Another AMMA Hug comin up….D.C. her we come!!!

I’ve been feeling better the past few days, which kinda lured me into a false feeling of getting better. Maybe I am, dunno….but today I had to go out. Standing in Walmart, arguing with them for an hour over exchanging thin polar fleece for thick polar fleece….made me feel sicker and sicker until I finally asked if I could sit on the floor. I guess, with the food changes, in my daily normal life, it’s ok….but when the world is involved and away from the peace of home….ya. Not so good. We’ve had some hesitations about the trip but I still wanna go. I finally admitted to Summer that I’m scared. I remember being a passenger on the same route and being scared. Too hilly once you get outta Texas. I told her no matter what my excuse might be…it was really the fear and don’t let me chicken out. For those who wonder, I’ve looked more into what she is. She is considered an Avatar and a Satguru. Look it up if interested.

So…lots to do before 2pm Saturday when we hope to leave. Lots to pack…for two weeks!!! Lots to think about in advance and lots to prepare for the care of the animals…not just the goats. I told hubby…please remember to feed the dogs and the cats. Oh crud….forgot the birds. Also told him he would be carrying bags of feed down to the stations for Cathy sometimes. :=))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Heheheheheeeee. For some reason, that obviously gives me a bit of sarcastic pleasure. Not very humble of me. The car. The car is a mess and is just a tiny cavalier. Uggh. Ok. Wrong attitude. Love you little car!!! Love you mountains. I do actually. Just don’t love driving on them.

I was exhausted tonight….catching up to me, was the weekend and all the high high energy rushing for days and days. I got tired. We decided to quit my painting for the night and her not to start one. I’m still awake though. Still earlier than usual but 2 full hours after deciding to go to bed. The one Amma song goes through my head 24/7. Amma Amma Taye. It’s the one I bounce to. I just went through internet shenanigans to get to hear it before bed. Need a cd. Ok…bedtime. Night sweeties. 1:58am = 5 = change.

The yarn that I use as a chain to hang my pouch around my neck broke. So, this morning I gathered up some colored curls and spun up a bit to make a new one. And it broke. Used some generic yarn instead. I am in the worst mood. And I just found out I can’t smoke on the last leg from Virginia to Dc. Wonderful. The scariest part and I can’t smoke. Really helping the mood. It’s been lookin like rain all day and the weather thingie calls for rain most of the way. We will be stopping by my friend Colleen’s house for sleep both ways, near Atlanta. On the way back we will actually get to visit a few hours….and get hugs. The stress of the trip is more than I imagined it would be. I’m shaking.

Another kind soul has donated and Colleen has offered some as well when I arrive. We just might make it!!! Faith. Haha…..wouldn’t wanna get stuck there! Finding foods for me to snack on during the trip is rather stressing me out. So far, snacks are not easy to find. Unless you count raw veggies. Yum. Not. The air popper and organic popcorn kernels didn’t taste so great. The blue corn tortilla I was just eating…Summer said…its cooked in oil!!! Dang. The blue corn potato chips…same thing. And here I thought since it was blue and not white I could eat it. Forgot the oil. May have to stop for some greek yogurts cuz I know I can eat those without pain. We are each taking a bag of fiber and small foams. Yukky foams, half dead. Well….I guess I better wrap this up. Will be blogging from the road, most likely from my phone which is always interesting. Ha. Planning to leave tomorrow afternoon, so I guess I’ll talk to ya tomorrow! Have fun!!! It’s the weekEND. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…this time. Later chickies! Ps….thank you to the kind souls and thank you to those who wished they could help. Bless you!!! The mere act of wanting to….helps my soul. Thankyou. Later!

















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