gifts….for a GURU

A fun night. Not a lot of painting got done in the early hours, but then….then it began to flow. We had a great evening telling tales, then Amasa grew tired, after all, she just drove straight through from California. Summer struggled and I was just still placing friends into the painting. It wasn’t until way late before I began to work on each animal…a tiny bit each…so that they started to look like they were supposed to look. When I placed hummingbird in, who btw, just pulled right on outta the curls, including the beak…ya, I darkened it, but the original strand was intact. You’ll see when you see it. In other words…sometimes spirit forms the pieces. But when I placed hummer, I realized hawk couldn’t work in the size I had him, so I gathered certain fibers really fast and within a few minutes….I had hawk…including his beak. No, no detail work yet, but he too rather appeared. I even put elephant in a position I didn’t have a photo for and wala…I did it. I’m really likin it so far. That’s rare. But this painting is meant as comfort when I’m gone…whether it be soon or in 50 years. I told Summer…..when you get sad…just look at this and you’ll see I’m just fine. All taken care of.

The thought of dying is both scary and beautiful and…well, that’s more than 2….but…and, thrilling. Thrilling cuz of the mystery which makes it an adventure…ha…THE ADVENTURE!!! Beautiful, cuz I’m going somewhere supposedly beautiful and I’m saying goodbye to those I love. Scary…well, that’s the adventure part. The not knowing. The no friggin idea. The Why in the heck haven’t any of the ones I know and love…come to tell me what the heck happens when you die for goodness sakes!!!??? Why is this still such a mystery? People do indeed tell tales…but nobody really believes it. They hope, they fear, they wonder, but I bet they rarely actually believe. We are too skeptical of a society. Bred and turned that way I’m sure, but still. We are. And Ps…we should be family. Tribes. Families of tribes. Together….not separated as we are. As so many humans are these days. Brainwashed….steered…persuaded….bullied. Yup. That’s the new America. See…maybe I’m just tired of the bullshit. Nah…..I wanna sock Monsanto in the face. Ha…don’t sue me….I ain’t got no money!!! A simple phrase with no intent of harm. See what that name does to a person who knows what the name means??? So scary. Amasa gave me a gift! It is a seed. A sacred India seed. She said we’d google it but we haven’t yet. It’s been threaded into a necklace and I’m wearing it now. Very very excited about Amma. Friday! Gallery opens Friday too! Were gonna take the RV and forego the hotel but no plugins. No way for fridge, cooking or ac. Oh well….sure sounded like a good idea. Well, guess it’s bedtime. 4:01am = 5 = change! The girls are going to Austin for my herbal medicines. Oh…gonna shear first! Kk…….night night y’all good people!

The gallery lady texted me to show how things are coming along. It’s exciting. She won’t have room for all the pieces now though. It’s funny though, that the majority of what she chose…are not my favorites. There are a couple, but most in the gallery are ones I’m not happy with. Weird. Some will be displayed with sticks, some dowels, some beaten copper wire. Oh….about that seed. It’s the Rudraksha seed. It is to assist with meditation and has healing properties as well. Each seed has what they call facets and they are from 1-38. Amasa brought me a 5. As we looked at the diseases that different facets are for….liver is….yup…5. Spirit rocks!!! Amasa told more about Amma last night. I’m even more excited. This has turned into a family adventure. Jesse is even going! Not sure how it’s gonna work in the hotel, but it will be fun, fun and family. Both of my kids…well, 3 of my kids, hehehe…and me, together…with the Divine Mother aspect. How holy is that? I will be getting a mantra from her. Each persons mantra is theirs alone and one shouldn’t tell others their mantra. I’m talking to her now some….so she’ll know what I need when she sees me. Yes, energetically talking to her. Ooooh….We’re already planning to gift Amma with some peacock feathers, and I decided to take her a small painting. I know she has an elephant, and Summer did her a small one with elephant… I thought, maybe I CAN do the water spray elephant tiny. I had already told Summer it would be too hard. Ha! It’s nearly done! Yay….thankyou Unicorn and Paul the Venitian…my etheric art helpers.

The girls went to Austin today for the herbal meds. Well, some. Just the sleeping ones cuz we are 2 seconds from choosing a protocol. I am down to 4 beers nightly….from 6-7 a few weeks ago. Someone has offered to allow me to come for a vacation with her…so I could get cannabis oil. Isn’t that just the sweetest??? I told her let me try the protocol and cleanse first and see where that leaves us. Man…I need to sell some paintings in a hurry. Gosh…..I’ve tried the lower the price thing and that didn’t help. I tried the raise the price thing and it didn’t help. I just dunno, but it sounded like she spent more money at Whole Foods than hubby will like. Makes me so nervous. His reactions are not pleasant. Something will give…I feel it. Oh! Hehe, I’ve been putting a dot of some kind of ancient clay on my 3rd eye 2 mornings in a row. And the seed helps that as well. I somehow knew that and keep putting the seed up there. :=) Also….gonna have to go to town tomorrow to replace the 4 way water hose joiner…so the boys can have water. We’re all leaving Friday so need it fixed before we go, don’t wanna make Cathy do any heavy lifting. I bet she wants to go with us….but no. This is a family adventure and it’s a small hotel room. Love that girl. She’s so kind. Just plain kind to the bone. She will feed the baby bottle too! The girls are making me cream of mushroom soup when they get here. Hopefully that will taste good cuz my poor taste buds are in withdrawals!!! Ok…..y’all take care! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!
















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