Another day in Paradise…

Ahhhhh, my mind is full. I know, the idea is to empty the mind, but learning about yourself and how to be….is a part of that process. I may need to go backwards with these thoughts. I woke this morning, after the first full nights sleep in I don’t know how long…and I went to smoke a cigarette down the garden pathway. There, I had very little interest in the smoking, as there was an ecosystem……ie, another world…right in front of my eyes. Butterflies, sparkly rocks, sparkly pathways, a webnest of caterpillars, a huge bumblebee hanging upside down on flowers, tiny footprints in the wet sparkly dirt. Everything sparkles here. The stars, the fireflies and the dirt. I asked a wise one if he could share how I can ease my “lack” thinking. He kindly obliged…..however, it was the same idea he had just expressed a few minutes ago, about healing the body. My mind expanded…it raced around and found other uses for this method, until I realeyes’d that I had just been given a wonderful gift. A new tool….a most auspicious tool….for my life. I am building my Life toolbox. Hehe, everytime I have a really great thought….a ruby throated hummingbird comes to concur. So far, she is unwilling to be photographed. So….do you want my new tool? Let’s make this interactive now. I’ve been blogging alone for 2 years, with the occasional comment. Jump in folks, the water is fine. Let me know what you want. Do you want the tool? Or is your life proceeding exactly as you wish it to.
Summer and I had a special night together last night up in Laurelsongs art loft where we slept. We giggled and read to each other and played like children. This came fresh after a heavy duty day. Checkout at the hotel was noon. After some swimming for the child, car issues(Amasa), tension, hurricane rains and a trip into Arlington to find a whole foods which was not what I wanted…especially at that hour, with the rains coming. Yup….so much time doing things….rain nearly the whole way. The godclouds were helpful but not throrough. Some rain but not hard rain. I had stayed up that night to experience the Amma end to the fruitful end. It was worth it. First, they played my song! I swayed and bounced as usual. We saw a beautiful wedding, a ceremony into coming of age for a young Indian man/boy and then…….then she stands…after the 18 hours of hugging, and we form a wide path of people and proceed in front of the stage, very quickly… ants in a tunnel, crowded, rushed. She throws rose petals on us. A shower of love. I got showered twice as I passed. The adoration…..the gratefulness for this woman is stunning. We, I……AM so very grateful to have such a being on planet now for us. What a gift. I am not speaking of religion. No, I certainly am not. Unless you want to name that religion….LOVE. When you get a mantra from Amma, she promises to be with you always, through as many lives as it takes…to assist in the ascension process. Do you want to keep coming back again and again? I don’t. Then…she stares at us. It is very obvious she is doing something….she holds a massive pile of rose petals in her hands at her heart and she jiggles her hands as she stares and the petals fall. Its some kind of energy transference. Tears of utter gratitude stream. Then, we line up to send her off and away. Special.
I woke up with the idea that I need to start taking more control of my health….enough researching…do something already. SO, I shall now take my turmeric twice a day. I shall! Also, the milk thistle with other liver herbs…the expensive one. While at Ammas, we decided on a course of treatment. Out of my possibilities….you’ll never guess what was chosen. Maybe I shouldn’t say it yet…let the energy grow instead of fizzle. I bought myself a scarf there. I wanted one badly, yet the cost was so high. The lady I spoke with was from Norway of somewhere and I couldn’t understand her, so I thought that the cheapest scarf was $60. I couldn’t do that. Just before the end…Summer asked again. Different lady. $20???? I can get this for $20 ??? It is cotton, green, and has Ganesh elephants all over it. I love Ganesh…remover of obstacles. Learning about the India dieties and legends has been great fun and enlightening as well. Elephant is one of my new spirit guides, remember? And it’s green…the healing color!!! I wear it in many ways, as a shawl, a hood, simply hanging from my neck….and I feel beautiful in it…and safe. I feel safe.
My mind is growing and changing again with this new visit to Amma. The lessons and revamped ways of thinking are so many I cannot keep up with them to tell you about them. I will start to say something or to think something…and realeyes that it no longer applies for me. Multiply this times around 30 or so and you got it. Did I tell you I can now eat quinoa? This is great news. I’m now using stevia drops as my sweetner….a specific stevia. Tastes great. NuNatural. In glycerine, alcohol free. Tastes like sugar. The raw sugarcane has too much flavor for my comfort. We are going to the grocery store in a bit to get food for the week. Quinoa, black beans, avocado, healthy yummies. See….I’m growing. More open. I just want to cry all the time…I feel so grateful. To God, to Amma, to Archangel Michael for always being available for protection, for being alive to experience this, for deal souls who helped me to get here, for my daughters compassion, for the gift of these people here at Anahata, who are willing to share their knowledge with me. The fireflies…can’t forget them when I speak of gratitude. I am also so grateful to have spent some time with my dear dear friends Amasa and George. George, the laughter bringer warrior and Amasa, the gentle breeze of light that wafts by like a whisper. My son, who is caring for the goats with love in his heart, all the souls at the Amma event….I learned from so many. Sometimes I learned, just by looking in their eyes, or brushing by them in haste. Wisdom is thick and it can stick to you as you walk by, like those plants in nature that you walk through and they attach themselves to you. Like that. I am considering this my new spiritual journey. Not that the first one ever really ended….but rather that this is such a new and different phase, that it deserves its own recognition. Well, that is all for now. Blessed out here in Virginia…and signing off at ANahata…home of good people, art and fireflies!!! PS…..I have begun the healthy food adventure…..just returned from 2 stores and we now have liver friendly foods to cook and munch on. It was a fun experience and my daughter was impressed with my ability to ALLOW….good healthy choices….ie, not getting some things that were not quite there, quality wise, or oil wise, etc. Ok… for the extra good part…eating!!! Black beans and quinoa!!!










10 thoughts on “Another day in Paradise…

  1. I want to know what your new tool is!!! When are you headed back towards Texas? I am here is SC and leaving for Iowa on Sun, wondering if we maybe on some of the same roads

    • kinda dizzy…will explain later…just found all these messages. we may be leaving sunday too….possibly from ashville toward i-40 toward atlanta

  2. I would love to know your new tool too! You are in my neck of the woods if you are in Floyd county again….that is about 1.5 hours from me 🙂

  3. Don’t look back when things go wrong. Just keep moving forward. I’m happy that you can eat again. Take control as you are doing. Do what needs to be done. I love the scarf, too! Share your tools whenever you can because what you are doing may help so many others.

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