The SALT…is useless…GO PINK!!!

Ha! Didn’t paint one whit today! Hate that! Could have. Just didn’t. We spent the night discussing livers and fats and oils and butter and salt. Oh ya….salt! My daughter is a blessing not only to me…but to all of you as well. Thanks to her, you all get the benefit of her wisdom and our research. Salt. Did you know that not only does it have no minerals in it…but it prevents the body from absorbing water? Hmmm. Apparently true salt should contain around 70-80 minerals….Minerals that the BODY NEEDS! But no…they strip it out. They over cook it. Sound familiar? Why? Well…if everyone was healthy…no one would need a doctor or a hospital or pharmacies or prescriptions or or or…! SO!!!!! I am now taking….liquimin….mineral drops that I now put in water. Ya buddy! Not only that…but it’s got the two minerals I’ve been seeking for years…to further my spiritual enlightenment. Ya buddy. And…I’m about to attempt the Himalayan sea salt…the pink stuff…and the Oregon salt, also the good stuff. I will be and have been…ingesting gold. Ha. The gold is nothing to me compared to those two I sought. Iridium and rhodium. Spirit tells me to seek them. They are hard to find. BUT…I found them. The fascinating part to me is….they lie directly in the center…of the mineral chart. Interesting, eh? Center. Being centered. Hmmm, ya…I go there.

So many things have happened in the short time since my daughter has been here. I found out I was dying. We created 2 new kinds of art…..I’ve gone organic and healthy…but the best part…has been the new tool she gave me. I’ll take all the tools I can get to weather this life. The ability and now new knowledge….that I can go inward on a visionary journey…at a moments notice. I can go there…to do work. To achieve things. To find things, to create things…etc. Sure…I’ve heard it…heard it a gazillion times…..GO INWARD they say. Meditate they say. Well…sitting there in a friggin lotus position with my eyes closed and just my mind for company and to erase the mind…..haven’t achieved it and hate even to try….but I need to, :=) But anyway…..and yes…I’ve been on guided journeys before but this time…something clicked. Something changed and I changed. I get it now. I get it. The imagination….IS the other worlds. The other realms. I can now go there and I am blessed. It’s a gift I never dreamed of. I can now go into my garden. Sure…I already had a place I created…this, I’m tellin ya…its important! Gosh I wish I could convey this. Lets put it this way. During one……jaguar appeared. Now I surely didn’t have no dang jaguar on my mind folks, that’s fer sure. He said….if you’ll have me….I’ll be your guide for the rest of your life…every second. I said oh yes oh yes!!! Then I told Summer. Ha! She had me go back…back to  the entrance….and call in Archangel Michael….then call the jaguar back to ask if he was 100% love and light!!!! Michael verified him and ya….I got me a new guide! Don’t forget…I also got elephant in the guided journey before that and also during the psilocybin experiments. AKA mushrooms. ❤

Summer insisted I go to Pinterest tonight. Good golly miss molly….that could get addictive! Not sure that’s a good move! We took photos for a website but no good, so will do again. A friend called to tell me about a site. Gonna go with that. BigCartel. Trying to figure any way to make the funds to go have the medicine. I am doing my best to get my body in good enough shape to do it. I will succeed. Ok….well, I may as well go to bed a teeny bit early since Summer went to bed early. Oh ya!!!!!!!!!! Amasa is coming!!! I’ve mentioned her a bunch of times…sometimes as….the girls. I love this dear child. She’ll be here soon! She has just spent 4 months at AMMA’s ashram in India, praying for the world!!! Hehehe….then she went home, visited, then helped Summers dog Indigo go to the light, then began to follow Amma on her US tour as intended. Now…she is coming here instead of continuing to follow. Imagine…her….coming here…to my mess! God love her! OH and a big bonus…she does massage…and is trading her totem painting by Summer….with massages for us both! Imagine….me, being touched. I can’t wait. My back hurts so bad these days. Haven’t told you the fire is back in the upper part….like last year. Either too much stress or too much wear on the spine.  Chiropractor fixed it last time…either that or time, lol, who knows! Ok…night night!!! 3:42am = 9 = endings. Ps…Jesse texted at 10pm wanting a ride. I turned him down and it hurts so bad.

Today has been once again….a learning day. Lots of reading and lots of comprehension finally! When you hear this stuff over and over, it starts to seep in. I woke up to the smell of chicken soup cooking on the stove. Hubby had 2 soups going!!! Then we started reading and I kept popping up and going in there to tell them what I was learning. Get a water filter for kitchen sink…..switch milks, switch mayo’s, red meat bad….iron bad. Brown rice good. After yesterdays freak out over food….I today am able to look on it as an adventure. It’s working. I got the 100% grape juice this time for my daily lemon drink….i prefer the 10% taste wise. But I need the good sugar, not the bad sugar. It worked. It tastes alright and I’m able to think on it as…a new drink. Yay!!!!!

Just picked up the boy and had to explain the changes in the household. The food changes and also the knowledge that the illness is very active right now. He wasn’t bothered a bit about the food changing in the house…I still bought his processed stuff….but no more mama cooking….no…he was more affected by the thought of losing me. I assured him I will do everything I can to stay around longer. Ha…we just had a discussion about carrots that began as a joke but I took it further and googled…purple carrots. Lol. Well, not so LOL. What I discovered is that carrots were originally purple! The purple carrots have more of what the body needs and the right kind of vit A. Who knew…a silly joke turned into good knowledge. How funny. I apologized to him on the way home for my illness causing the whole family life to change. It’s affecting everyone. Just loved on me some goaties….and my precious Erbie. I wonder about him. He seems more fragile than the others….not sure if it’s cuz he hurt his leg that time or more…..but he doesn’t eat much grain like the others, he’s also slower moving. I dunno. Ok….all done. Change your salt! Either pink Himalayan or Utah Real Salt. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!














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