so much love……

Not much on my mind tonight. Painted a pretty fairy…faceless….but there were at least 2 faces inside so it’s ok. It was fun. Fun and colorful….maybe that’s why it was so fun. There’s so much color in my world it’s ridiculous…..starting with my hair. I’m surrounded by color. It’s a good thing. Much other is fairly dark, so I’m really enjoying all this color, especially the new stuff. Oh golly…we actually have a full palette at the moment. Well, sorta. We are now low on color mohair curls. We are very spoiled. We’ve been getting all the curls from Kai Mohair. My curls are now being dyed by Monica at Just Ducky, but even then…it’s not the same. It’s a different dye and I’m not sure I’ll get the right colors with the dye she’s been using. I guess it will be a try it and find out kinda thing. I’m sure it will all work out in the wash, lol. She did some awesome 3 color blend long curls of my Milky and I was holding them tonight, wondering when the painting would come that I got to use them. So beautiful. Ok….4:00am = Angels!!!! Night night…bored ya to tears! Night. Oh…Lisa…..I’ll still be coming by, don’t worry, there are some that are all Lisa, eh??? But it’s too good a deal to pass up. I ship her curls….she ships me dyed curls and keeps half of what I send. (forgot the am =, and the night night!)

Today I spoke with a naturopath about liver cleanses. Hmmm. Wrong attitude. She does gentle long term cleanses to help you live longer. NOT. Going to have to bite the bullet and hire a consultant. Summer is refusing to take this all on herself. She’s afraid my liver is not in good enough shape for a cleanse and just wants reassurance. So….not covered by insurance. Waiting on a call from the one we chose. The one we chose was recommended by a dear friend of Summers and has experience with ayahuasca so she will understand what I’m going for. Gonna stick that consultation on a credit card and just not feel guilty. Summer was supposed to go to Austin today to buy all the herbs and meds we know I need…..but decided to wait for that phone call in case the lady suggests something different. On the list right now is…2 kinds of sleep herbs…one for knockout and one for sleep thru…..milk thistle blend(blend cuz some say straight milk thistle can give nausea.) St Johns Wort possibly for beer withdrawl, high dose vit c, but not intraveneously, just powder for now. Probably more but I forget. Hopefully she goes tomorrow.

I forgot to tell you about my water. HA. I hate water!!! Well….we got a small pint jar with handle…..and put clear labels on with words………Body wisdom, healing, breakthrough,faith, energy, self love, courage, renewal, patience and humor. Yup…trying the thing where you put the word on the water and the word changes the energy of the water. Haha…no clue if it’s working or not and….I still don’t like to drink it. BUT, I committed to a jar a day. So…one pint of water a day. I missed yesterday, gave it to the dog. Anyway….I thought y’all might like to know that I am indeed drinking water now.

I started a new painting today. You’ve all probably seen the photo a hundred times on FB…used to scare me…now it doesn’t. Cutest lil happy elephant baby standing under a waterfall. Remember it??? Ya. Got part of the background in…working on the boulders now. None of the goaties seem to have been affected by the recent rains. Noone is refusing to eat or looking sick….yay! Spent a good bit of time with them today. Well, more than lately. Such sweetie pies.

A friend called me yesterday just to check up on me. My mom received her white buffalo painting and is happy with it. A friend of Summers is gifting me with an intuitive phone session on Monday…she is a young white Shaman and wise beyond her years. Thank you kindly Bloom Post! I look forward to it! This will be my 3rd session with Bloom. In the first one, she told me I was a shaman myself. I hadn’t looked at it like that before, but yes, I do do things. Mind wise, that is. I find it pretty interesting that I haven’t even tried to heal myself. Wonder whats up with that? Maybe I know it’s beyond my doing? An energetic healing team has been sent in to help me. Energy…meaning you and I can’t see them….or can we? I went into my meditation garden…thank you Summer so much for giving me that…..and I asked for them to show themselves to me so I could let the person who sent them know that they had arrived. Lo and behold……I saw one. How do I know I saw one? Cuz I described it to my daughter who had already been told what they looked like! Cool, eh? I can even feel them working….i feel nauseas. Ha…supposed to be drinking water with them here! Drink Sheri, drink! Just received another phone call from a dear one of Summers tribe! Wanted to let me know I’m loved and supported through my process…whether it be the living process due to healing…or the dying process, to return to Spirit. He had a lot of wisdom for me. I cherish it. Thank you kind soul. Well….thats a lot of talking. I’m done. Gonna cook, paint and process thoughts. Later chickies!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! Ha….it’s a good day to live! And….it’s a good day to die! Later!














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