shamanic journeys heal from the inside…

As I said…I’m living both ways now. Living and dying. For the dying part…I am creating that painting I told you about. The one where I wanted to leave something behind??? Well…it’s me…as a light being…hehe, although it turned out to be a rainbow light being…surrounded by my animal friends. By friends, I mean any that have any significance for me. It’s a fun one. NO photos involved so far, and believe it or not…some of it looks like what it’s supposed to look like! I keep wondering why the lady didn’t want the totem painting. Was it not good enough? Did she not like it? Probably didn’t. I really thought she would so this concerns me. Maybe I’m not as good at this as I thought!!! Maybe totems aren’t my thing! I feel like they are though, so I am confused. My favorite part of that painting was the hawk. You can’t see it real well in the photo. None of it really comes out well in the photo…but I liked the hawk especially. The little bear was apprehensive. I know she didn’t like that. Heck, I dunno…I call what I see. And spirit insisted the bear be apprehensive. It’s all good. I’m over it….moved on to other paintings, but it does still confuse me. Wish I knew.

Busy busy day tomorrow. Well, sorta. I gotta wake up early…11am!!!! Lol, for a phone call by the shaman lady. Then…I may or may not be having the naturopath call, depending on whether we have read that far into the 63 page thing!!!!…which I paid $33 for. Then…..Amasa arrives!!!! Yay! We decided it’s been 7 years! She and George(a female), used to be a pair…I called them The Girls. Then sometimes it was Summer and George who were here or all switched around. Anyway, it’s been awhile. We think it was the South Dakota trip that was the last we saw of each other. Since then, she has been through the wringer and came out ok and spent 4 months in an ashram. Not just any ashram in India mind you, but Amma’s!!! Amma is the Mother Mary incarnation at this time. Amma….The hugging guru. We go this weekend to see her. Amasa is a caregiver. Amasa is like Summer but not. She’s also very deep. We get to experience her tomorrow!!! She’s grown so much…like a child of my own I haven’t seen in awhile.

I used a piece of one of those beautiful rainbow alpaca batts, as my background for this painting. It’s all in layout stage but so far….. elephant, jaguar, goat, bear, cardinal, owl, hawk, deer, gorilla and me. Oops…and LION!!! That’s just so far. Oh!!! Centered around a fire! A campfire type fire and yay oh yay…it actually looks like one even though it’s in layout stage! The kids love my new clothes. It’s one set. Hehe. The pair of yoga pants from Thailand, the tiger top and the crochet summer pullover on top. Hehe…I be stylin! Once upon a time I cared what I wore. That was before the goats. While cleaning recently…I did pull out all the fluorescent green and orange TSC t-shirts…all 30 or so….to give to goodwill or something. Hubby. So…hubby made me chicken soup. Bless his heart…and pea soup too. Haven’t tasted the pea yet but the chicken was too many veggies for my liking. See…so hard this food thing, but I did it. I ate all the right foods today thus no discomfort at all. Well…I may need to change my mayo too….are you kidding me???? My Hellman’s????? Thousand island homemade….doesn’t sit well in the body. Bummer man. I’m losing so much! BUT….I feel like I’m also gaining so much at the same time. Balance, always balance. Ok…night night sweetie peteys!!!! 4:20am = smoke em if you got em…oops…no…= 6 = Earth! Hello Mama! Oh ya…that’s a story for tomorrow. Night!

I am a sharer. I like to share what I know or experience. Today was fantastical. The intuitive reading from Bloom Post far surpassed my expectations. Oh golly, I’m so gonna go over wordwise! So……she saw that my issue was should I stay or should I go. I’ve always wanted to go and now that my body has given me that opportunity, I’m scared and now I don’t wanna go. She saw that right away. After some wisdom shared, she took me…us, Summer was here…on a shamanic journey. Ok people, I’m gonna tell ya something. I didn’t get it for so long, but now I do. The world of pretend…is not just for tiny children. It is for us all, no matter the age. When done just as a normal thing, a thinking thing…it creates. When it’s done while you are on another subconscious level….it can heal parts of you that need healing. When I was a child…I had nightmares of falling down a black pit. A black hole. During my winter solstice experience, I went in that hole….threw the child….me….a rope and hauled her out, then dove down the whole to save humanity. I came out in the ocean. This time…I retrieved her…the 2 year old…me…..and carried her to my garden. She now has a new home there complete with a white tail bunny, butterflies, a fence as requested and she just got a kitten…cuz I just checked in on her. I then dove back down that hole again today….and yup…it came out in the ocean again….and I was a pink dolphin!!! Summer saw the pink dolphin!!!!!! OH….and at first, in the garden I saw fox and said…I don’t usually see fox but it’s here. She said that’s me….people always see fox. I later realized…it could also have been Summer, cuz during that winter solstice thingie….I was supposed to die for humanity. But my foxes were supposed to come and we would do ceremony over a fire and a white goose feather was involved. Well, Summer and Amasa decided not to come cuz they were afraid I really would die if they did. Ha. So….now my foxes are here… I once again might die. Well, Amasa isn’t here yet but any minute!!! How ironic. How GODlike. The sense of humor on God is astounding. Ok…I also found out more about my connection to the rainbow as my tool. It’s from another past life as a star being. They gave me my rainbow again today. So…very successful…so much more to this than I have time to tell. All so heavy duty significant. If interested, lemme know and I can blog more about it. Then….I took Jesse to work. Cardinal(Jesus) was on a fence post as I left. Was about to take the highway route but a cardinal flew low in front of the car and almost died and I took it as a sign…I went the back road. There….I saw red. I backed up…couldn’t find it…drove forward then God said…you don’t want my GIFT???? Ha…so I turned around. Yup…..a dead cardinal, who had been there too long but his one wing was good. I harvested it. I now have a cardinal(Jesus) wing. Lol….cuz during said winter solstice……the cardinal was Jesus…..and then he told me to run to the driveway cuz my LOVE was coming down the road. I did….moments later…hubby pulled in. I told God that was a cosmic joke. So now, the cardinal is Jesus. Ya, I’m goofy.

Yup….way over my word limit. Blue goat a flea bath so he feels better, hubby cut part of the fallen oak tree but still blocking the drive, and since I’m eating correctly now…so far so good. No pains, just food. Seriously thinking about the goats. What to do about the goats? I love these goats. Uggh. Ok…well, better go now before I put you to sleep. Where is my other fox? Not arrived yet! Lovin you guys. Later chickies!!! And roosters! Lol. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















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