Spirit. It fulfills me. Most of the time. I am human after all. But mostly…it fills me up and it takes me on rides. It seems to live for me now. So dedicated. I was drawing out my totem painting and when it came time to do Firefly….even though the day before I had googled it….I just drew an ugly blob. I told myself….I need to find out what firefly really looks like. I woke in the morning…..to see a bug laying dead on my bed, with a yellow thing at the bottom of him. I flipped him over. Then I googled firefly. Yes indeedy! I now have my very own personal model, for firefly. No…I haven’t seen any outside yet this year and only see a few if I see any at all, but wow…..this is wow! I’ve drawn up my totem painting now. It’s done. Takes awhile. I love it but it’s harder than the last!!! Of course! During the guided meditation my daughter did for me the other night, Unicorn…she said…unicorn has a gift for you. What is it? I always hate that part of guided meditations!!! I don’t ever feel worthy……they don’t have anything for me! But this time, I told you was different. I was able, thanks to Summer, to go back a few steps…when it went black, when I was trying too hard….then move forward again…this way, allowed me to go deeper into a meditation than I’ve ever gone. So deep. So real. At one point, she said…there’s a garden. There’s a shape…what is it? I could see hedges…forming the shape of a rose. Then she said the dreaded words….Unicorn(who just flew me there, making him a unipegasus)…..has a gift for you…what is it? Uh!!!! Wait!!!!!! AN answer! My gift for you is more art talent. More art skills. Then I’m painting, with a brush…..a rose petal. He says no…further…further left…..ok…curve it now. He taught me. Well…..while drawing my totem sketch…..the next to last animal was a hummingbird. I wanted extravagant…wings upside down….eye catching!!!! Next thing I know, I’m choosing a photo of a hummingbird sitting. No wings, or tail extended. No flash. The bird itself was flash. So I began to draw it in this really tiny space allotted for it. It wasn’t right. I then erased everything nonessential and even essential that I could redo…like the firefly blob. I drew. Nope…bigger. Nope, bigger. Kept going, kept going….and next thing I knew…I had just drawn the best thing…I’ve ever drawn. A full half inch above where he was allowed to go…….but I had just drawn the best thing I had ever drawn!!!!! So….I thought…thank you Unicorn!!!! Next thing I know…I’m drawing unicorn….with his body pointing up and forward…but his head thrown toward the looker. Hehehehe…..yes indeed…Unicorn really came through with his promise…his gift. More art talent, more art skills. Yahooooooooooo!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 3:44 am Hello Angels!!!! Ok…bedtime I guess on that angelic note! = 11 = Master Number!!!! Night night!!!

An unusual turn of events. My mom was in the area…lol, 2 hours away…so she came for a visit with her new husband of a few years that I hadn’t met yet. It was a quick visit, seeing the goats….we went under the napping tree and hung out with the girls and babies….then to my room/studio to see the art. A bit of reminiscing and that was it. She got to see Jesse, her eyes teared up then…and Summer. Good visit. Very rare, but good. Doing a bit of painting now. Working on one that I did in oil years ago that the kids wanted me to redo…with fiber. It’s a buffalo statement painting. Nearly done….but having difficulty. The original was done by drawing out one buffalo, then tracing and cutting it out as a pattern. 4 buffalo standing in a row…..all the same. Ha. No pattern this time so I’m finding it difficult to get the buffalo to all be the same. I like challenges though! My totem sketch is a challenge too. Maybe that’s why I didn’t start it yet. I love how Spirit interacts with my work. When I went to put in Jaguars tail, I realized it was already there…in the dragonfly tail!!! Just awesome how this all works. Course it wouldn’t happen if I didn’t….Believe!!! Kinda like those fairies!!! Gotta believe! They say….it’s not that you will believe it when you see it….rather….you will see it when you believe it.

The weather is getting warmer now. Been nice to have the unexpected cooler days this spring. Highly unusual here in Texas, so when it happens….you better go outside!!! When I went to Kid n Ewe last fall as a vendor, I got a tax number. They say you don’t need to report unless you make $600. Well, with the stolen painting, I went in the hole…so I ignored the tax thingies in the mail, thinking I didn’t need them. Wrong!!! They assessed me. I didn’t know. Not sure I can fix it now but I need to try cuz money is needed here, for my healing. Also….I decided not to get those brown baby goats. Save that money toward Peru healing instead. Funny thing is….they left that ranch with the other owners….the same day I said I would let them go. Guess they were never mine to begin with. Whatever. Still much on my mind but dealing well. The sonogram tomorrow will tell us more about my liver and I/we go from there. Yikes…gotta drive all the way to Austin…to North Austin….without any food or water. No tea…no juice…nothing. About 1 ½ hrs away!!! No fun. So……I’ll talk to ya later! Y’all be good. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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