Good times……!

Good golly Miss Molly, what a day! I can’t remember a day so filled with Spirit. First the shamanic reading….then the cardinal wing, and then the whipped cream….Amasa arrived! Sweet sweet deep soul. My daughters age. Like one of my own kids. Seeing her, being with her has been a delight tonight. She is not the person from before….well she is…..she’s just better. Clearer. Love. She exudes it. She told Amma stories and we told art stories. The Amma stories were awesome. When she told of the people of India…a story in particular of a man saying…if you’re God, then put your feet on my head. She did of course. That prompted me to say…so she isn’t the reincarnation of Mary? She’s God? Hmmmm, sweet Amasa pondered this and said something along the lines of…..she is a so and so being and has been in different realms and has chosen to come here now to help…..she is so expansive that I can’t tell where the borders may be. Something like that. Heheheeee. Yay Amasa. That answer totally fit. My Summer was equally delighted with the arrival. These two go way back. She loved the art and loved the totem painting Summer did for her. You can see she is sucking information like a sponge and storing it up. Very impressive being…who left here a big ole mess, 7 or so years ago.

I realized on my way to pick Jesse up….as I drove those back bumpy roads….that I was the only one who would understand the significance of what happened today during the guided meditation. The seeing of the baby me crying…the hearing her say she wanted to leave…the discovery that she was still in the black hole…man, that nearly broke my heart. I did indeed cry during the meditation. Then….THEN!!!!!…..discovering that she was no longer falling….although I didn’t really realize that until late tonight. She was on a ledge. A tiny one slice of rock ledge and couldn’t go anywhere…or fall again. Anyway……ya,, those are my new perceptions, but at the time….I got her off the ledge, scooped her up, put on wings and flew her out and into the garden. The garden that my daughter gave me a few weeks ago during another guided mediation. I love my garden. I know a lot of it now. There are areas I know…..and mostly, areas I don’t know. So….the baby said she needed light. Ok. A home outside, in the garden. Placed her there and in comes the cottontail bunny that had been there when I first walked through the door into the garden….and said….I don’t know why he’s here. So….she had the bunny, then a butterfly came and some fireflies. She wanted a fence. I always surround myself with stuff. Literally. Have for many many years. Like a cocoon. So…that was that one particular part of today’s experience. I don’t think reading quite cuts it. In fact…. I know it. This was a shamanic event. It also…might be my sleep salvation. We shall see. Sleep is a huge issue here. I drink beer to sleep. Before that….pre 1997…..I only needed pot to sleep, but need it I did. Now…it’s the beer and the pot. So… removing the beer for my liver….I need to find another way to sleep. Herbs. Either pill or tea…tea preferably, but whatever. So….I, we, are wondering if shamanic journeying isn’t the way for me to fall asleep. After all, the minute I realized the star beings really were my family…..she whisked me outta there and back to the garden and then whisked me outta there before a proper goodbye…BUT…hear me….it was the fullest most thorough thing, reading, whatever. I now crave to go back and play with the baby and see my guides and meet the star beings who gave me the rainbow. Oh…hoot hoot…check this. I took the what is your hippie name tonight on FB. What else….by answering a strange group of questions containing…what is your favorite color, your favorite food, cuisine, etc….my hippie name is>>>>RAINBOW!!! How cool is that. You guys truly have no idea. The rainbow gift of today…relates to another incident. Another story. Night night!!! Love ya! 4:24am = 8 = infinity!!!

Ha…was so tired I fell right asleep. Yes, still on the beer. Whole Food trip fairly imminent for sleepy herb meds. Decided to shear today. And decided to do the yearling boys instead of big boys. Why? Big boys are older and less great fleece. Yearlings still have several awesome coats to give so I wanted to get the hay infested stuff off em so they could start growing me a good coat. It nearly made me cry, all the hay. In the end…we did all the goats in there. 4 goats sheared, one checked who had already been sheared a few months ago….and moved the one we knew had mites to the mite pen. So…yes…you heard that right…4 goats sheared!!!!! I did 3, then let Summer and Amasa do Billy, then I finished him up and did his feet. Cut his foot poor boy, bad feet and tried hard but cut him I did. Purple spray’d it. I hate that. Poor baby. And Kiwi….who survived the worms last fall….is very thin. Very thin. May have to figure something out for my sweetie. So…that whole pen is done now. Huge relief.

I feel like a queen here now. All these people fussing over me. Do you need this or that or…don’t light that cigarette Mama. Rest Mama. Drink your water Mama. Are you hungry Mama? You look tired Mama, you rest I’ll finish. Haha…that’s going on yet…when its goat time….lol…it’s goat time! Mama still gets in there and catches and pulls, lifts onto the stanchion….stands on stanchion to shear…..sheared 3!!! The tail end of the 3rd nearly did me in tho….I kinda staggered away. :=))) Ernie the pea….peacock, is molting again!!! Seems like yesterday he gave me his feathers….and now all these. Ahhh well, he’ll deal with his nakedness like he did last time. Ha, he’ll still flirt with the white guinea! My upper back is still on fire these days and todays shearing didn’t help….otherwise, doing ok. Had guacamole for lunch…liver didn’t like it. Bummer. Okie dokie sweet souls……..I’m outta here for now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!PS!!!!!……no new cases of mites in that pen, all clean!!!! Yay and yeehaw!












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