? Ya, I know…it’s already been 3 months, better get my row of ducks marching. Did ya catch that? The pieces are all falling together. Goodnight folkies. 2:00am = 2 hmmm….the quiet power of judgement and the need for planning.
I think I told you about the garden I created during a guided meditation, and the extension of that garden during the phone session with Shamanic healer, Bloom Post. That one was where I found the 2 year old me, previously known as Sarah, in the black hole, clinging to the edge. I placed her in my garden and began building her world there. Well, after yesterday’s advice on abundance and worth….this morning, I did half a round of mantra rosary, then went to visit her. Oh I went last night too. We had a grand time and I add to the garden each time I go. Yesterday I added a swinging cradle, Summers departed dog, Indigo, fireflies and a few more things. Today jaguar came and I called in elephant who then gave us a ride and we all took a walk. I allowed us to receive. I can’t tell you how fun this is!!! It’s getting more beautiful every day and its helping me more everyday. I am incorporating things that I previously had problems with deserving. Beautiful silks and scarves, blankets, things like that. Today I added crystals and prisms and deity statues. I left her under the watchful care of Indigo and the elephant….Fanny, and jaguar walked me back through the garden to the entrance. What a pleasant way to learn to love yourself. You just love your young self. Surely if you can’t love the you now…you can love the baby you, can’t you? How could you resist? She/he is just so adorable and special. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine. Create what is best for you both. Things you want….find a way to gently incorporate them in. An awesome spiritual practice….another tool for my spiritual toolbox. Oh ya….I renamed her by combining our names….Sherasara. And….during yesterdays….I also located my 11 yr old self who thought she had a zipper on the top of her head and she was something else inside….and I unzipped her and gave her wings. She is flying free now. I AM changing.
I’m not really looking forward to returning home. Yes, my lovely goats are there and my son is there and hubby, but so are my addictions and my old brain. I don’t smoke very much now, here. I’m also waiting awhile after I eat to smoke….to recondition the need. I may go ahead and write that last book for the fairy series, get that outta the way since I’ve started another book. I’m 2,000 words into it and up to date…to now. So the rest of the book will come as I learn it. Oh how fun. We took a walk to the top of the hill where the graveyard is. Indigo and Laurelsong are buried there. Beautiful walk. Then to the semi trailer where Summers things are stored. She had said she had clothes she no longer wanted. Yay. I just got a new wardrobe! What an adventure and a fun shopping spree. The clothes are moldy so need washed. Was hard to be in there, but it was exciting too. Hard to breathe. Luckily I forgot to use my inhaler before we left so I couldn’t breathe the mold in too deep, lol. I had a tickle in my throat before we began the walk….and I coughed some of the way. Then into the moldy trailer. I’m still coughing and its getting more frequent. So…I just chewed on Osha root. It’s so fun here. Today I ate a day lily leaf and a tiny blossom of Self Heal….and a bite of catnip, and lambsquarters and a violet leaf. A whole meal, eh? So fun. Well…..guess I could end this. Just did more writing on the book, feels good. Praying about this cough though. Alrighty then my friends…..signing off from Anahata paradise.











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