A bit about AMMA….and the AMMA Hug…….!!!

There are some who say that a hug from Amma is equal to the Amazon tree medicine….Ayahuasca. Some call it….Mamahuasca. I am now under the influence of Mamahuasca. The sweet nectar of love is pouring into my crown chakra and pouring out of my heart. I am rocking. Dancing. I have drank more water tonight than ever in a night. I have cried so many tears…they eased down my face and some rushed to reach my chin first. So many tears till I ran out. I ran out. I got a sip or two of water and the tears came again…….more water. More tears. I found the videos and haven’t stopped watching. Watching the miracle. The miracle of a Godform……on the planet now!!!! I had no idea. I knew of her. I had even seen her handiwork…..Amasa. Amasa is dedicated to Amma. I saw the love she had for Amma but I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand until I went and she hugged me. And then I didn’t understand until I saw her. I saw her history. I saw her compassion in the utmost form. Ready???? Caution. I love Amma….and I wasn’t ready for this. I saw her lick the pus from a leper….from boil after boil…and she loved him and smiled at him as she did it. This was Amma as a young girl. From what I was told….she had ascended and decided to come to earth in human form at this time. Rather like Krishna did or Buddha. Or Christ.

Oh crap….did I just shock you? For those who have read my words a long while….you know I believe Jesus came to show us that we can be like him. There are a gazillion quotes in the bible to say so, but I’ not a bible reader or quoter. Verily verily I say unto you….that what I can do…you can do also….something like that. Anyway…..so, She, is an aspect of the ONE GOD…as were these others. She came to heal us, to help us and I didn’t understand this. I didn’t know. I know now. Nothing in my life prepared me for this experience. It was touching the face of God. I touched the face of God. The feminine aspect that is…..not only did I touch her…she touched me. She kissed me. My cheek. When it was time the 2nd night, immediately after my 2nd hug…I went for my mantra. Once more, we moved forward one chair at a time. Upon arrival in the stool to her immediate right, I was gently pushed towards her and held there. After she hugged the next person 2 inches from me, she grabbed a handful of blessed rose petals, then leaned toward me….touched the petals to my crown chakra and whispered the mantra in my ear. I was then whisked away. Oh wait. I think she did something else. What. No…I can’t be clear.

The room is so electrically charged. The music has been playing and the singing and chanting music oh I’m listening to it now….I am still under the spell. The spell of love. I want….need to see her again. To be with her again. I don’t even feel the need for ayahuasca now. If she can do it for me….can enlighten me and heal me…..without the vomit….I’m in love. Nah…already was there. My daughter wants to go to DC to see her again…then whip on down to her tribe in Virginia. She thinks the two things….plus the getting away from my house where my addictions rule…..and being with the healing of Amma and the healing folk at Anahata where she lived for years….I could heal. No $15 grand needed! I cried so hard when I began to watch her on Youtube tonight…so much and so hard that I literally dehydrated myself and energy was cycling through my body. Summer tossed me a deer antler to ground me. Then my heart began to hurt. Physically. I’m not sure what it was about exactly but it’s gone now. Her medicine is working. Love is my every thought. It’s hard to have regular everyday average thoughts now. Like being angry over something. I’m learning at the most speedy rapid pace a person can possibly learn. So fast. Whirling. Rainbow whirling. I have stopped crying to write this blog.

I bought a few things. It was so hard, I wanted so many things. I couldn’t. I need to order the meds. I bought 2 photos. I need more. I bought 2 books at $10 each and a tiny doll for $20. I wanted the $50 large one you can cuddle but got the one I can hold. Equally good. And last…..this I struggled with and boy am I glad I did it now. I got mala beads. It’s to chant my mantra 108 times…a holy number. The cheaper ones were beads in a row, beside each other. The ones I wanted were separated by silver or something. I did it. I got those. Now I know why. With my memory…I need the separator or I would get lost so much I’d probably give up. The mantra will help me to become enlightened to the fullest. IF….I am dedicated and do it correctly every day. That has been difficult in the past. Ahhhh….so many things I learned I can’t possibly tell them all. So many issues I had…cleared up. Ha….a whole ton of them…by the gal who rode with us. Who’da thunk. God….lol, and yay…Amma! Until you experience it for yourself, you will not understand. The female…MOTHER form of GOD…is here! Here! And guess what??? You get to touch her! AND…she touches you….more…..she gives you the mother hug of your life. I shall place a quote…a long one….at the end. It explains things for those who are Christian and think I’m being sacrilegious. I am also embedding a video or two. The long one…is around an hour. It is thorough and if you have a bit of time to spare….you could see what the fuss is about. Once you see it….I bet you want a hug for yourself. Please do. Oh please do. Oh ya…when Amma gives you a Mantra…she is taking you on forever. As her child, her student. I am forever different. Altered. Shiny like a diamond….who has gone through the pressure of time. I wonder how my life will change. I’m certain it will. I have changed. Jay jay ma…jay jay ma.

Ok….so I’ll shorten it a bit. The guy is saying that since he began to follow Amma his family is afraid he will go to Hell cuz I’m not following Christ…what should I do? Amma: (shortened)….Amma appreciates all people who have a deep faith in their religion, however, it is completely wrong and illogical to say that all others who don’t believe in Christ will go to hell. When Christ said…Love your neighbor as yourself, he didn’t mean Christians only, did he? All others except Christians will go to hell? To say such is a total disrespect and lack of kindness to the rest of humanity. How haughty and cruel an attitude to say that all the great saints, sages, and the billions of people who lived before Christ went to hell???? Are these people claiming that God is only 2,000 years old? That is against the very nature of God who is all-pervasive and beyond space and form. ……………………..that’s about it…there’s a bit more but this is the jist. Ok….so pumped but so tired too. Gotta wind down somehow. Love. Love to you all. 2:40am = 6 = Earth…Mother. Lol. Night night sweet people. Ps….when you see her, love her…your hands automatically go up to your face in praying position….AND….I haven’t even told you about how she lives…..and…her every word is recorded. She has hugged over 26 million people…including me twice and my daughter. Actually 3. :=))))) haha…and one more….I ate my apple tonight with the intent that it heal my liver and lungs with every cell of the apple in my body. Oh ya…the lungs….worse than I realeyes’d. Tomorrow. Love love So much more on my mind but this is long enough. Signing off with Amma Love at YeeHaw Ranch



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