thank GOD for coupons….

Dang…its late. Got the sonogram in the morning and we been working all night on sketches. I asked for a volunteer…someone who wanted their totem done… a very very low rate….to help me figure out how long it took from start to finish… figure out pricing. I did find someone who wanted one on a payment plan so off I went. At the same time, Summer decided to try her hand in it to continue the legacy…..and she called our good friend Amasa and asked her her totems. So…we were both sketching our first…for other people…paintings. Otherwise known as commissions. Summer traded with Amasa…and it was a good trade.

I’m discovering a depth to my art skills that previously wasn’t there. My drawing skills have changed drastically. My ability to draw any animal is growing exponentially!!! Any anything for that matter maybe! What once looked hard… looks doable. Like for instance…on FB…the baby elephant standing under the water with a smile on his face??? Scared the tar outta me before…but now….ehhhh…..ya. AN elephant yay!!! Ok…it’s late and I gotta get up very early for me….9:05am…couldn’t figure out how to set the alarm, so will have to rely on the good ….great ole body alarm. Thank you my Body!!! Night night. 3:24am = 9 = endings. Hmmm. Night.

Wow…survived the long drive with nothing to drink! Had the test, then tried to get to a JoAnn’s so I could get a bigger foam. Hinky crazy but I drove on 2 highways I usually refuse! Ya…go me! Craziness. They wouldn’t let us cut the foam sideways so had to buy 2 sheets at 80 bucks a yard! Then…we asked them to cut one in half…no…we can’t, sorry. Good grief. Spend that much money and they can’t cut it for me????? Lousy. Just lousy. Got to eat Schlotzsky’s and then missed a call with the results! Results already??? Ya, then missed her return call, so tomorrow it is I guess. Had the most hilarious experience on the way home. Knew we needed gas before we even left…only ¾ tank. Thought I could make it there and back to a certain Chevron. I did….but, the Chevron was closed!!! Hmmm. As we are passing the last gas station….not a chevron for which I have a card….the low fuel light comes on. Oh, it’s not that far. Oh yes it is!!! Praying and praying and speeding…….we are so close…..uh oh. I just pulled over to the side and kept going. No gas pedal….just rollin. I start rocking…to give it impetus. Summer laughs and says…that won’t work. Next thing I know, she’s rocking too and telling me to get in sync with her. We are both rocking the car…to try to get a few inches further down the road. Laughing like hyenas…rocking the car down the road. It worked. We pulled into the Chevron and inched into the space. Yay! We then laughed and laughed. Oh, I forgot a part of the day….we went into a 2nd hand store and Summer found 2 things for me to try…her style clothing….i got em, lol. Ole grandma type rockin the young’uns clothes. Also, I wanted an eraser….you know…the pencil kind. Who knew it would be so hard????? Ended up with a fancy gadget that looks useless but we shall see. With all the sketching I’m doing these days….erasers are a MUST. Summers sketch came out really cool as well! She learns so fast. She didn’t think she could do it…design…or draw….but she did both! I must say….I like how my mind works when designing these totems. I’m really happy with both mine and the one I drew last night. Now I have a bigger foam so I can do mine…..and now Summer can have my old foam…all $72 worth!!!!! Which by the way, is already losing its umpf. They’re probably only good for about a year, and at that price….crapola.At least we got to use coupons for each piece of foam, 40% off…..sure helped!!!

Haven’t seen the goats at all today! Left early and just got back. It’s 7pm. Oh…..lady doing sonogram said my arteries are blocked bigtime…..could cause issues with liver since blood isn’t flowing well. She says there is a roto rooter surgery they can do to unblock them…..we shall research herbs. Ya…blocked bad she said. Crap. Hmmmm….nah…..Violet flames to transform my blocked arteries into clear arteries, ya. Hehe…I’m really getting into this Ascended Master thing. I like Paul the Venetian. He helps me with my art. :=))))) He’s on the Pink ray with Mother Mary. St Germaine has the violet ray and Michael on the blue ray….that’s all I remember so far. I now use the violet flame for any icky situation. Lol, and when I belch…at night with the beer….I yell…violet flames!!!! Too funny. Summer giggles everytime. Well….that’s about it. All I know right now. Tomorrow I should know more, so…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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