words….so many words…..

There are so many words between me and the truth right now. My brain is swirling at the longevity of it. The massiveness of the words swirling. Written word from my own research and spoken word and even written word as in a Doctor sheet telling me how to prepare for a colonoscopy….the wrong way. Honest to God…they told me it was ok to eat Rice Krispies! And white bread and rolls and and and. Right before a cleanse? Cheese? Oh…I can’t even begin to tell you how ridiculous this paper was…Summer ripped it up. Wrong order man. You ain’t doin that to me till you can tell me why. And even then…..if that’s how you handle cleanses…….massive laxative doses and bad food? What else is wrong? I tell you…cookie cutter assembly line. Felt like the meat hanging in the freezer in Rocky. This is not how to take care of your health people! I had so many thoughts…so many words…swirling, that Summer took me on a guided imagery vision journey. It was remarkable! I was finally able to really get into it…to really see the things and to allow myself to see…instead of trying to control what I thought I would see. It was fantastic! As it was happening, I spoke it lest I forget. I wore a coat of all the guides who were with me, as I traveled down a path to see what I would see. Summer said…that’s shapeshifting! A unicorn gifted me with more art talent. I was kissed by jaguar and rainbow hawk. Truly an experience that felt so real. So vivid. So vivid…I shall dream of it me thinks. Night night my friends. Bear with me as I shake out this wrinkle. 3:04am = 7 = HOLY!!!

Don’t remember any dreams. Only had 4 beers last night, yay! We getting there! Called and left a message at the gastro place telling them I want a proper diagnosis before I think of doing the colonoscopy or the upper version of that…they want to put me asleep and do both. NOT. At some point, Maybe….if I’m convinced it’s necessary. So….had a great chat with the lady at the imaging place and my appt is early Monday morning in Austin. She agreed with me. We make the decisions about our body. AND….enough of that boring stuff.

The recent rains not only took our massive oak tree shading the house, but also caused mush which caused the car to get stuck. I sunk to the tips of my rubber boots in some places, so getting feed bags around has been a challenge to say the least. Scoops…..buckets, half bags, you name it…..we are getting them the food. Squirrel is still unharmed from being a teat theif. Amazing! Khalifa had his leg broken last year by his own mom for eating when she said no…yet this baby gets away with coming up behind the moms…between the legs and in he dips for a drink. I’ve been agonizing over some goat decisions. At the moment…mostly the ones I was supposed to be buying. Someone else wants them now so I have to make a decision. Trying to work things out….trying to figure out money needs and time factors…..not easy to do without all the answers available. I’ll decide one way or another tonight I guess. I won’t really know what I need to know till after Mondays sonogram…or when they send the results actually. I dunno. I want them for their color. Their fiber color. Don’t necessarily need the goat…if I can buy the fleece…..could be an option.

Today, after juggling the muddy yard in the car….I slip slided into it’s parking slot and saw Bubba had heard my call and returned home and was waiting outside the gate. Summer went to Austin and he got out. So…I get out of the car…walk towards the gate and………………..childhood flashback!!!! I take a step that would have landed on a snake!!!!! Same as in childhood…..I somehow flew! My foot never came down and I did a deer leap with legs stretched wide and I flew far!!! Took a photo of him escaping cuz the pups were all there now and it was scared. So funny that I KNOW snake is my totem….yet I fear it. It has to go into my totem painting. WHY???? A snake? Hehe. It will be a rainbow snake. Anybody notice a rainbow theme around my life?????? IN the guided visualization last night…….the rainbow hawk was so rainbow and I thought….why isn’t the owl I was just flying on…rainbow too? Then Jaguar showed me…..he is!!! And he showed me two of my owl paintings…the all color one and the regular with the color touches. Also…jaguar said he would now be my guide until I die and would be with me every second if I chose. I so chose. OH…….and Jaguar is known by some as the something, lol….with a thousand eyes(can’t remember). When it died….the eyes went into the peacock! SO…I have jaguar here in peacock form. Love this stuff.

My mind is still swirling. Too much on the brain. I’m dealing. Goosebumps but I’m dealing.I’m a thinker, so this is inevitable. I sort and file, sort and file. Guess I’ll be sorting and filing again tonight…but this time with unwanted flashbacks of a snake. Lol. Fun night! See ya! Oh……tonight is Namaste Farms Blogtalk. The topic is….what is your Dog..(or other animal)…thinking? Hmmm. I’ll bite. See ya there! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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