In the Presence of LOVE

Fingertyping for ya!!! No wifi I can find. Oh golly!!! Amma worked on me tonight! No hugs allowed!!!! Not till tomorrow night, so instead of 3 possible it’s down to 1!!! At first I was disappointed. Then, the program was identical to Dallas. I was disappointed. I walked out while she was speaking her next spiel. Went to my room on the 8th floor and cried. It’s a show!!! It’s just a show! If she was a real Satguru, she’d be able to come up with fresh stories and words. I was disappointed. Hmmm. I. I. Was disappointed….therefore this is just a thought. Thoughts have no power unless I give it to them. I gathered myself and went back down with a curly goat wrap cuz it’s cold in there.

Several people shared their opinions then while watching the lyrics to a song on the overhead display… It hit me. This was a test. It’s too hard to capture it all, the feelings, the realizations…it’s like a magic bubble and everything in the bubble is on purpose and perfect. No food once again!!! Enter George!!!! She’s my girl! She took me to the shop n food area. Uh oh. Closed. Hmmm, down the road is a hot wing place. Off we went. Never found it. Saw a pizza place closing. Went in and told him how hungry I was. Sure! Hehe. I got a slice of pepperoni n mushroom beshamel. He gave me 2 each!!!! We prayed over it and I ate! I ate a whole piece of pepperoni! New York style…my favorite. I got a full belly, no pain and the biggest smile of contentment. Then. Back to the hall. I watched George get her hug with a smile of sheer bliss way before she got there. Later, watched a guy with a turban about 3 ft high get a hug and literally fall out. Down. Not movable. Amma laughed and said let him stay.
Can’t get a hug in the morning cuz I had one this year. Leaves room for others. I stayed and saw the non bitter end! Yay jai ma!!! Tomorrow night is it!!! Devi baba or something like that. All it means is more intensity and a crown to make her look more like an Indian Satguru. Haven’t decided about a question yet. Which one? What to ask???? I’m so happy about the pizza!!! I have a full belly! It’s 5 am and all else are asleep. No balcony here to smoke on. Front door only. 8 floors down. The pentagon is a few feet away and the prices are high…16 a day just to park! Guess I should try and sleep some. Love you guys!!! Tomorrow is the day! More vibes n lessons. Love. Evolution. Enlightenment. 5:01=6=earth!!!! Mother!!!! Night night!

It is evident beyond words…how much Amma loves each and every being who comes before her. Hour after hour we watch her hug with an intensity of pure love. I stay at the point of tears with internal heaves and clenches to witness such love. To be honored to be a witness. Please, let me love that well. That thoroughly….that completely. The high vibration rocks me to my core. I have been overcome. I sit on the floor near the stage, rocking and crying.

Tonight is the high celebration darshan. (Hugs) I’ve just left the Hall after watching her hug all day and she finally finished. Tonight anyone and everyone can get a hug but ya still gotta do the token line. It’s long like a winding snake. It’s 3 and time to find food. Ha! A Subway at normal price!!! All the shops were closed last night. Excited for late night pizza! New York style, ya! Oh ya….seems all those clouds ready to burst….it’s a hurricane!!! That’s some awesome prayer power to stall hurricane rains!!! Well, gonna eat this yay, then head up to change clothes. Little Uni is doing amazingly well for what would be very boring to most children. I took a couple taboo photos. Nothing great just to show a bit. One is of the stage but Amma is not visible. She rarely is during hugs due to the high amount of people shuffling people and assisting Amma. Well…guess I’m done thumb typing. Things to do…tears to shed and hearts to expand!! Love. Signing off at Marriott Arlington.






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