a fiber festival…with no cash????

Quiet night of painting. No researching, no talking about things really…just painting. I was stressed and Summer kept wanting me to meditate. She said when the brain is too full, to meditate and empty it out. Then, refill it. Good advice but all I was able to pull off was a breathe deep…2 or three times. Summer began, I mean, actually began painting her first totem…already did her prep work…and she’s doing great. These are rather interesting to do…challenges the brain in so many ways. First of all the sketch! Then trying to duplicate the sketch. Not as easy as one might think. My skills however, still improve daily. You haven’t even seen the paintings that began the change. The tiny ones. You haven’t seen any. Not a single one. If it weren’t for the tiny ones, my skills would still be in the average arena. One day maybe you’ll get to see one or two.

Oh yay of yays! Here’s the conversation: I just found out the Yellow Rose is this weekend!!! Yup. I always go, but the money seems to be gone from this house….I can’t imagine not going and I don’t know what to do. Hubby says: Well, Gypsy said she’s going. Hahaha. That is so my husband. The cat. He always answers my question as if it were a pet answering. Strange, yes, cute, yes. So, my guess is that his engineer brain has been planning on this and has allotted a certain amount of money to be spent. I’m sure hoping and so is Summer. AND…we have different tastes in colors so we will both need to buy stuff. Yikes! Whatever. I need it. Hehe…took my power back just now. Cows. Sell some gosh darn cows!!! Bulls that is. Plenty of em! Guess what? When they tell you you’re dyin in the near future…and you should stop smoking….guess what….you smoke more. Hello!!!!!

I think we are shearing tomorrow. That is the plan. We shall see. I’ve lost all umpf in that department. Lost…gone. I’m seriously gonna take some to market. I just need more info which I will get soon. I’m detaching. Seriously detaching. My poor boys don’t stand a chance. I love them all. Very sad. I have one…..who has grown huge huge horns. They rub his shoulder and there is no hair there. Other than that…he produces silver and black mix. Gorgeous horns although too big. Very gentle. Silver is coming back this year for him. He was a light silver grey but I see the silver in the under curls. Remember, these boys are 2 -3 months overdue for shear so their new coat is growing…..attached to the old. He is silver bound this year. Yes! But…he is for sale. Not a giveaway kinda goat. Hope he doesn’t have to go to market. All pitiful, yes. Hate hate hate it. And Picasso. One of my best whites….had fever. Lost his whole coat. New one I have no idea about. Ha…except that it’s probably mostly felted at the top…and 6-8 inches long. It could be crap or it could be good. Who knows. Ahhhhhhhh. Enough Sheri. All I know is…many a shawl has been made with Picasso’s luscious white curls. Goodnight my friends. 4:12am = 7 = HOLY!!! Oh…and another part of me says…Sheri…you’re a healer. You are a Reiki Master…and you were born a healer…you just suppressed it when folks made fun of you. But you made your kidney stones go away, didn’t you????? You made the arthritis in the fingers go away too, didn’t you? You only experienced 4-6 months of menopause didn’t you??? You’re healthy 355 days of the year aren’t you??? You’ve healed countless…..helped countless….spoken with the dead….stopped death…..multiple times….helped death….helped live. Ya…pull your power back on! Like a coat. No…a cloak! With a big long droopy hoodie!!! Yes! Do you want to be healed? Hmmm. I think I do. Not always positive, but I think I do. Not sufficient.

Well, no shearing yet. Maybe tonight before dark. Did the dang taxes though. I was assessed at around $1500. After doing the forms, they owe me $160. Who knows how it will play out. Turns out they do let you list the taxes on rental space, etc. Hope there were some! Ya…not my cuppa tea. Worked on Debs totem painting again this morning. Did some tweaking, otherwise known as details. But more like tweaking. Still not to the point of complete detailing. Still a few more items to add. Tricky business this, but I’m really enjoying it. Made the hotel reservations for Amma. Y’all know Amma? She is from India and is pretty much looked upon as the reincarnation of Mary….the Mother Spirit. She hugs people. She changes their lives…by hugging them. I get to go!!! I need to go. You can ask for your own Indian Mantra while there and I plan to for sure. From what I understand, I wait in line for a token, then wait for my number to be called to receive my hug. Could be many hours later that I’m called. Sounds fascinating and also sounds difficult for a smoker like me….also there is the smell aspect. The many many roses and rose petals and flower water and perfumes and women wearing perfumes. I have a hard time with perfumes these days. Oi ve. Just got lectured on moneys coming in and moneys going out. They don’t match. Great. Reassures me so bigtime. Tried to tell me I’ve spent 3 grand on his credit card lately. NOT. 20 here and 10 there…no friggin way. Explained to him how much I do without and couldn’t possibly be me….like the comb that Mea talked of that you use to get hay off the goat before you shear…all of $13 yet I still don’t have one. Ya right….I’m spending beau coups bucks. And no, he hasn’t allotted any money for the Yellow Rose. Added stress. Just what I needed. So….we’ll be leaving early in the morning to go to the Yellow Rose. Who knows if we get to buy any fibers, but go we will. What should be fun….has just gone down on the fun meter. OH well. And….because Yellow Rose changed the dates…it coincides with Estes Park…therefore some vendors will not be there, including Kai Mohair and their luscious salad bar of curls! Bummer. Ok, well…..time to go. 1,000 words. Holler at ya soon. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














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