FInished the timed totem! 37 hours!

I’m watching a video of one of the shaman at the iboga place we are wanting to go. He’s saying they are Shamans, therefore they are listening to the guidance of spirit to do their work. That’s how they know who to allow and how much to give them. I really like that. The plant itself tells them what they need to know. He explains the different areas that can be helped or healed with the medicine. Depression for one. Hello! I have suffered from that from time to time! Fears. He mentioned that too. He was explaining the difference between the western take on iboga and the traditional. Iboga is an African medicine if I haven’t told you. Haahhhhaaa….I’m goin all over the world, eh? Hehe…at the end of the video, they show him in his African village in full dress. Holy Toledo! I did a quick intake of breath! The interviewer says she has done other medicines similar but is afraid to do Iboga based on what she’d heard. He said….what you read on the internet….is stuff. We shamans…never write things down and never have for hundreds of years. Hehe. Said it’s .05% of what you read on google. I however, saw a video of the native lady vs the ibogaine in a tiny room. Both looked scary. Also…the ibogaine…is the medicine yes, but it’s been cooked to death. Killing a lot of the beneficial properties and especially the spiritual properties. It’s a root that you chew. It’s medicine…it tastes bad. Awareness is present throughout. If not he says…how could it be a spiritual experience? When you go…the medicine is taken twice. First to heal the body….Second to heal the mind. I want both. The ball has had a gentle push….let’s pray it into a rolling ball. Let’s get this ball rollin folks. Prayers welcome. This is what I want. I’m certain. I shall cleanse the liver and get myself in the best shape I can before I go. This is a chance. When you take chances…..well…you take chances. If I go and it fails….I will be ok with that. If I don’t go….I will die disappointed. Yikes, no!!! I want this. It’s my bucketlist finale!!! The main thing on it!!!

Tonight, the politics on the goat thingie got worse. We even had a spy/troll….who was on two threads…saying…..this thread has nothing to do with goats. In the end…it was the spytroll who got my stress up…not the discussion and I had to bow out. I literally felt the stress going through my body. Intense, dark and tense. I recognized it and decided that I better let other people fight this particular fight. After all…I don’t even have any dogs in that hunt. Ahhhhhhhhh…the painting. Wowza…it’s coming along! Getting closer. I finally got that part worked out and moved on. I wanna do detail work on it though and Summer is urging me to leave it. Hmmmm. What to do. What to do. Well…night night folkie olkies. Gotta sleep soon I hope. Wind down time now. 3:16am = 1 = Beginnings…..hmmmmm, wasn’t that last nights? Night!

Oh heck! Forgot to tell ya about the owl oven mitts!!! Found out they all sold! Get this!!! Two were sold to a lady who works at the Iditarod………not a racer, but a worker who has to stand out in the cold and do whatever……..ha…she bought 2 to use as mittens!!! Hahahaaaa!!! That’s hilarious! My owls will be at Iditarod! Oh! Hey! I finished the timed totem painting just now! 37 hours give or take. Now we just see if the potential recipient likes it. Ok…feed time….time to go visit and touch me some softness. And done…that was yummy. Had an unusual follower who wanted attention. This started a few days ago and who knows why but all of a sudden Happy wants to be near me and wants to be touched. What???? Ha…I’ll take it! That’s Flutterbugs mom, the bottle baby. She is lookin spiffy herself, lil cream colored cutie. All the tee tiny little mohair curls tickle me to no end. On their necks especially. Adorable. Oh sweet…I got a great jump photo!

Saw a Native legend. The Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow. When the white buffalo returns, the white eyes children will grow their hair and paint their face and wear feathers and beads and will seek the guidance of the Native Elders. It says these white eyes children are white on the outside and red on the inside because they are reincarnated Natives. Yes! I certainly believe that! I am red on the inside! Haven’t heard back from either the Iboga people or the lady who charged me $2,436 instead of $24.36….so hubby put in a…wrong amount claim. Haha…ya, it’s hard to pay close attention with all that fibery goodness surrounding you! That was from buying the pieces of silk lap. Last year, I bought a blue/brown silk lap…an entire one. Still have about 1/3. These were bought by the ounce, just torn off the lap. And….since I finished that totem painting…ooohie……..I got all this new stuff just burstin to be used!!! New painting tonight, oh ya! My totem will wait until the right time, no real rush. Besides…I may need to tweak it now that I have a different mindset of sorts. Been collecting cool owl photos for days on FB. Might do something with that. The mind is whirling and twirling like a dervish!!! The ideas are flying past my minds eye. Summer WAS gonna go to Austin so I WAS gonna play alone……heheeee….it’s alright….I’ll just start that awesome painting, whatever it may be….while she’s cooking and eating! Not that I need to be alone, just was sounding fun with starting something new. Hehe, I am so silly. It’s ok Sheri…to want alone time. To desire it occasionally. But still….we shall rock some paintings together tonight!!! Bottom line! Ok…well……just about a thousand words! Fire in my upper back again…had that a year ago…yuk. I think it’s stress. Anyway…….have a good un! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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