BIG Road Trip…..Amma bound!

It’s wind down time and I am listening to my favorite new song, an Amma song of course, but the fast one. If you haven’t listened to it or have only part way….you missed the best part. It’s an 11 minute song. In the last 5 minutes or less…it gets faster and faster until it culminates in so much frenzied intensity that it sweeps you away!!!! Yes…right before bed. Ha. Been praying all evening about the trip. Pulled cards….inner child….ascended masters and one more I can’t remember but was soooo good. All seemed to point to the trip and me quitting smoking during the adventure. Then, a bit ago…I got the scratchy throat and the funny voice and the head swim usually indicative of a flu or something coming on. I immediately asked her for some Osha root. Chewed a piece and nearly gagged but yay, thank you Osha root for being here for me. I had a mild meltdown over the cigarette thing when I pieced the trip together and realized I would be in smoke taboo for the majority of the trip. I plum freaked. So much for a vacation type thing. Haven’t been away from the house a good distance in a few years….and I’m gonna be miserable the whole time? Ya…meltdown. Then eventually I talked to my teacher and decided it was as good a time as any to quit smoking. Try the Ecig. Thank you Susan Wolf! Ha….my poor lungs….I’m smoking up a storm to make up for the coming days. After reading the cards and talking to God and Amma, I was able to gain some tools to help me through it. Now to be well in the morning so we can go. Summer is not sure now we should go. I happened to say something along the lines of ….I’m going to the lymes disease capital???? Then it hit her when I said I asked for the osha root. My immune system is down. She wanted me to consider not going. I said we’d know come morning, so I’m still nibbling the wonderfully strong flavor of the osha root new friend of mine. I told her her strong taste must mean she is strong and her powers are as well. It’s late. I gotta go to sleep now. 3:28am = 4 = Angels. Ya…I pulled the Guardian Angel card. Night night…off we go…Please!!!! Ps…..there was a soft unannounced splash opening of the gallery today. Good vibes!!! More later when I hear about the official opening tomorrow night, but the reactions were good!!! Yay! Night.

Aho! Still in Texas, man it’s big!!! Almost to Louisiana. Food is hard to find with such strict dietary requirements between the both of us but we found stuff going the Mexican route. Guacamole baby!!!! We lack an adapter so to listen to Amma or medicine music we have to share a set of headphones. Funny when one moves to fast or too far!!! My part of driving for the moment is done. Eat n go. Left the two men alone in the house. Better pray.

Guess what???? For any who take offense at chanting chants…boy have I figured out their purpose!!!! If you have a situation where you NEED to not let your emotions or fears out, if you say the chant over n over…there is no room for the fear thoughts to get in. Truly. It will come in handy for the scary parts, not just when a cop is behind you!!! Lol!!! Ok. Gotta finish eating and get back on the road. Nothing to take a photo of yet. Signing off at I-20 Henderson, Tx. Love you!!!





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