results from the Doc….

Well….crap. I didn’t blog last night…went to bed early…just cause. Got ten whole hours of sleep! Then I got my medical test results. Crap. Just crap. I’ve been cussing all day. Started with the F word…then Shit…next was the damnits and back to the shits. As you can probably gather…the news was not good. My liver is basically on the verge of cirrhosis. With cirrhosis being a 4….I’m a 3. Also…I have hepatitis genome type 3. I can do the western treatment….or I can do the Amazon treatment…of which there are 2. One being specifically for HepC….but is the scarier of the two. The western treatment is 24 weeks. Good grief, that’s like half a year!!! Also, it’s the rainy season. Peru may be put off in favor of Costa Rica, for the scary stuff. If so….it would mean Costa Rica during the rainy season.

So….my bucket list is now activated. I either get healed…or I die fairly soon. Mancini’s bread!!! I want some! Ate it my whole younger life and miss it so. That’s all I have at the moment that is easy to get. Need more things on my list. I have 2 brains right now. One that thinks along the lines of…I’m dying, what do I want to do before I go….and the other saying things like….you will be healed so you don’t need a bucket list. Summer is emailing both places we are considering. That might narrow things down. My brain is swirling still and again. Ok…which goats can go? Where will they go? Some to market? Some to sell? Some to give? I will keep some of my best……for my use in paintings and to love on. The herd will be thinned way way down….like it or not. They will go, one way or another. Too many, not enough energy. Not enough great care. I can tell you this…..For sure, I will be keeping Erbie, Moonbaby, Wywy, Milky, Rainbow…..hmmm, that’s all I got right this second. I’ll keep more than that….somewhere between 10 and 20. Ha…we were talking of having a buy one get one free thing…, buy one of the better goats…say Group A….then get a B free. Hehehe. Ha…but ya gotta take the B!!! I dunno folks. This is hard. So many sweet babies. They’re all my babies.

My brain is stuck on this…and I’ve already told ya, so….guess that’s all I got for today. Oh ya…Sneezy kitty was so bad….one too many times, so he is outside. On the porch…begging to get in, hating it….but out he is. I wish the other 3 girls were fixed so I could let them out all together…ha….a big kitty brigade wandering around together!!! Legs and arms are hurting due to weather but hey….I finally got fairly used to that. Can deal. Ok…..signing off. Hmmmm. Seems significant now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














16 thoughts on “results from the Doc….

  1. This all sounds extremely overwhelming. Really no good or simple way to do something like this. I know you will listen to your heart and that is the best way of all. Gale

  2. Overwhelming. Humbling. Scary. Sometimes we reach a point like this in our life and it shows us that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. And, most of everything else is small stuff. And then, we get better and live our lives in a completely different way. Sending you love, light and healing energy. Huge, huge hugs. Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

    • Ahhh thank you!!! I like how you said we get better and are brand new. That resonates with me! Bless you!!! Thanks for taking the time to talk! 💚💜💙

  3. I am so sorry to hear the bad news. Follow your heart on this one. Please do not think you are dying. Liver transplants are done frequently and if all else does not give you the results you need, there is that. You will continue, if that is your desire. None will care for your goaties as you do. They need you too.

    • Thank you honey. We have been researching all night and I just stated…this is overwhelming. My daughter said it is for her too. I won’t give up. I don’t know if they’d give a drinker a liver though. 💜💜💜appreciate you!!!!!

  4. I hope you find the right path to walk down with your treatment. As always love the pictures of the farm animals but need a dislike button for the news.

    • Awwe! Well ya, we do need a dislike button! Ya, my babies are so photogenic!!! :))). Thank you!!! I hear you. 💜💜💜

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  5. Sending healing thoughts your way. We shouldn’t need to think we are dying to have a bucket list and live as if each day might be our last. I lost way too many of my people over too short a period to want to waste time. Live large, laugh hard, and dance like no one is watching, that’s my plan.

  6. My husband had cirrousis and Hep C when we met. He took the six month treatment. We’ve been married since 2001 – he took the treatment for Hep C and quit drinking. He’s still got health issues, but the Hep C is gone. My prayer’s are with you!

    • Wonderful news!!! Yay! I haven’t completely ruled it out. Still researching. So much information! Getting overwhelming. Thank you so much!!! Ill keep that in mind. :))

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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