Hungry in Tennessee…

Since this blog is written while driving down the interstates as we travel to see Amma, the only logical thing to tell you is how….WE travel. We began with prayer. I said my personal traveling prayer and then Summer said hers. We threw in more as we remembered. My normal prayer of …dry skies and dry road…took an Amma shift. According to Amma, everyone and everything…. Is GOD. So…. I looked up at the threatening clouds and said… Hello God clouds! I ask you to keep your water with you until we have passed. The God clouds have been very respectful of my wishes!!! No matter how dark and thick…none was released. Until a bit ago. It started to rain and rain hard so I said my chants on the rosary. It eased then we stopped for gas. The black skies were ready to burst but I talked to the Godcloud again. He said ok!!!! Rain lifted while skies remained the same!!!! Life is good when you believe in higher powers.

There is however, no God of the foods, that I know of. None I can beg. The best I can do when not able to find foods I can eat, is to pray over it and bless it for my body. Tonight those prayers will earn their keep. Everything hurts my liver now. Especially oils. Summer is preparing the 3rd salad at a salad bar for me. 1st 2 no go. People, this is hard. I feel bad about the food waste but I’m so hungry. At lunch I was so excited to find Greek yogurt, but it was Off. :=(( So, after paying for salad bar n soup….I end up leaving hungry, welcome to my new food life. But my spirit is in good hands!

Back on the road in a minute from Athens, Tennessee….toward Knoxville and 5 more driving hours. Ha!! Notice I said driving hours. Lots of lingering at stops. On the other hand, Summer has carried the bulk of the driving. I don’t do well driving at night or on mountain roads. Uneventful as wished….the event is Amma. Thought for a second we had a tire about to blow but nah!!! Yay! We are reading Amma stories aloud and learning so much. Finally…a teacher of enlightenment!!! Who’da thunk? I was reading about people who changed their diet and lifestyle a d had a spontaneous remission of their illnesses….one can hope and do.

When we arrive we’ll find out who all is riding with us to Amma. Amasa will meet us there. I plan to be present this time for the ending…and I found out that’s when they do my song!!! My bouncy song. Ill be bouncing in my sleep while I stand waiting to be showered with rose petals. :=)) Ok…onward and upward…in both regards. North!!! Oh!!! I get to see fireflies and violet patches!!!! Yippee!!!! I’ll let ya know. Haven’t heard yet how the gallery official opening went yet. If it was great news I feel sure I’d have been contacted by now. Cruisin down and signing off on I-75…headed for fireflies. Later!!! Ps…own choice still…cigarettes every 2 hours or so. Yay!






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