weird energy…..

Not many Friday blog readers, but I feel like it anyway. Read or not read…I wanna talk. I’ll just call it journaling for today. As I pulled away from the house to run to town for a couple bags of feed and my inhaler which I realized wouldn’t last through the weekend….I began to cry. I cried awhile. I asked myself in an attempt at self analyzation…..why? What are you feeling. Angst came back as the word of the day so I slowed down and googled it. (dirt road). ANGST: a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity. Yes. That’s me. Angstified. I called on Archangel Michael to help and a feeling of calm came over me. Then…..I go to pull out on the highway, and I see a worktruck in the slow lane and I take a left onto the fast lane. Look in rear view mirror and WHAT?????? A car!!! A car the same color as the pavement….and it’s inches away….going fast. All I know is… don’t go….till it’s time to go. Period. Everyone has a time to be born and a time to die and it is prefixed in destiny I believe. So…I’m still here and so is the little grey car. Then, the car kept saying I had no fuel…when the guage showed ¾ full. Trippy. Came home and got in argument with Summer. Ya…..I’m not in the clearest of moods. Kinda muddy and icky.

On the other hand….While driving today, I saw a blue heron. He swooped low and flew right over my windshield. I saw his little legs all tucked up inside himself and the fluffy leg feathers just a wigglin in the wind. Then, at pharmacy, there was a mama bird with her 2 babies…..walking around the grassy area. She was giving them autonomy. She was watching them closely, but letting them move away from her. It was so very sweet. At Sonic, while getting a banana shake….there was a natural colored bird…many colors, but all browns and creams, etc….just sitting on the menu. Could see him so close! Birds are most definitely prevalent in my life right now. They are all so precious and so beautiful. I love to watch them fly, twist and move generally. I like to watch them. Musta got that from my mom. She always had bird feeders out….lots. So….rather a balance of strange and icky….and good and yay.

I FINISHED THE TOTEM PAINTING!!!!!! Oh my gosh. OMG!!!!! All I can really say about it truly is……I DID THAT!!!! I’m stunned. Stunned and in awe. Spirit is so kind to me. Humans not always so, but Spirit…yes. So…… 14 animals!!! 3 plant spirits, technically 4… and a whole lotta love!!! I personally think it is stunning and my best work ever!!! EVER! Oops….15! The price on these is high. Much work goes in. The initial drawing takes awhile. Then working and reworking to fit… add in all the different animals, or aspects….and ya…it takes a good bit of me. You’d freak if I told you the price so I won’t. I wonder if I get to show it. She’s deciding. It’s personal. To her, it’s personal and I understand. To me, it’s my best art yet, and I understand. I understand a lot….and I am in the dark on a lot. My brain is extra full of thoughts…way more than normal. It’s a full basket. Full to brimming to be more precise. Might be why my nerves are tattererd. Ha….I’m watching the Pele Report…about the planets and why things are the way they are right now. Right on dude. Once a week. Makes sense.

Yay!!! I get to show you the painting!!!! Heheeee…and would you believe….she just said…..hmmmm, violets would be nice too. Ha!!! This painting is done child! And hubby is experiencing it too! Just pulled in with his hood up and something smelling of gas. Dunno. I posted about the wacky energy and others are feeling it too. AND…no feed. He brought no feed. Great. Not. Yup…hole in his fuel line. Hmmm, will have to work around this now. Alright stars and planets! Be nice now!!! My plate is already heaped and spilling over! Cathy cut some of the dang yaupon that Flower is going after when she gets stuck. Could take forever to get it all. Had me a nice pet session just now and got me some Erbie lovin. Emma too! Rare. Ok…well, I released some steam journaling, so….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!

















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